Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bummed Out

Things have been going on lately, so that's why the delay with posting.  I was hoping to have a package and I was going to have a few posts out of it showing over 200 cards.  Instead I've waited almost 3 weeks and I messaged the company for a tracking number, and got a reply today.  They sent the tracking number and said it was delivered on the 24th of last month.  So either my local mail service screwed up, or someone stole my mail.  I find the second hard to believe since its never happened before (though someone did deliver my mail to me once and they were warned to never do it again by the apartment manager).  I also think I got mail on that date, so if it was delivered in the box like they said, someone just stole the package and left the rest in the box.  I mean it could have happened, but I just don't think it did.  At any rate, tomorrow I'll head to the post office and complain.  What upsets me the most is that it was a $30 purchase and it wasn't money I really had, but was a treat for my birthday.  I ordered the cards around the 12th, and they shipped the 17th, so now it just sucks and I hope I'm not out the money.  The place I ordered the cards I don't really fault since they did ship them, but I am a bit mad they didn't send a tracking number when they sent the package so I could be on top of things and not wait an extra two weeks to figure it out.  It has left a bitter taste in my month about ordering online if my local Post Office either screws up or if someone is thieving stuff out of my mailbox.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get it off my chest to calm me down a bit.  Plus it didn't help going through some cards I did have a bit ago and noticed some were water damaged so I had to toss about 100 of them.  Luckily they were mostly commons and ones that didn't hurt so bad, but still its never fun to toss cards.

With that being said, I'm not sure what to post today, so I thought I would post some recent scans I did for Trading Card Database.  Not much to say about them, just pics.

This is a sticker set of The Simpsons from Artbox.  I bought a few packs from Target many years ago, over 10 years ago if I had to guess, but I never got the complete set.  Here are a few more.

I added all the scans I could on the database of the ones I had, so hopefully someone can fill in the rest.  I do wish I kept at least one of the wrappers so I could have added it to the site as well.

Another set I recently got and actually added all the scans to the site was from this movie:

Last year I bought a box of Napoleon Dynamite cards, and its an easy set to build from a box.  The set is only 50 cards with no inserts, so I still have over half the box left unopened.  It took a while to add the scans to the site since the cards aren't numbered and it was a while to get the checklist added.  The box was cheap on DacardWorld and you can buy a case for around 30 bucks I think right now.  I would do that, but not sure I need anymore.  The reason I bought them aside from cheapness and I like the movie is because I remember buying a couple packs when they were released from Hot Topic.  Since then I wanted to get more or even finish the set.  Now I can say I've done it.

I noticed I had a card that needed a scan on the database from a recent Star Wars set, so I scanned it.  Then I realized I scanned the wrong card, so I had to redo it.  I think this was the first scan.  I'm surprised I can't find cheap packs or boxes of the Journey to The Force Awakens.  I'm not a Star Wars guys but would like to finish the set (I don't card about the variations, but the base set).  I could just get the base set off Ebay, but would rather open a few more packs.

So I guess before I wrap it up, I have one more Simpsons card to show.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll feel better in a couple days and start posting again.  I'm also working on a couple projects not really blog related but might incorporate in here sometime, so I might post that soon.  Anyways, I hope everyone has a great night.

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  1. If your missing cards were shipped via priority mail, you should be able to get your money back. Even if you are reimbursed, it still sucks to not get something that you were looking forward to.