Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where Is My Happy Place?

I'm not going into too many details but today really sucked.  I'm not very happy and I really feel like starting something.  However, I decided I would look for my Happy Place.  It's been a long time since I had to go searching for it, so I'm not sure I can find it.  The theme for this post though is movies I have seen in theaters.  I haven't seen a whole lot in theaters so I thought this would be simple.  I think I have left a couple off the list but these are the ones I remember right now.  It was either this or a music post and I've posted a lot of them lately and still have more to post (in a couple days I'll do the next Music Challenge post).

So let's begin this movie post with what I remember as the first movie I saw in theaters.

I think I was in kindergarten and we went on a school trip to the local movie theater and saw this movie.  I really don't remember anything about the movie to be honest, I just remember that we saw it.  The theater was called CoCoMo as it was in Cooper County, Missouri, but a few years later it closed down.  For a while it was a church, but it has been empty I think for quite a thing.  The town of Boonville really needs a movie theater and I really thought when the casino came in they would add one, especially when they added on the hotel, but it still hasn't happened.

This wasn't the next movie I saw in theaters but it has somewhat of a theme with Babar.  Not real long after I saw Star Wars Episode 1, the movie theater I saw it in closed.  It is now a Barnes & Noble inside the Columbia Mall.  The circumstances in seeing this was vastly different than seeing Babar.  I was with a church group when I saw this movie.  We had a sleepover at our church and participated in a 24 hour famine (maybe it was 30 hours) and we went and saw this movie and by the time it ended the famine was over so we went and had pizza.  The theater was showing this a few months after it came out and only cost a buck to see.  At the time I never saw the Star Wars movies and I really didn't want to see it, but I was outvoted.  I was indifferent with the movie, but I remember everyone else telling me after the movie ended that it was not nearly as good as the originals.  It would take 15 years before I finally saw the originals and I must say I agree.

The second movie I remember seeing in theaters was Romy And Michele's High School Reunion.  Unlike the others, the theater I saw this in is still open, but a better theater opened since.  This movie I saw with some friends somewhat as part of a school trip.  I say somewhat because it was during the summer, but I was attending a convention through school and had some time off.  Watching the movie today brings back so many memories of that day, and the movie is still pretty funny too.  The movie was rated R and at the time I was 14 I think, maybe 15, but either I looked older or the ticket taker didn't care because nothing was said.  I think it had to do that it was a matinee and the theater was empty.  I would venture to say it was the best part about that week, but I will say I usually enjoyed going to the conventions.  It was for an organization called Future Homemakers of America (FHA) but they changed their name to Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) when I was a Senior.  People usually teased me about joining, saying "Isn't that like all girls?"  I would smile and say "Yes, 90% female, means the odds are in my favor!"  I met many friends through the organization and even learned a lot too.

This was the only movie I saw opening weekend.  In fact it was the only movie I saw opening night.  The movie itself wasn't great I admit, but then again I don't think in my mind anything could top the first one.  What I loved about seeing this movie though wasn't when I saw it, but with who I saw it.  I am the youngest of 3, and my sisters were 5-7 years older than me, so by the time I got older, they started to move out and do things on their own.  But this was something all three of us went to see together.  I really can't think of a time we really did something like that outside of a family gathering but it was still fun.  I think its the only time I saw a movie with my oldest sister, and my sister Andrea I saw a few movies with her and my nephews (as I'll mention below).  While for the most part the movies weren't all that bad, its spending the time with them that made it memorable.

This is one of the movies I saw with my sister and my nephews.  I didn't really want to, and I really tried to get out of it, but I still went.  They all loved the movie, but I didn't.  I just didn't understand the appeal and maybe I might have liked it if I went into it with a better attitude but oh well.  It was one of only two movies I saw in 3-D and for the most part that was a waste too as nothing really made it worth the extra money.  On a side note, I've mentioned 5 movies so far, and I saw all five at different movie theaters.  I think that's fairly impressive for someone who doesn't go to movies much.

