Friday, March 31, 2017


Catching Up With A Topps Update

A bit ago I showed off a Holiday box of Topps cards from last year.  Before that I had actually bought a box of Topps Update cards and I never showed them off.  I thought I would today.  I also decided a couple bonus packs I bought the same day and got a nice surprise.  Let's take a look.

A nice way to start with some All Star cards.  I don't think I've ever seen Home Run Derby logos on cards before, that was a nice touch.  Not a bad collection of cards, but the Harper and David Freese would be the definite keepers in the bunch if I decided not to finish the set which I haven't decided against yet.  Maybe in ten years I can find the rest of the cards.

More nice pulls with Scherzer fitting into my Mizzou collection, and Hosmer in my Royals.  I can add Zobrist to my Once Royals collection as well.  The Steven Wright I showcased just because I see his name trend on twitter and always think of the comedian.

Nice that I got the Perez card, especially since I don't care about collecting the inserts as completing the set.  It will fit quite nice.  While I'm not the biggest fan of Ichiro, it was also nice to get one of his cards.  I'm glad they didn't produce a 3000 card set for Ichiro for each of his hits.  Though I wouldn't be surprised if they did.  I was happy as well to pull the Ortiz card since it was his final year and its a S/N card.

Some Rookie Card reprint/mockups are next.  They don't impress me much, but I did like the design of the 94 set.  After that is another set I don't care about but I'll keep the Harper in a binder for now.  Maybe I should start a Corey Seager collection since I have so many of his cards.

Rounding out this bunch is some First Pitch cards.  Since I'm not getting any 2017, I don't think I'm in a rush to get this years First Pitch cards either.  In fact I still need to finish the Update ones from last year and a few more from 2015 as well.  I don't care too much about chasing these cards but might if I like the person or if they are Royals.

I really like the Ty Cobb and Lou Brock cards, they are really nice.  Its very possible I will chase that set.  As for the rest of these cards, ehh.  I'll keep them in the binder for now, but only if I have enough card pages.  I've noticed I've run low so I need to conserve space.

With this box I was also promised a special card of some sort so here it is.

R-to-the-IZZO, eh, who am I kidding, I'm no Jay Z.  This was an acceptable pull but I don't care one way or another.  I haven't looked up the price on ebay, but maybe I will, I'm not married to the card.

Here's the back of the card, which I scanned for the Trading Card Database, but someone already scanned it.  Oh well, at least I'll have it ready if I do decide to sell it.

So that's it with the box, but like I said I bought two more packs and I'll show them off too.

A nice assortment of rookie cards, which is pretty nice to get.  I really should make an effort this year to get to know them more.  Also I was a bit sad to pull the Jose Fernandez card, but I'm not sure if I have any of him, so I was happy to get one.

I was pretty excited to pull a double dose of Salvador Perez.  Though the Franklin is now a double, but I'm fine with that.  I'll keep it because I think its a perfect card to get signed at some point.

So that pack wasn't too bad, but this next pack was much better.

So far this isn't a bad pack, I mean not anybody I really collect but not a bad bunch.  I mean if this was all I got sure I'd be disappointed, but I like Paul Goldschmidt so it would be a complete bust.

The top four cards aren't bad either, but still not what I was getting to.  First I was happy to pull the Aubrey Plaza card as its another First Pitch I won't have to chase down later.  I just wish they would actually show the people throwing the ball more instead of just standing there.

As you may notice beside the Plaza card though is the reason I got excited.  Before I pulled the card, I never heard of Adam Conley, but anytime you pull an autograph card, its pretty exciting.  Even more exciting since it was from a random retail pack from a gas station.  I don't think I've bought anymore packs from there since, but I think it would be hard to beat this pack if I buy anymore from there this year.

So that wraps it up for today.  Overall, I think I did pretty well, even though the box may seem a bit basic.  The autograph card in the pack makes up for it in a day I got up to date on Topps.  I added more First Pitch I didn't have and that is good too.  I seriously doubt I'll finish the update set, but it was fun to open packs and maybe if they go on sale I might buy some. Especially if I need a fix and there is only 2017 cards.

So thanks for reading, and I should have some more posts soon.  I can't say of what, but I got a package in the mail which should be fun to discuss, and with Wrestlemania this weekend, I may do a wrestling post as well.  We'll see how things go.  I know this is posted late, but again, thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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3/31/17, 2:13 AM delete

Autograph cards are always exciting to pull out of retail packs, no matter the player

4/1/17, 8:53 PM delete

Great post and think you pulled some pretty good cards. I love all-star game cards so it is nice to see all the ones you pulled. I also didn't know Aubrey Plaza had a card. I have to get one! Thanks for the fun post.