Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Savvy Shopping: Put A Helmet On

As the new year began, I took a trip to Savvy Seconds, the local non-profit thrift store.  At best I hoped to find maybe a CD or maybe some leftover Christmas item marked down.  I had no issue walking away empty handed though as I've gotten use to not buying items from a store.  In the past I always felt obligated to at least get something, but not anymore.  I have enough stuff so unless something catches my eye, I don't need more junk.

This trip thought I probably had my best haul ever there.  It is certainly top five.  I am going to split it up as always with the big ones, but today I'll focus on the lesser items I got, ones that normally be the highlight of the visit.

Ok, so I did get a CD.  This enticed me not only because it was sealed but because it was from a fairly local radio station.  It is from a station from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.  I thought the cover was cool too.

I thought the track listing was pretty good too.  However I don't think despite the live description it wasn't recorded live in their studios.  I could be wrong though.  I don't think Coldplay or Pete Yorn ever played at UCM but I could be wrong.  The rest there is a good chance.  I do remember Los Lonely Boys putting on a show there.  Even if it isn't live from their studios, some of these songs are still good.  I like Anna Nalick, The Fray, and Gomez, so its still a good deal regardless.  I have unwrapped the CD but haven't yet listened to it just yet, but I might later this week.

I don't really need this, but I was hoping to find the one I had and to score some games this upcoming year.  Actually I was hoping to score some World Series games, but I could never find mine.  I found this and figured it could hold me over until I found mine.  All I noticed was that it wasn't used.  When I got home I counted out the pages and realized all the pages were there so its brand new.  That is a great deal and makes me much happier that I got it.  Now I can score some Spring Training games if I get to watch them.

I have plenty of helmets to be honest, especially the Cardinals, but this was 50 cents, and at this point I could repaint it to something else if I wanted.  Which I might do.  I passed over it at first but when I thought about painting it, I decided to get it.

Did I really need a sticker book?

A used sticker book?

A used sticker book with only about half the stickers?

Hey at least it had Greg Maddux.  I mean that counts as another one to add to my collection, right?

So the question came down to this- how many Royals are in it and is it worth the quarter either way?

Over half the stickers included, that was a plus.  I figured why not.  At this point I hadn't made the big score yet so I figured a quarter for this could be the highlight of the day, so I got it.  I've already looked some online and could get a couple more of these stickers and I'm not sure after that.  I don't think I will have any interest filling the rest of the book, but it was still fun to find.

Last item to show today is another helmet, this one was a little nicer than the other one, though this one was for a buck as seen on the helmet.

I really like this one but I'm not sure what the logo is for.  I assume its for some kids league.  It is another one I might paint though.  I'll decide once the weather is better and more stable.  its way to windy to paint outside and this weekend appears to be icy, so I'll wait until Spring.  By then I'll have a better idea what to do with them.

So that wraps it up for today, later this week I'll show the rest.  It is a really big score in my opinion, and I was very happy with the results.  Thanks for reading and have a great day and night.


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Titled "90.9 The Bridge Live Volume 1," the CD features 15 tracks recorded in The Bridge studios on the University of Central Missouri campus or at area performance venues. It also features an additional bonus track from Coldplay, "2000 Miles," a Christmas song originally recorded by the Pretenders. The Coldplay version is not otherwise commercially available. (source)

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Awesome, I didn't take the time to look it up, but wouldn't figure they would have it on there. Thanks for the info.