Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ebay For So Long

You ever get in a lull?  I mean just don't feel like doing anything but finding Miami Vice on the El Rey Network and looking up random things on Ebay?

Just me?

Okay.... Well, I very happy for you then.  As for me in all honesty that's what I've been doing for the most part lately.  I've done other stuff and have a few things to blog about but just didn't feel like it.  I was going to rant the other day about Kim Anderson and the Missouri Tigers, but I wrote about 300 words or so and then just stopped.  It made me question if I was going to ever do another blog post.  In fact as I write this, I have the mentality of "I don't want to write a blog today".  But I know if I don't post something soon I will totally give up and I don't want to do that.  So today I'll combine something that I've been doing lately into a post so it might ease me back into it.  I like the Ebay postings so it is fun to do, but there was no real theme to it.  As usual- I'm not endorsing these sellers or soliciting to purchase these items, I am merely showing these for pure entertainment purposes.  Let's dig in.

I have that shirt!  See I have proof!  No way I spent 80 bucks on it and I don't recommend anyone else doing the same, but it is one of my favorite shirts.  I got mine from an outlet store a couple towns away.  In fact my mom and sister bought it for me and I think they paid 8 bucks.  I even remember at the time saying that they shouldn't have spent that much on it (because I'm cheap mostly).  Looking back though, I'm glad they did.  Here is the link if you are interested though.

I was reminded of this item last year when my mom and I had to quickly decide what to keep and what to not keep while cleaning out our house.  This was one of the casualties mainly because we didn't have a need for a VHS rewinder and also because the cord wasn't with it.  However I remember my dad loved this thing back in the day.  I don't remember where we got it but we used it often.  You would push the license plate in to open it up and then close it and it would rewind the tapes.  Though to be honest I'm not sure why it was really needed, but it was pretty cool to look at.  Just over 40 bucks is a bit steep I think for it, but I do remember it fondly.  If you are in the market for one of these, click here.

A Tony Schiavone autographed wrestling card? That'll put butts in the seats.  I've stated on many occasions I grew up a WCW fan and I will never waver from that.  Just don't get me started on Goldberg, I never cared for him.  However one guy I did like was Tony Schiavone.  He was the announcer pretty much from 1983 until WCW closed shop in 2001.  He started with Crockett Promotions  then after Turner bought them out and they became WCW he took a year and went to WWF.  He then came back and was there until their last day in 2001.  He now is an announcer for the Atlanta Braves AAA team the Gwinnett Braves.  I try to listen to a few games a year thanks to the Tune In app (which I can now listen to on my Roku).  Anyways Tony doesn't really talk about his wrestling stuff but it was largely because nobody asked.  Recently however he started doing a podcast called What Happened When, and each Monday a new one is posted.  Topics discussed so far have been Goldberg, DDP, the first Monday Nitro, the first Clash of the Champions, and a few others.  Each week a poll is posted on their twitter account and a topic is voted for.  He also works with the Georgia Bulldogs and I might have to try to meet him if he travels with them to Columbia the next time the football teams meet.  However, I wouldn't pay 15 bucks for his autograph unless I met him in person and saw him sign it.  If you would though, here is the link.

When my dad was alive he always talked about this movie.  He asked me and my sisters to try and find it for him.  I remember looking numerous times on Ebay for it but I never could.  At the time I had never seen it, so I didn't know what the fuss was about, but he loved it so I kept looking.  About 2-3 years ago I was on a torrent site and someone had a copy on there.  I try not to download stuff much anymore since I got caught about a year or two before that downloading a couple movies, but I risked it for this movie.  I finally got to see it and I really liked it.  At any rate, I was on another site recently ( and that site is the best site to find movies and I use that site often.  Anyways I saw that they released Scavenger Hunt on DVD and Blu Ray in January and I just now found out.  In reality, I think 18.22 for this is a fair price, but I don't have a Blu-Ray player so I'll probably get the DVD on and add a couple other movies while I'm at it.  The movie is a comedy basically about a Scavenger Hunt.  An old man died and these groups of people go on a wild goose chase to find the most items before the time limit and the winners get the money left in the will.  The names in this movie is incredible my favorites in it were Cleavon Little, Richard Mulligan, and Roddy McDowell.  There are too many others to mention though, but to see the listing click here.  To find it on (which it is priced higher) click here.

I'm not lying when I said I've been watching Miami Vice a lot lately.  It is on the El Rey Network and I've been trying to watch them before they change them out, but I'm falling behind.  El Rey also has Knight Rider too.  I think both are on Hulu, so I might watch them on there when I get it back but at any rate, here is a model kit of the Daytona Spider from the TV show, still sealed.  I'm not sure what the shipping is, but if I made models, I think the price is pretty fair.  I don't think I'm going to bid on it though, I enjoy watching the show more.  In just the first season they've had some interesting guest stars.  Burt Young, Charles Dutton, Penn Jillette, Dennis Farina, Bruce Willis, Pam Grier, and a ton more.  Jimmy Smits was Crockett's original partner even.  What's better than that is the music.  Not just the music licensed to the show like Phil Collins, Glenn Frey, U2, and pretty much any 80s song you could think of, but Jan Hammer was a magician scoring those episodes.  Here is the link for the model.

