Friday, May 28, 2021

Never Know What Will Pop Out Of My Mouth

 For the last week, I've had some bad tooth pain.  I've had some similar before and I know that means I'll be losing a tooth soon (so need to find a dentist who can do it and will knock me out while doing it).  Luckily, the pain has subsided for the most part so I can do stuff again but last week it was so bad I could hardly watch a movie or browse the internet I was in so much pain.  The bright spot though is once I felt better I wanted to get out and do something.  Not spend a day doing it, but had to get some groceries anyways, so a trip to Walmart and my local second hand store was a nice 3 hour getaway, though I think it wasn't near that long in the end.  The trip to Walmart was only to get groceries (no Aldi in the closest town, and I'm not a fan of the grocery store), so no goodies and I hardly even looked.  However the trip to Savvy Seconds made me a lot happier.  It was the second trip in a row where I found a lot of good stuff, the first trip was massive and I plan to do a post on soon.  However today I will showcase what I got on yesterday's trip, so sit back and relax as I try to contain my enthusiasm.

I will begin though by saying that I actually spotted some baseball cards, but it was in a sealed plastic case and 2 bucks.  The mystery aspect was intriguing but when a common 1989 Fleer card is the top card, I decided to pass.  In the free box out front I did find something sort of card related, so I guess I'll start with that.

Seeing these in the free box my immediate thought was "nice, some baseball card holders".  The Sylvania stickers on them has me thinking they are for light tubes or something, but they cleaned up real nice, and the sticker residue came off, so baseball cards fit perfectly in them, so that's what I plan to use them for.  If I ever go to a card shop or card show, a couple of these will fit in my pocket and keep the cards safe.  If I ever decide to trade some cards with someone more than a few, I can easily part with one and keep them secure as well.

Before I continue, I want to say there was a delay posting this because I couldn't get my pictures to upload right so I wanted to give a heads up if my writing style is different than what is above this first picture.  For over a day I couldn't add pictures and I was about to scrap the entire post, but decided to keep it.  As for card related stuff, this is it for today, but I did find some other cool stuff you might enjoy.  Let's dig in.

In the last year, I've started doing more puzzles, actually before the pandemic started I was working on them.  I've been doing a lot more things like puzzles and sudokus and such more than working with cards.  Doing puzzles allows me to clear my mind but I also work on them with my mom so I get to spend time with her so that's a bonus.  The one I'm excited about most is the Golden Gate Bridge one, but the Snoopy one will be fun too.  The previous trip I got more puzzles, so that will be something to see.

In the next year, a goal of mine will be to display the books I have.  Maybe then I will see how many I have and actually start reading them.  I have a feeling that once I lose interest in puzzles and sudoku I will need something new to bide my time, and I might start reading.  At least I hope so.  I got these books because they were interesting to me.  The Forrest Gump one I had a long time ago, and A Time To Kill is a movie I wish I owned but never have.  The Maniac Magee is one I remember from childhood which was all the talk, but honestly, I never read it.  Maybe one day I will.  I don't mind reading children's books and maybe it will get me into reading more books in the future.  The Far Side one I got because books are 25 for a quarter, and my mom and I like to get at least 10 books, and were struggling this time to find some.  I never got into the Far Side comics but figured I could give it a try.  The Christmas book is the one I was most intrigued by and if nothing else, I can display it around the holidays and will look nice.  Its a Saturday Evening Post compilation so it will feel nice to look back at old time stuff.

At this point, I don't know if I've mentioned it but my local store has decided to buy truckloads of new merchandise (well, new and used), basically overstocks and returns.  About 1/3 of the store is new product.  I haven't bought any of the new stuff, but worried if it became a hit that they might expand more and have less donations.  So far after a month or two it doesn't look like they will because the new products are moving, but the donations are still being restocked (aside from VHS tapes which I think might be done for good except a few here and there).  I have found a few new items I wanted, but decided against getting them.  Its hard for me to spend a lot at a store selling used items so I have to change my mindset before buying a 20 dollar item there.  I'm sure I will one day, but today wasn't the day.

