Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Savvy Shopping: More Reading Material

Last time I showed off some Mizzou programs and Media Guides I got from my local non-profit thrift shop.  I had plenty to show and so today I have more to show.  I might skip a lot of comments today in favor of pictures so I can wrap up this series of posts.

I got another Basketball Media Guide, this one I have already.  A few interesting tidbits I think from this one.  I specifically seeked out the DeMarre Carroll because I'm a big fan.  His is still in the NBA.  I also included an impressive list of Mizzou players who made it to the NBA as well.  Lastly is something that's always interesting to me.  The list of retired numbers are all from players with the last name starting with the letter "S".  I think they rightfully belong, but I think its about time to retire a couple more.  One being Anthony Peeler's and the others being Doug Smith.  I think there could others included too, but until those players numbers are retired, nobody else's should be mentioned.  I think one other to consider is Kim Anderson's, but that may not be the best idea right now with the record he's had these last couple years as the head coach.  That being said, he was a great player at Mizzou and was a great assistant coach as well under Norm Stewart.  I just think it didn't work out so well as coach.  I think if they retire his number and keep him in some capacity at Mizzou if he chooses would be the smart move right now as they start searching for a new coach.

OK, back to football, here is the 2001 Media Guide.  Included here is a list of Mizzou players who made it to the NFL, retired numbers, a list of newcomers (including Brad Smith), a biography of Marcus James (an all around nice guy I met a few times), and perhaps the most interesting thing- information on Bowling Green.  On the surface, you may not think its too enticing but look closer and you notice Urban Meyer was their coach.  Look even closer and notice his first ever game as head coach was against Mizzou.  Now you can't tell on here, but Mizzou wasn't that great in 2001 and Bowling Green actually won the game in Missouri.  So Urban Meyer's first college game as a head coach was a win AT MISSOURI.  Not something I want everyone to really know, but it is an interesting stat.

Not too much more to add in the 2003 Media Guide, but a couple good photos, one of Brad Smith, the other of a bearded Gary Pinkel, something you never saw too often.  Also I included a biography of Damien Nash who would become a NFL player and would pass away a few years later after playing a charity basketball game in St. Louis.  He died in February of 2007 and was actually the second Denver Bronco to pass away that year after Darrent Williams died after being shot to death after getting out of a limo in Denver early on New Year's Day.

I really liked the design of the 2005 Media Guide.  It was nicely done I thought.  Not too different with info inside, but I chose a profile of William Moore, another player who made it to the NFL and I met him a couple times as well, as he was pretty nice.  I also included the page dedicated to Aaron O'Neil who died during practice in 2005.  One thing I liked about the 2005-2009 teams were they tried to remember "AO" every chance they could.  Some I'm sure was the University trying to get some pressure off them as his family filed a lawsuit (which I think they were right to do) against the staff and the University.  However the players themselves really went out of the way to honor their fallen teammate too.  They would get very sentimental every time his name was mentioned and he was never forgotten.

The center of the 2006 Media guide was metal, was looked and felt like a license plate.  I really liked it.  Like the others, most the info was the same, so I showed a couple more biographies.  Tony Temple was a couple years before I got into the team, but one of the first games I remember watching on TV was a 2008 (well 2007 season) bowl game against Arkansas where he set the record for (I think the Cotton Bowl) rushing record.  He ran so much that he actually had to be carried off the field on his last TD run as he was so tired.  I wish I got to see more of him. One guy I did see some of was Tommy Saunders.  I felt he was very underrated and he could have been a star in the NFL.  I thought the same for Tony Temple though. 

Here is the 2007 Media Guide, very similar to the last two, but the cover isn't too memorable.  Inside had more profiles and this time I chose two more I thought would be and almost were NFL stars.  Stryker Sulak was one I had so much confidence in that I remember getting rosters for NCAA Football and was so dominant he was a first round pick in the game.  In real life he was a sixth round pick by the Raiders.  However after he signed with them they needed roster space or something and was released before preseason even started.  After that I think he was on the practice squad of the Packers or at least was with them in the preseason but never made the team.  After that I never heard anything else.

Jeff Wolfert I would say was one of the best Mizzou kickers I'd ever seen and I long for the days he was the kicker.  Again, I played the heck out of him on NCAA and was again drafted high in the draft.  In real life I don't think he was drafted, but I think he had a few tryouts and may have even signed with a team or two.  His biggest achievement in the pros however was he was actually the kicker for the Omaha Nighthawks of the short lived UFL.  I was really hoping that he would get noticed and get another shot in the NFL but it never happened.

So I've spent three posts showing tons of items I got at Savvy Seconds and also got a couple more items as well.  In total I spent a total of just short of $13 bucks.  FOR ALL THAT 13 BUCKS!  That's a steal, and I would have done it all over again.  The main reason I got it though was because I wanted to get a good gift for a friend.  He collects anything Mizzou, and while I like things like this, I don't really have the space and he gave me a bunch of Mizzou basketball ones a couple years ago, so this is a nice way to pay him back.  I think he enjoyed the gift.

So that wraps it up.  I know I'm posting this at a weird hour but I was in the mood to write and nothing was on so I started typing.  Lately I've spent more time on Hulu and Roku in general as I have a few trials and have really caught a few shows I never would have before.  One I binge watched last night was called Sneaky Pete.  I liked it,  it was worth watching.  I also checked out a few more recent movies like Daddy's Home and the movie with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vegara.  Once my trials I have now run out, I'll use a free trial I have to Sling and eventually get rid of cable.

Anyways, its late so thanks for reading and have a great week.