Friday, April 28, 2017

Savvy Shopping: Put on a Happy (Meal) Face

Last week I made a trip to Savvy Seconds, my local non-profit resale store, and didn't find anything really.  Part of it was I felt a little tired and wanted to get home, but I also just didn't see anything of interest.  However I looked on the last two remaining tables and glad I did.

Happy meal toys?  Hmm, do I need this?  A few months ago that answer would be no.  Even now the answer should be no, but I've been hooked on the blog Dinosaur Dracula, and the stuff he finds at flea markets and I'm envious, so when I saw this, I had to get it.  Plus all this for 2 bucks?  Sure why not.  At worst I'll find a couple things I like, and I already saw one thing I liked, so lets start with that.

I might have mentioned that I have this on a previous blog, but I remember having one as a child so every time I see one, I smile.  So while I didn't need another one, a couple years ago I passed on one for a buck, but my nephew saw how much I wanted it and he got it for me.  Having said all that, on this date, I more or less paid the 2 bucks just for this, and I'm not disappointed.  On the flip side, I also got some other cool stuff too.

Okay, I don't remember this and I'm not drawn to it, but it is kind of cool.  You push him on a hard surface and his trunk moves, and the blue thing moves too.  I didn't see any of these items in high demand on Ebay, but even though I wouldn't likely sell them, I was still interested just in case.

Uh, I'm not sure what this is.  At first I thought it was a turkey and thought it was funny it was a turkey burger, but my mom pointed out that it might be a dinosaur, and I think she's right.  Thought I must say, its not something I will display like I will a lot of these other items.

This was as I read up on it, part of a set called Lights, Camera, Action, and this was the biggest item.  Let me point out when I went through this bag, all these items felt dirty, and while I didn't expect them to be in perfect shape, I thought they would be cleaner.  I bring this up because I can still see dirt inside this and I can't get it out unless I submerge it in water.  It's not an item I'll display, so it can go back in the bag.

This was kinda cool to pull out of the bag, but truth be told, I never watched Hook, so this doesn't bring immediate memories, but this is pretty cool to display, but its a bit bigger than where I want to display so it will go back in the bag for now.

When I pulled this out of the bag, I didn't expect anything and wasn't too interested in it.  However then I noticed it pulled apart and it made it a whole lot cooler.  Plus the thing on the back moves as well, so this might be the most unexpected surprise of the bag.  This is pretty cool.

This is pretty cool, and I spotted it when I saw the bag, but don't think I noticed two of them.  I didn't need two, but I have both displayed.  One I have near a Peppa Pig piggy bank (yeah, I'm a grown single adult with a Peppa Pig bank), and the other is displayed where I have a lot of the other contents of the bag.  I remember this toy, but I don't think I ever had one.  What I like about it is that she actually can be removed from the car.  I removed her to clean up the toys, but I've already put her back where she belongs.

Fozzie can be taking off the skateboard too, which is also pretty cool.  When I was looking these up though I believe I saw Gonzo on the skateboard, so I'm not sure if he belongs on it or not.  He fits, and I didn't get one of Gonzo, so he'll stay on the skateboard.

Oh, so many things about this one.  I can't go on without mentioning the makeup on Ronald's face.  Side view doesn't look too bad, but that front view is horrible.  I guess Tammy Faye Bakker did his makeup.  That is one scary clown.  Next is the fact that I'm not sure he actually belongs on the bike because he wants to slide off.  However if he doesn't belong on it, I'm not sure what he originally went on.  I have to say as cleanly as I can, without being on the bike, he looks like he really has to use the bathroom.  I wonder if he's had his break today.

A double dose of Grimace, and at first I didn't care much, as I cleaned it up I started to like it more.  His hands move up and down as you roll him, and it looks like (at least to me) he's playing a french fry piano on wheels.  That is pretty awesome.  I have one on display, and the other is back in the bag.

I'm not sure what this alien looking thing is, but I do kind of like it.  I have it on display, though I should look up a little more about it.

This was another one I saw that I was really excited about.  Not that it transformed, but because I wanted to display the Happy Meal box.  It is pretty cool, and I have it on display now.  Well, I did until I just started rearranging the living room.  Once I'm done I'll show the displays though.

So I got one final piece, and it the one I'm most excited about.

IT'S A T-BONE STEAK!  WITH GLASSES AND A MUSTACHE!  AND YOU CAN PUT HIS ARMS AND FEET INSIDE HIM!  This is super awesome, and I will admit that I would pay two bucks just for this.  I will happily display this for a long time.

So overall, 15 items for 2 bucks, I think I came out way ahead on the deal besides having to clean them up. I'm not sure if I can find another bag like this and if I did I'd examine it a bit more just in case it was mostly the same.  While my store hasn't had ball cards lately, at least I can find stuff like this to hold me over.  Speaking of holding me over, I hope this you enjoyed this article in between my music postings, which I'll have a new one tomorrow.  After I rearrange everything, I'll try to start posting stuff again, but since I've been out of the groove it will take a bit to start doing it regularly.  Plus I'm having fun reading other blogs as well.  Thank you for reading though, I really do appreciate it.  Good night and have a great weekend!


  1. That was a really good purchase! I wouldn't have hesitated on that bag for that price either. I'm particularly fond of the Muppet Babies toys. The big wheel that Ronald is sitting on belongs to Gonzo from that Muppet Babies set. I really dig the Grimace too, since I haven't seen that one before, can you tell me what year it's from?

  2. Yeah, I was gonna mention the Muppet Babies too. I think I still have some of them. Fozzie and Kermit rode the skateboard, while Piggy and Gonzo rode the trike. Or I guess Piggy had that car (I don't seem to have it anymore), but could also fit on the trike.

    Anyways.. nice haul! Gotta love those 80s Happy Meal toys!

  3. Sorry I'm late responding to this, but thanks for the info. I've put some of them on display but just re-arranged my desk area so had to move it again, so I will display them again soon.

    Jon, the Grimace is from 1989.