Funny enough the last two trips we have spent more because we've found such good deals.  This time I found some CD's and while I whittled my collection down a few years ago, I'm slowly rebuilding it, and afraid to do it, but 50 cent CD's are hard to pass up.

The WOW CD collection is similar to those NOW That's What I Call Music CD's, but they are Christian artists.  WOW started making compilations in 1996, and at last check still make them (maybe not in CD form, I haven't kept up with Christian music much the last few years).  They are two disc sets and contain around 30 songs from the most popular Christian artists and sometimes some rising stars.  The Christmas one I got because I always like hearing new versions of Christmas songs.  I mean there are only like 30 Christmas songs to start with, so hearing different versions is all we can hope for.  I mean who wouldn't want to hear Amy Grant singing Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (FYI, I'm a big fan of Amy Grant).

WOW Worship is just like you imagine, it is 30 worship songs.  I have another compilation they released of worship songs as well.  Since they don't have years, they are known by the color of the cover, so this one is known as WOW Worship Yellow.  I have the Aqua one also.  These compilations I mainly got because they were two disc and I figured if one song was good out of 30, than 50 cents is a bargain.  The WOW 1998 I got because once upon a time I wanted to get every year of the WOW CD's but I think my first one is like 2002 or so, thus getting one of the early ones has always been a goal.  I figure if anyone is interested in these CD's then they can just Google the track listing, but I think I might start an account on a website to keep track of my CD's.  I already do for my movies, so might as well.  Maybe one day I'll post links to them to see what my collections look like.

The next CD is The Fundamental Elements of Southtown from P.O.D.  This was the album that introduced me to the band, and 21 years later I still enjoy their music and this album.  I already have a copy of it, but it was played so much that it is really scratchy, so for 50 cents I just upgraded it.  If I took a risk on all the other CD's, this was the one I knew I got my money's worth on.

The next two are from a singer I've long been a fan of- Jeremy Camp.  Last week I finally watched the movie I Still Believe, which is the story of his life.  As a big fan of the singer, I was disappointed in the movie, but as a movie itself, I thought it was good.  The movie is the story of his first wife and how he had struggled with God.  I've been to a few of his concerts (I think 3 or 4) and each time he tells his testimony and it is one of the best stories I've ever heard.  My disappointment with the movie is I kind of wanted more of his musical story and actually the story of his second wife who is a musician (Adrienne Liesching of The Benjamin Gate).  The story told on screen again was a good one, but if they made a sequel, then I'd be more inclined to that story.  Anyways, these CD's I didn't have, though I have quite a few of his other ones.  The Restored album was I think his 2nd or 3rd album and oddly I didn't have it.  The other album is one of his later albums, and by this time I stopped listening to Christian music so it is all new to me.  I'm sure I'll enjoy it.  I told a friend I bought these CD's and he told me he actually bought one of his other CD's at this place the last time he went.  I think I passed on another because I already had it.  I think I should do a few posts on my musical tastes because I could write all day about that, plus my time working for a Christian music website, which I'll never forget.

Anyways, moving on, this time I didn't find any VHS tapes, which is fine.  I found a copy of Dumb and Dumber which I considered, but I passed because I want to build my VHS collection with movies I already had or movies I watched over and over before DVD's came out.  Plus I already have the DVD, so another copy wasn't really needed.

I did pick up a DVD though, which was an oddball.

Sealed DVD's always catch my eye, but when they are produced by television stations it catches my eyes more.  This one was made by FOX 4 in Kansas City and talks about weather throughout history.  I assumed it meant Kansas City storm history, but it wasn't.  When I opened it, I saw a menu talking about Washington leading troops across the Delaware, and throughout the history of the United States up to and past the Space Shuttle disaster.  I was hoping for a local history, but I still think this will be a fun one to watch.  My first though seeing this was hoping it would be some of their coverage of the Joplin tornado, but it doesn't.  Oh well, for a buck, it was worth the gamble, and like I usually say, a buck is like renting a movie, so I can't complain.

I should have posted this with the CD's, but on rare occasions, I look at vinyl and cassettes.  I think vinyl is 10 cents, maybe 25 cents, and cassettes are 2 for 25 cents.  At this point unless its something rare or odd I don't buy cassettes because there is no need to.  But on this day I found a couple I kind of wanted and a couple others I figured why not.

