Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cleaning Up Folders

So since I haven't been posting a lot lately, I have sort of mixed up a lot of things and some scans aren't labeled and in folders like I would like them to be.  I also have a few other scans that I can combine, so I figured I would do that today.  Enough small talk, lets begin.

I haven't been to Dollar Tree as much lately, but when I have, options have been scarce.  Last time I went I saw a 30 pack but it was mixed sports, and I didn't really want it, but I had an itch so I got it.

I prefer to get mostly baseball in the pack, and about half was, so I'm okay with that.  Plus 30 cards for a buck is a good deal no matter what.  There is some good names in this pile, I was the happiest with the last 3 though.  The Kevin Appier card is a Royal so that makes me perk up immediately.  Add to the fact that I liked this design and its a bigger plus.  Its a shame what Upper Deck became, but I wish they were still a threat to Topps because I think if both had full licenses then it could be magical again.  Speaking of Topps, the Wade Davis card I was happy to get because I don't think I had it, and while I'm not actively seeking out all of Wader's cards, I do like adding them when I get the chance.  Lastly is a Tim Wallach that is from one of the 1980's Topps All Star sets.  I always like getting those cards whenever I can.  Again, not actively seeking them, but pulling them in a pack is a nice surprise.

I didn't scan every card in this pack, but I believe this is all the basketball cards in the pack.  I have to say that I was very happy with the ones I got.  Before I pretty much gave up on the NBA (with certain exceptions), I loved watching a lot of these guys.  I was happy to pull the Toni Kukoc card, and even more excited to get the Dikembe Mutumbo.  The Corbin and Christie cards aren't too shabby either.  In fact, I thought the Ultra set looked a lot better with the NBA cards then the MLB ones.  Love the 90s jersey on Laphonso Ellis.  I miss he old style jerseys and designs.  Overall I thought these were good cards to pull, my only slight complaint would be I would like to maybe see another newer card or two, but since I'm not into as much anymore I can live with it.  I would also just once like to pull some WNBA cards as well.  I wish I could find some of the older sets and packs but oh well.

First let's knock off the Mike Gallego card, its a good card, not sure why I included it, maybe just so I wouldn't waste much space.  I do like the Collector's Choice design, but not as much as their other sets.  Okay, let's talk football.  What an amazing lot of cards here.  I was never a Cowboys fan, but I did like Alvin Harper.  I thought he was underrated but did really well opposite Michael Irvin, much like Darryl Johnston played well opposite Emmitt Smith.  When I first got into football, Steve DeBerg was the Quarterback for the Chiefs, so while I'm sure I already have this card, I was happy to pull it again.  Another card I was happy to pull was the Herb Adderley card.  I'm pretty sure that photo is from Super Bowl I as it was against the Chiefs.  I can easily add it to my Chiefs collection by proxy, so it all works out.  The Trent Smith card isn't bad, but I didn't really like the design of the card.  Its a shame since I thought the Upper Deck MVP line was a good one, though by the late 90's each brand had so many different sets that it could have been shelved and I would have been okay with it.

Oh man, I love this Dan Marino card.  I loved the helmets and jerseys of the Dolphins too.  I even loved the 30 for 30 about Marino.  From Elway to Marino was a really nice one, and I recommend it to anyone.  Something I don't really recommend is the Scare Bears card that was in the pack.  Its a sticker, but still, its not something my collection needed, but still I have to admit it was interesting to pull.

Overall I think the pack was well worth the buck just for the Marino, Dikembe, and Appier cards.  The other cards were just an added bonus.

Speaking of bonus, at some point I scanned some cards and they were part of a box I bought.  I can't remember where the rest of the scans are, so I thought I would just post these two random scans, to clean up my folder a bit more.

I really love this Stars and Stripes set.  Thanks to these boxes I've bought, I've fell in love with a design I never saw before.  The highlight of the top row is obviously Kris Bryant, but I think all four of those cards were nice pulls.  On the bottom row I pulled a Carlos Rodon card from the Draft Picks set.  I don't care for all the chrome and such, but otherwise a fine card.  I also got a couple blue Topps cards.  I was happy to get the David Freese and will happily add it to my collection.  The Peralta isn't too bad either, but not really one I collect.  Same goes for the Evan Longoria, though I really like that Upper Class design.  I hope they keep doing that.  To be honest, I know Topps has plenty on their plate with all the other sets, but I would be okay with this having its own set, almost like the Studio cards from the 90s.

YES!  Another Pujols to add to the collection.  Change Pujols to Jeter or A-Rod and you can complete that sentence 3 times out of the 4 scans.  If you want an easy way to build an A-Rod collection, just get packs of these crappy Triple Play cards.  I pull almost one every other pack, and its usually one I don't have.

Let's get to the big reason to look at this scan though.  In the box I opened these cards from, I finally got a jersey card.  Well, its the second jersey card if you count the Triple Play one I pulled, but this is of an actual player.  I don't know a lot about Kyle Funkhouser, but I love this card.  It will proudly be on display once I dedicate a space to actually display my cards.  I have many I want to display, so I might rotate them out on occasion, but still this one will be included.

So I guess that will wrap it up for today.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day, and hope everyone stays cool this summer.  I have scanned a lot of stuff lately so if I'm in the mood, I'll try to post them.  Thanks for reading and have a great week.


  1. I have a bunch of Stars and Stripes cards that you can have, if you're interested.

  2. That sounds great, I might get in contact with you soon. I have a few things I need to take care of first though.