Friday, April 14, 2017

30 Day Music Challenge: Days 6-10

I'm back again for the next round of the 30 Day Music Challenge.  Last time had more focus on rock, this time is more rap/hip hop/dance type music.  I didn't set it out this way, I thought of songs I liked for each one and it just happened to trend that way.  At any rate, let's begin and start with Day 6.

Day 6: A song that makes you want to dance

Planet Soul- Set U Free

Remember cassette singles?  Yeah I had one of this song.  I have no idea why to be honest, except it was probably 50 cents or something and it was a blind buy.  Or I begged my mom for it thinking it was something else.  At any rate, if I heard this song released today I wouldn't blink an eye and change it to something else.  However since I remember this song from childhood, I still seek it out on Youtube at times since that cassette is long gone.  Lyrically this song is horrible but most club songs are.  I'm sorry for the song cutting off at the end, but if you never heard the song before and lasted that long you're probably happy it ended abruptly.

Day 7: A song to drive to

Nelly- Ride Wit Me (radio edit)

To be honest, I like the unedited version better, but this is the version I first remember hearing, and also when I checked out the official Vevo version of this, it was cleaned up more than this.  Its a shame since its a really great video, but I just couldn't listen to 5 seconds of beats when you know there are lyrics.  Nelly is from around these parts, St. Louis to be exact, but the rumor was and most likely true, that one of his friends or relatives was in prison just down the road from where I lived for a short time and sometimes people said he'd be in town.  I never saw him, but I don't dismiss it.  The video is cool because it takes heavy from Smokey and the Bandit which makes me think this is a good song to drive to.  Plus I remember my sister and I would play Nelly whenever she would have to go to St. Louis for chemo.  I usually had a list of songs that included St. Louie on there as I'm a big fan of Nelly.  I've gone to one of his concerts, and while not the best I've ever seen and the seats could have been better, I really enjoyed it and would love to see him again.  (HEAVY STARCH!)

Day 8: A song about drugs or alcohol

O.T. Genasis- Cut It (f/ Young Dolph)

I hated that this was a question.  I don't drink or do drugs, and it actually bothers me that singers openly sing about the subjects so casually (especially country where every song has to include something about going drinking on a Friday night).  However, it doesn't mean I don't listen to the songs.  Some seem more comical to me than anything, and that's what this one does.  O.T. is so open about drug use in his songs that you think its an act, but I really don't think it is.  Sure that's sad, but he uses all these drug references that I never heard before and they make me laugh.  Now you may wonder how I came across this song, and its a bit funny.  Last year when I went on my mini vacation with my mom in August we went to a suburb of Kansas City. It was lunchtime and we was at a stoplight.  Next to us was this black Escalade and it had some song I never heard before.  Sometimes the best way to find music is hearing it pumped from another car.  My mom was getting disgusted with it and was happy when the light turned green, but I had some of the song stuck in my head until I got back to the hotel.  Once I was settled in I did a google search for a song with lyrics "you need to cut it" and rap song.  Finally after hearing a couple stupid songs, this one popped up, and I've been listening to it ever since.  If you aren't a rap fan, and don't want to listen to the song, that's fine, it is unedited, but try to listen to my favorite part, about the 1:30 mark.  I love it.  As for O.T. he hit it big with a really stupid song called Coco which I had actually heard of thanks to TMZ, but never connected this to him until a couple months later.  He looks like a guy who does a lot of drugs though so its not too crazy to think he's legit.  As for Young Dolph, he isn't too bad himself, and if either release more stuff than I might listen.  A couple months ago I heard a song called Bad and Boujee and at first thought "great, O.T. has a new song out" but its actually by a group called Migos who appear to be on fire right now.  To me they sound the same in voice and lyrically.

Day 9: A song that makes you happy

Bell Biv DeVoe- Poison

If you want to know what usually sends me to my happy place, its usually listening to this song.  It was the first CD I ever remember getting (my sister bought it at a garage sale, my first CD I remember getting was Dave Matthews) and while the other songs were okay, this was the standout track.  In fact the CD had two versions of the song on here.  It makes me happy because I think of my sister when hearing it, and I also think of my time working at Wendy's.  I have a couple friends that when this would come on we'd sing along.  The first time it came on, they were shocked I knew it, and that I knew the lyrics.  They also got a kick out of me hitting the high note at the end of the song.  When we was talking about music one day (usually every day), a young coworker mentioned something and my friend Brandon and I started talking about this song.  She never heard it and I remember actually finding the song so we could listen to it at work.  Those were fun times.  UH HUH HUH HUH!

Day 10: A song that makes you sad

3 Doors Down- Here By Me

I relate music to everything, even when someone passes I have certain songs I associate with people if they ever listened to the song or not.  The songs themselves may not be sad, but its my way of remembering them.  For a long time when someone passed I had a standard song called Goodbye by a group called Plankeye that I would listen to.  It seemed I had to listen to that song a lot and eventually it was just hard to listen to the song at all anymore.  I probably haven't listened to the song in 5-10 years.  When my dad passed away, I knew I couldn't use that song again for many reasons.  Mainly because it brought memories of so many other people that it wouldn't let me think of my dad as much.  So I didn't exactly seek out a song, but as part of my grieving process I stumbled upon this song from 3 Doors Down.  It was a song I heard before many times but just forgot about.  I have always been a fan of the band, and it was just odd this came up.  It wasn't as commercial as their hit Here Without You, so it was low key.  It has lyrics like "I hope you're doing fine out there without me/ cause I'm not doing so good without you" and "everything I have in this World and all that I'll ever be/ it could all fall down around me/ just as long as I have you here by me".  It is most likely about an ex girlfriend or something, but it just really touched me at the right time and while I love the song, it does make me sad.

So on a sad note, I guess I'll wrap it up for today.  Maybe I'll cheer up this weekend, as I'm hoping to get out and do some stuff.  I will do the next part of the music challenge in a few days, and the next batch of songs has a bit of everything from classic rock to christian to pop/punk and even I guess r&b/soul.  It should be fun.  I might even get another blog post or two up in the meantime.  I've been a bit busy with other stuff lately and with it getting warmer I'm hoping to get out a bit more, not that its been bad weather this year, but when the sun is out I feel like doing stuff more.  So anyways, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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