Saturday, January 27, 2018

Savvy Shopping: Mixed Media Day

While I'm backlogged on posting other items and scanning stuff for the blog and Trading Card Database, I decided to take a trip to my local second hand store, Savvy Seconds, and also to Dollar Tree.  I've struck out on cards at both places as of late, but there was always hope.  First was Savvy Seconds, and it seemed pretty busy which means I usually don't look much.  Finding about the only spot that I could that was deserted, I found the CD section.  50 cent CD's are hard to pass up, even though lately I've just ripped them and gave them to a friend.  Still if I find 1 song I like its cheaper then getting it on iTunes.  So let's take a gander at what I got.

By the time this Britney Spears album was released, I was over her.  Then I started to like her again a few years later, but this album wasn't that good.  It has Womanizer on it, but I hated that song.  It also has what some of her fans call an underrated classic (I don't but heard some say it) If You Seek Amy (sound it out).  I should have read the track listing before getting it, but no regrets.  I doubt I listen to it, but not ashamed I own it now.  Anyways, the other CD's made up for this one.

I like some Breaking Benjamin, but won't ever claim to be their biggest fan.  While I knew this didn't have "The Diary of Jane" on it, I was hoping it had something I remember, and it did.  So Cold is the first track, so I came out ahead on this one.  I'll listen to the rest of it later.

Yellowcard only really had one good album, and this was the one.  My friend or maybe it was me noticed one day that some record company released a greatest hits of their best stuff, which seemed odd.  Anyways, this has Ocean Avenue and Way Away, which makes this a good purchase.  I haven't heard Way Away in close to 10 years and besides being sad, that means this album is 15 years old.  Which makes me feel old, but oh well.

The next two albums were from local bands, which is always fun to find.

I really don't know much about Decadent Nation, but I do know the name and that they are from Columbia, MO.  After looking them up online, I found an old Myspace account which had tracks from this album on it.  Its not bad, but I got it mainly because they are local.  I doubt I play it much.

In addition to these, and the last one I'll show, I also got my mom a Christmas CD.  It was Brenda Lee singing classics including her famous "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree".  My mom listens to a lot of Christmas music and tires out of the same old stuff, so this was something different for her.

Okay, last CD, and it was one that made me the most excited.

The Follow is a local band based out of Columbia and Moberly, MO, and ones I've met enough times to consider my friends.  My best friend introduced me to them I'm not sure what year, but well over a decade ago, and I've been a fan ever since.  This was one of their albums I didn't actually have, and its full of remixes of a lot of their best songs.  Remix albums I'm usually critical of, but this is one that I will pick up every time I see it.  The band is some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and I spend the day listening to their music.  There aren't many bands I'll just straight listen to their music nonstop (even bands I really like), but The Follow is one of them.  Another one I listen to often is Gram Parsons.

So spending 3 bucks on 6 CD's was good enough, but I also browsed the books.  My mom and I usually end up with 10 books for a quarter, but this time it was tough to find 10.  She usually gets the bulk of them, but I came out pretty good this time.

Not much to say, we needed 10 books or else they were a quarter each.  Not being mean when I say this, but a quarter a piece or 10 for the price of a quarter, I'll find 10 books each time.  I'm curious to find out what the Record Breaker's book is, and how old it is.

BOOM!  I turned left, then I turned right, then I turned around even though Ace of Base says Don't Turn Around, and BOOM, I'm right back where I was staring at this John Madden book.

Also, who's going to pass up a book with 2/3rds of the ProStars on the cover?

I think I buy this book every time I see it, but I still love it.  I think I mentioned it before, but it was the basis of a half-hearted attempt of a book report I passed.  I did read the book, but 2 years earlier and forgot how it ended.  I winged it and passed.  I forgot a lot of it, even the author whose name I wrote as "Diane Something"  So I think I might reread it to see how it ends.  I forgot everything about the book but the title.

There was one additional book my mom found for a dime that she got me.  I was going to pass, but she talked me into it.

