Wednesday, May 3, 2017


30 Day Music Challenge: Days 21-25

Sorry for the brief hiatus from posting, I did some redecorating around the house then got the bug to play some Xbox 360 and climbed into a rabbit hole of reading old wrestling newsletters online.  I'm still doing the last two, but found some time to actually write a new post.  So let's begin with the next phase of the Music Challenge.

Day 21: A favorite song with a person's name in the title

The Allman Brothers Band- Jessica

The first time I remember hearing this song was in the movie Field of Dreams as Kevin Costner is driving to Boston and I've been hooked on it ever since.  There aren't a lot of instrumentals that I like especially ones this long, but it doesn't sound repetitive so that is one of the main reason's I like it.  It's my favorite song from the Allman's and I once wore out a cassette just from listening to this song.

Day 22: A song that moves you forward

Lupe Fiasco- The Show Goes On

The first time I heard of Lupe Fiasco was his song "Kick, Push" and I really liked it.  It came at a time where I wasn't really into the pop/hip hop scene but it seemed like a breath of fresh air.  Since then I listened to many of his other songs, including this one.  Something about it gives me a positive outlook on things and makes me realize there's no need to dwell on the past, and try to move on.  I'm actually glad I thought of this song because its been a long time since I heard it and its definitely worth listening to again.

Day 23: A song that you think everybody should listen to

Jackyl- The Lumberjack

Honestly, if I go a month without hearing this song, then its been a bad month.  It wasn't until about 2011 when I first got into listening to Jackyl, thanks to the TV show Full Throttle Saloon, but since then, I celebrate their entire library.  This song was 20 years old when I first heard it, but since then, I've made up for lost time.  For the most part, I consider my concert days behind me, but if I got the chance to see Jackyl, I would probably jump at the chance to see them.  Jesse James Dupree is a showman and I think it would be an intense show.

Day 24: A song by a band you wish were still together

dc Talk- Since I Met You

I've mentioned my love for Christian music on here a few times, and to be honest, without dc Talk, I probably wouldn't have liked many of the other bands.  The 90's they really revitalized Christian Music, much to the chagrin to CCM purists.  They introduced many kids (and adults) to hip hop, and later rock.  This track was off their last original album, 1998's Supernatural.  I remember buying this CD the week it came out (which was rare for me, as I usually waited a few weeks or months to get new CD's).  This was my favorite track on it and really wish it got released as a single, as I thought it was just as good as the other singles they released on the album.  In 2000, they released Intermission, which had a couple new tracks, but was a greatest hits album, and it was a way to announce they were going in different directions, or a break, from playing together.  Last year they made a huge announcement, and fans really hyped it up, but it was to announce they were going to perform for a week on a cruise ship.  Many Talk fans had their hopes up for a new album or maybe a summer tour, but no dice.  Tobymac performs as a solo artist now and is one of the biggest Christian rap acts out there.  Michael Tait is now the lead singer of another band hugely successful in the 90's- the Newsboys.  As for Kevin Max, he has dabbled with being a solo artist and even spent time as the frontman of yet another successful 90's Christan act- Audio Adrenaline, but I think these days he has gone solo again.  I don't keep up like I use to, but if they did go on tour one more time, I would try to find a way to see them.

Day 25: A song by an artist no longer living

Gram Parsons- Streets of Baltimore

I heard about this odd movie about these guys who stole a corpse and took it to the desert and lit it on fire.  It was called Grand Theft Parsons.  It starred Johnny Knoxville, and come to find out, it was based on a true story- it was Gram Parsons body that was stolen.  The story was so out there I had to watch, and I fell in love with the movie.  After I watched the movie, I looked up as much as I could on Gram Parsons, and started listening to his music.  He really was an outcast too country for rock, and too rock for country, so he is best described today as Alt-country.  Its a genre I've been a fan of for quite a while, and when I heard Gram sing, it took me back to days where music was simple.  I really appreciated it.  I wish he was still around, and selfishly I wish he had some lost albums that could be found, so I could hear more.  I found a CD that was released a few years back that has two of his albums on it, and I dig it out on occasion to listen to.  The toughest part of this was finding a favorite song of his to choose, but I went with Streets of Baltimore since it was the first one that popped in my head.

So that wraps up another installment of the music Challenge, and there's only one more left to do.  I hope I won't delay it this time, and it actually includes a bonus song, so I'll have six songs listed.  Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great night.