It was odd that I found the WOW cassette before I found the CD, and to be honest by that time I forgot I found the cassette.  It was still fun to find, and I'm glad I got it.  The Sara Evans I got because I've wanted this CD for a while but never found it cheap.  She was born and raised in the area and one of my favorite songs of hers is on this album called "The Week The River Raged".  I was excited to find this one.  The Deer Camp songs has Da Turdy Point Buck song, as well as other deer songs and the Christmas song "Rusty Chevrolet".  I was pleased to find it and once I got home realized it was a Laughing Hyena release which was comedy albums usually sold at truck stops.  I remember getting a couple Jeff Foxworthy cassettes like this in the late 90s.  The last cassette was an interesting one that I can't wait to listen to.  First I need to find a good cassette player because mine isn't working.  One day I will and will enjoy Roger telling his story.

I got this because I've been kind of hooked on match 3 type games lately, and last trip I bought a similar game of Jewel Quest and just about completed it.  I haven't played this yet, but probably will in the next week or so.  Its fun to pass the time to.

Two more items, then we'll wrap up because I have to call FedEx about a package I screwed up on.  Fun times.

When I saw this I almost let out a gasp.  I collect tins but haven't for a while, so I don't expect to buy too many more.  However one that I've always wanted again was this tin because I remember it from childhood.  It was easily the best 75 cents I spent and will be displayed very soon, once I find space for it.  My display shelf if full, so its about time wrestling and basketball stuff are put away.

Last item to show was unexpected and something I shouldn't have bought, but in hindsight I'm kind of glad I did.

IT'S MR. BUCKET!  On the surface, why would I buy a game that I never played and possibly missing some of the items (missing at least 4 balls)?  Well, because it holds an odd place in my heart.  My very first video I posted on Youtube was a video of this commercial.  I deleted the audio and added my own.  To this date, it has over 11,500 views and is generally disliked by all (13% like it).  At first I was mad people hated it but I was testing out editing and at some point got better.  Today I laugh that I have a video with over 10,000 views and so I keep it on the site.  This is an original, though they still make the game today.  All that is missing is the balls, and I think I could find replacements if I really wanted to play it.  It works but I plan to just display it, so I think it will be a nice background piece if I ever do Youtube videos with me talking.  The title of this post alludes to this commercial.  My video is entitled Crazy Mr. Bucket if you want to be tortured on Youtube.

So that wraps it up for today, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I have to now call FedEx so I can get a few items hopefully tomorrow and not have to reorder it.  I was hoping it would come today because one item was a charger for a computer and I'm curious what's on the laptop.  So anyways, thanks for reading have have a great holiday weekend.


  1. I've been putting off a root canal for a month. Eventually I'll have to cave.

    1. The only good thing is unlike last time, I think they'll have to pull one tooth this time, and I don't have to worry about my wisdom teeth since they got those last time.

  2. Tooth pain is the worst! Of all the sucky things I've experienced, I can think of nothing I'd rather have least than severe tooth pains. Hopefully you'll be able to get that taken care of sooner than later.

    I think I've mentioned before, but I'm big on puzzles too. They're good for the brain and the soul. I've tried Sudoku before, but still don't fully understand how to do them. I tried to watch a YT video on them, but ended up being more confused than I was before I started. Reading has probably become my #1 hobby over the last couple of years. My only problem as of late has been that I can't seem to find enough good books (that are also cheap) to keep up with the pace I've been on (roughly five books a month).

    As far as cassettes go, I will still buy them when applicable, but they've gotten a lot harder to find in the wild over the last few years, so my opportunities to look through any are now few and far between.

    And I have that exact same Nabisco tin, it's currently sitting above the fridge :)

    1. I haven't put my Nabisco tin on display yet, but I had to do a double take when I saw your comment. It is currently sitting on top of my fridge as well. Then again my display is only about 5 feet away, but still uncanny. I watch a Youtube series on Sudoku's called Cracking The Cryptic. They are far advanced puzzles, but the hosts explain them pretty well. I usually get frustrated and don't finish them, but it does calm me down for a bit, so I enjoy doing them.