This book predates the XFL.  It predates the USFL.  When I got home and opened it, I noticed it was from around 1974.  Its mostly a picture book, and has some pretty cool photos.  On another day, I might scan some and do a post on it.  We'll see.

So overall, the final tally on all these items and a few more was less than 5 bucks.  I won't complain about that at all.  I even passed over some comic books.  While I know nothing about comics, each was 2 bucks and while some might have had value, it didn't look like they did.  Most were 90's or newer, but some were older.  I might try to remember the titles and look them up, but besides Conan (not O'Brien) not seemed familiar.

Next we headed to Dollar Tree because we had to pick up a couple items.  Our town is opening a Dollar General this week (supposedly today, but I'll check it out tomorrow and figure the official grand opening is next weekend), so driving 15 miles to Walmart and Dollar Tree won't be as often I'd imagine.

Before I got in the door, I saw and ad on their window that showed DVD's for a buck.  I'm not sure why Dollar Tree has fliers or why they list prices since EVERYTHING is a buck or under, but still $1 DVD's are enticing since they are all new and sealed.

We made our way in and they were right in the front of the store.  Half of them were Jillian Michaels fitness and exercising DVD's which didn't appeal to me, but they had many other options.  They even had some Blu-Ray's!  Blu-Rays for a buck is unheard of, so I was hoping for something good.

Yep, that counts as good.  While I have this on DVD, I'll take an upgrade for a buck.  I also hoped it might have extra features on it too.  Even if it doesn't this will build up my BR collection which is fairly small right now mostly consisting of Disney movies.

Another movie I own of DVD, but another one I'd happily upgrade for a buck.  However, that wasn't why I bought it.  Lately I've been looking to buy movies with digital included and come on, for a buck I get a BR, DVD, AND A DIGITAL COPY????  Heck yeah.  So what I might only watch it once a year.  Having a digital copy means I don't have to look for the disc or scratch it.  When I got home and opened it though, the code expired last year.  It happens with older movies, but for kicks I tried to enter the code.  No luck on the site they sent me to, so I figured I'd try again on my VUDU account, and luckily it took, and I now have 32 digital movies (should be 33 but Planes, Trains, & Automobiles didn't transfer like it was supposed to).

This movie I DIDN'T own.  My nephew loves dogs and has seen about every Air Bud movie.  When this movie came out I really wanted to get it for him, but knew it wasn't worth the $20 price tag.  He's older now and its a toss-up if he'd even want to watch it now, but for a buck, I got another movie for Blu-Ray, and a DVD I could probably give him, and if the code works, a digital copy.  Turns out, this one was still active, and it worked like a charm, so I added another digital movie to my account.  Overall not a bad day.  I passed on a few others including Rio 2, and a couple other Thrillers I never heard of, but I might go back Monday, and see if they are still there.  At a buck a piece its like renting them so if they suck, I'm not out much.

Overall, it was a fun day finding books, CD's and movies.  I guess that wraps it up for today, I still have a lot of scanning to do, and have about $5 Ebay bucks to use by next week so I'll be busy searching for something good.  Thanks for reading and have a great week.


  1. Gotta admit I still watch Britney Spears' "Oops I did it again" from time to time....takes me right back to 9th grade.

  2. I liked Yellowcard's "One for the Kids" better because it had a certain "roughness" that Ocean Avenue lacked. I stopped listening to YC after Ocean Avenue anyway so those are the only two albums I know.

  3. Yeah Billy, Britney is about 2 months older than I am and hit it big when I was a Sr. I believe and I had no shame in admitting I was a fan. I had a couple posters and a life size cutout for many years.

    Ketchupman, I never ranked Yellowcard high on my bands I liked, but still thought they had good stuff. I generally say I mostly like 90s music, but they fall through the cracks and I like it when I hear their stuff still.

  4. I don't buy Blu-ray's very often, but I guess from now on when I do, I know who I can give the digital code (provided they come with one) to. Even though I'm strictly a physical media sort of guy, I still always feel a little bad that the codes are just going to waste... kind of like buying food, and not eating it.

  5. Sure, if you don't want them, I'll take them off your hands. I like to build up a digital library in case I have friends over or if my nieces visit.