Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hanging Around

It's easy to blame the weather on me not wanting to do anything lately, so let's just say that.  While that is partially true, I have actually been doing a few things so I can't say I haven't done anything.  I have updated my Royals collection, which I already have to update again since I found a few more.  I've also started updating my other collections as well.  I don't collect too many other sports, so I think I'm up to date on what I have in hockey and basketball, and now working on football.  Once I'm done with that I'll work on my baseball PC's and my Mizzou stuff as well as actually work on my Missouri collection which might be a challenge.  The goal on that is having at least one card from every team that has called the state of Missouri home, as well as players who are from or went to school in Missouri (Mizzou stuff is separate though).  Maybe through that I'll get my long dormant other blog running again.  In the meantime, I have other stuff to work on as well, I guess like blogging.

Before I show off my stuff today I wanted to mention that sometime this soon I should be happy to show off a batch of cards I'll receive from COMC.  I don't usually mention stuff in advance like this, but recently COMC had a Spring Sale and along with it a few different contests.  I was lucky enough to win one of the contests and won a $50 credit to the site.  While I was super excited to win, it made me realize that I should sort my collection so I wouldn't buy cards I already had.  That was my biggest motivation.  I bought a couple cards during their sale but for now held off on purchases until I'm finished sorting.  I'm also still deciding if I should buy a lot of cheaper cards to fill out collections or buy a few higher priced cards I never thought I'd be able to get (even cards 10 bucks and up are cards I seriously didn't think I'd have a good chance of getting).  I think I'll probably do a mix of both, and already made a big purchase and pondering a couple others (cards I know I don't have).

In the meantime, I thought I'd show off cards I DO have and its from a box I showed off last time I blogged over a month ago.

I showed this photo last time, and I showed the baseball cards last time, which I already knew were in the box.  At two bucks though I was more intrigued with the old looking cardboard.  However as you saw in the last post I did well with the baseball cards including a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie, so box already paid for.

So what was the old cards?

Marked on checklist cards.  While that could be a downer, it really isn't.  Looking at those names and its appears these are 70's football cards.  Just imagine finding a box with 70's football for two bucks.  Maybe not all these will be checklists.

Hey, an unmarked Bears checklist, things are looking up!

Welp, on the outside this may seem disappointing, but at worst its cool to see some of these names.  Guys like Archie Manning, Roger Wehrli, Mel Gray... guys that would look nice in my football collection without seeking them out.

HEY!  Actual cards from the set!  ARCHIE MANNING!  Welp, between that and the Griffey, I think this box was well worth two dollars.  I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with many of the names here, but these look in pretty good shape to be honest.  Needless to say, I'm pretty happy.

I've heard of Lee Roy Jordan, and its good to get a Chiefs card, which is now my oldest Chiefs card displacing an early 80's Nick Lowery.

I'm not sure thy but I like the Tom Banks card.  Also a bit glad I got a miscut card like the Rich McGeorge one.  Also, while I can't confirm if its true, I'm glad I got a Brad Van Pelt card, Lucy's brother.

Ooh, a Mel Gray card, that will go into my Mizzou collection.  I know a little about Nick Buoniconti, so it was cool to get.  I'm not sure if I was happy or relieved to get a Bills running back card and it wasn't O.J. Simpson. 

The last batch, and now you get to see the back.  Overall I was really happy with this purchase, and while I'm trying to pare down my collection of football cards, it was fun to find some cards from before I was even born.  Not bad considering just the football portion of the box was less than 4 cents a card.

So that wraps it up for tonight, I think I need to get back to sorting cards and get more of my collection updated so it might be a while before another post, but I still have a few other goodies to show off, so if I get bored sorting, I have a few posts I can write.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


  1. Congrats on winning the COMC credit!

  2. I'd say that all of those '76 Topps were worth the two bucks, especially given the great condition that they're in.

    1. Yeah, I couldn't tell what sport they were, but I could tell they weren't glossy, so knew they had to be 80's or before when I saw them, so I figured at two bucks, it would be fun just seeing what I got. I got a lot more cards then I would buying a single pack of new cards today.