I thought I watched 3 movies with my nephews and sister, but maybe it was just two.  Like Despicable Me, we also saw Toy Story 3 in 3-D, and again it wasn't worth the extra money, but I do remember a scene or two in 3-D.  One was late in the movie when they were about to go into the fire pit.  I had real high hopes for this movie, and I am pretty sure I enjoyed this more than they did, but it was fun to see.  I might go as far as saying its on par with the first one, but I tend to have debates with my 9 year old niece when she says the second one is the best (which oddly enough someone on youtube said the same thing).  She makes some valid points I admit, but I can't say I liked the second one.  Wayne Knight couldn't even get me into the movie.

I saw this in theaters... I think.  I have a ticket stub from either this one or the second one, but I'm sure its this one.  I like the Bourne series and its really because of Matt Damon, but the second one was a little lackluster.  This is the only movie I've seen in theaters though that I don't remember anything about actually going.  I just remember sitting in the theater but nothing else comes to mind.

If you had one shot, one opportunity, to watch 8 Mile in theaters, would you do it?  Or would you let it slip away?  Well, in a head scratcher really a friend and I saw this movie in theaters.  I liked the movie, I'll be honest, but neither one of us were really big Eminem fans.  I don't think it was really a movie I needed to see in theaters either but it was kind of fun listening to the other people's reaction during the rap battle scenes.  Plus Cheddar Bob was pretty cool too.

So one final movie to show, and this one brings back many memories, not just because of what happened when I saw it but stuff that happened later.

My friend and I saw this in real late August or early September, late in its theater run as the theater sat nearly empty.  I didn't mind since I could laugh at more things without annoying too many people.  It wasn't my friends type of movie, but I loved it.  In fact, I loved it so much I decided I would pull an all nighter a couple weeks later watching all the other Kevin Smith movies.  I started with Mallrats, and then Chasing Amy (which I still don't care for), then I watched Dogma I think.  By the way I rented all these movies because you know this was when redbox wasn't thought of yet.  I had to take a break after Dogma because I was delivering newspapers around our town at the time.  Once I got back home I watched Clerks.  As the movie was wrapping up I was already thinking about getting all these movies, and I can say in 2017, I have all of them except Chasing Amy.  I've also added Jay & Silent Bob and Clerks 2 to the mix.  I think the version of Mallrats I rented that night I actually bought from the video store when they closed.

So as Clerks ended, and this is how I remember everything so vividly, I turned off the DVD player and the Today show was on.  I was taking the DVD out of the player and they was talking about a plane hitting a building.  OH MY GOD!  THAT WAS THE WORLD TRADE CENTER!  IT JUST HAPPENED MOMENTS AGO!

I was in disbelief, I ran downstairs and asked my mom if she had seen it, and she said she was about to ask me the same.  We stood in the kitchen watching a 13 inch TV for some time seeing what was happening before she said she had to go to the post office.  I went with her just to get my mind off things, and we walked the few blocks and back, and as we started to watch again they was showing live coverage AND A SECOND PLANE HIT!  I sadly remember seeing that second plane hit the tower live.  At this point as many were on September 11th,2001, I was scared.  I remember going back up to my room and praying and watching coverage all day long.  I think I was awake over 30 hours before I finally passed out watching coverage.

I could go on, but everyone has their own stories and I don't have a lot more to add.  All I can say is that sadly some of my first memories of some very funny Kevin Smith movies are I first watched them the night before 9/11.

As you can see I haven't been to the movies in many years, and to be honest I have no real desire to.  There aren't too many movies I care about seeing in theaters and I think the last one I really wanted to see was The Expendables and I never did.  I own the movie now and I can live without seeing it on a jumbo screen.

So after writing all that, I feel a bit better (aside from writing about 9/11), but then again I started writing this like 6 hours ago and kept getting distracted with stuff, so I would have calmed down anyways.  It was fun to write this so I guess I finally found my happy place.  So thanks so much for reading and have a great night.

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