At slow speed-a, we all seem-a, focused!  Despite him over enunciating ever word-a in-a the-a song-a, I still loved Alien Ant Farm.  On a farce I looked up posters of theirs and came across this beauty.  I say beauty because in 2001 I went to this show.  Well, not in Vancouver, but in Columbia, Missouri.  In fact it was October 15th of 2001.  I remember it for a couple reasons, but the date I remember because I did an internet search for it.  The concert itself I don't remember a whole lot of to be honest.  I remember being about halfway in the middle of the crowd when the show started and Dredg started playing.  I didn't think they were bad, but I didn't think they really fit in with the other bands.  They weren't too well received by the crowd.  Pressure 4-5 pumped up the crowd though.  I inched a little closer to the front by the time they played.  I don't think I ever made it to the front of the crowd by the time the show ended, but I still really enjoyed the show.  The funny thing to me is that I went because I only heard of Alien Ant Farm but to this day I've never owned one of their CD's.  That's odd because I did/do own CD's from Dredg and Pressure 4-5.  If you never heard of either you should Youtube them.  My favorite Pressure 4-5 song is "Beat The World" with "Melt Me Down" a close second.  I'm shocked that Dredg toured with them that many shows, I figured they only did about 5 or so shows with them.  As for the poster, I don't need it, but if you are interested, here is the link.

I have a friend who's never seen Clerks.  That may not surprise a lot of people, but he is the closest thing to a movie buff I've ever seen.  If you mess up a movie quote, he corrects you.  Not in a jerk kind of way, but more of and educational thing.  His reason for not watching Clerks was because it was in black and white.  It baffled me.  However he isn't real big into the View Askewniverse as I am so I partially understand.  Kevin Smith has directed 12 films, but not all are part of the Askewniverse.  The ones that are as follows:

Chasing Amy
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Clerks 2

Also included is the animated Clerks series as well as some other random stuff.  I've seen all the movies and the animated series but not the shorts or other stuff.  I did just read about another Jay & Silent Bob movie being done in place of Clerks 3 which has been scrapped.  I'm up for it.  Though I would like to see another Mallrats movie done.  I think its underrated to be honest among all the movies.

As for Clerks 2, I really liked the movie except the ending.  However I wanted to buy it on DVD since I had the rest (and at once had the cartoon series too, but I sold it), so I went to Best Buy and got this special edition when it first came out.  I still have it in fact, and I think that's a fair price unless shipping is high.  However if you have the movie there are some of the boxes with the rest of the stuff for cheaper.  Here is a link.

I was a Kim Anderson fan since day one, and it really sucked they parted ways with him.  However I understand, but I still wish it didn't have to happen.  However, as much as I like him, no way I'd drop 40 bucks for his autograph.  I'm sure I could find his address and send something to get signed for cheaper.  Though I do like the photo, and if he was getting the 40 bucks, maybe I'd consider it for a couple minutes.  Here is the link.

They made a videogame for this?  How was I not aware of this until now?  I might have mentioned before how I only saw this cartoon a time or two but I loved the Hurricanes.  It was a cartoon about soccer players  that were like teenagers.  It was around the time of the 1994 World Cup and was used to get kids into the sport, and in a little way it worked for me, though I did rewatch a couple shows on Youtube not long ago and laughed at how bad they were.  I've spent almost 2/3rds of my life not knowing about this game, so I can do without it.  However if you want to see it, here is the link.

Ok, last item.  This one is going to help you remember that the power.... IS YOURS!

FUNKY BUTTLOVIN!  That's like the ultimate Captain Planet collection.  I see the planeteers and even Sludge  and a bunch of play sets too.  Notice the planeteers even come with rings.  Now if I had money to blow, sure I would buy this, but I'm cheap and I'm not wasting it on this.  I won't loot or pollute to get them either.  I was reminded of the show after watching an episode of Comic Book Men and a woman came in looking for the comics.  They sold her either most or all of the set (only 12 issues were released) for 10 bucks.  Not bad I think, though after they left they wondered if the comics were made with recycled paper.  Good question.  Now not to get too political on here, but now would be a perfect time to reboot Captain Planet.  They could make a comeback and teach Donald Trump the effects of Global Warming... It would be huge!

Oh, I forgot the link, here it is.

So that wraps it up for today, time for me to find something to watch, I might take a break from Miami Vice, but I think NASCAR might be on, so we'll see.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


  1. Sometimes I forget that Ebay has things other than baseball cards. LOL

  2. I love the WHW podcast. I've been listening since the first week. I picked up a couple of his cards on COMC and am planning to send to him at the Gwinnett Braves once the season starts.