Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Four Weeks and Seven Hours Ago...

So it's been a bit since my last post, and to be honest I'm not much in the mood for blogging today, but I need to for a couple reasons.  First and foremost because I left everyone hanging on that last post where I showed off cards from Cards On Cards.  I showed off the college football, but I never showed the baseball, specifically, Kansas City Royals cards I got.  It wouldn't be fair to not post those or to again thank Cards on Cards for the amazing cards.  The second reason is if I don't start blogging then I'm more and more likely just to give it up and quit all together.  While I'm not one of the biggest card bloggers around, it has felt like a lot have hung them up this year, and I don't want my name added to the list.  I plan to keep blogging, I just need to be in the mood to do it.  Lately I've been hooked on other things and haven't devoted as much time to cards.  Hopefully that will change soon.  Another reason I needed to blog is because I'm getting backed up with stuff to show that I'm starting to forget what I have.  So in order to catch up, I need to blog.  While all this is happening I am going through (rather slowly) my collection and seeing what cards I can either trade or donate or sell to thin out my collection some.  Right now I have over 21,000 cards that I've sorted and once done it will likely be double that, then I need to figure out what I truly want to do with them.  If you're bored you can check my eventual progress on my backup account on Trading Card Database (2ndGenCollector) under my collection called "Potential Trade Cards".  I will keep some of the cards, especially if I'm close to completing some sets, but for now its easier to put them all there and figure it out later.

Anyways, you came for photos of cards, not talking so let's dive in.

UGHH!  I am not a fan of oversized cards, but I needed all three of these so it works out okay.  I guess because I didn't get Bowman cards until I was well in my teens but I never saw the appeal of these sets.  Even though I hate the numbering, I much prefer the more modern day sets they produce than these.  Having said that, Topps over-saturates the market with so much product even minor league stuff its a bit off putting, but thats for another time.  Speaking of Topps, I also got some Topps Big cards which were just a bit larger than the Bowman cards so I like them a bit less.  Though I liked the designs of the cards and how they had a portrait shot and an action shot, so not all is bad.  In addition I also got a MLB Chipz I think.  I have some of these in WWE form, but this was my first baseball one, and I'm glad I have one of Salvador Perez. Even though most of the team were new to most people by the end of the year, Salvy was the man who is still in KC after all these years.  I always liked him and hope he's here a lot longer.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, is MINI cards.  I don't enjoy them as much as regular sized cards because they can slip out easier, but I still like them.  Oddly enough while I don't have a lot of them, I did have pretty much the entire Royals 86 Fleer Mini's except maybe one, but it was still fun to get more of them.  What I didn't have was the other cards in this scan.  I don't actively seek out mini's or stickers unless I'm working on the team set, so the Vargas, Moose, and Sluggerrr cards were all new to me.  The Royals logo I've seen before but didn't have (also I think from the 86 Fleer set).  The other two stickers were from sets I have Royals cards of, but not these, so I'm glad I can cross them off.  Lastly is the Mondesi card which might not be my first of him, but I think is the first I have of him in a Royals uniform.  I have some of his minor league cards.  I have a feeling he might turn some heads next year, at least I hope.

Where would any blogger be without Triple Play cards and stickers?  Truthfully, since I have enough of the set, I might try to build it, but when I saw these I knew I didn't have the Hosmer and didn't think I had the Gordon, so I'm happy.  The Royals logo is from a Fleer set, maybe 1990, and while I have a lot from that era, I didn't have the Royals one so that works.  The A&G cards were new to me because 2017 I hardly went after any baseball product since I didn't like the Topps flagship design.  Maybe that's why my blogging has suffered since.  Anyways, new to me on both, and now neither one on the Royals.  Still teammates, but now on the Milwaukee Brewers.  I think a lot of Royals fans are Brewers fans this postseason since no less than 5 players were once Royals.  Moose, Cain, Kratz, Jeffress, and Soria.  No wonder some KC fans have dubbed them the Milwaukee Royals (or Kansas City Brewers).  A former Royal AND Brewer who wanted out of KC to play for a championship contender is sitting at home this postseason... Zack Greinke.  This Bazooka card I always liked but I already have it.  No worries, I collect doubles of cards I like, so that's a keeper.  Speaking of doubles, here's a Salvador Perez 2016 Topps I may or may not have a double of, and that's cool.  Besides building the team set, I really want to build a 2016 Topps base set for both series and Update and as many insert sets as possible.  I have about 2/3's of the base set done and a good start on the inserts, now I just need to devote time and energy to finishing it up.  Maybe once I finish sorting all these other cards I will.

I didn't care for the design of this Topps Heritage set, so I never chased it, but it was nice getting all these because I'm not sure if I had any of them.  I should mention when Cards on Cards gave these cards away, there was no guarantee that they would be ones I didn't have, so besides getting them free, getting just one card I didn't have was worth it, and I'd say almost half I didn't have, so it really helped my collection which I have admittedly neglected this year.

More A&G and Heritage cards I didn't have.  Despite not being a fan of the design, I must say I love the cardboard stock they use and prefer it over the glossy stock they use on Bowman and flagship Topps sets.  Got some good cards here including one of the AL hits and stolen bases leader Whit Merrifield.  192 hits and I think 45 stolen bases may not seem like a lot, but I was surprised a Royals player sniffed a top ten in any category much less lead in two of them.

OLDIES!  Sadly, I had the Purina Brett card, but I'll take any double of that card, especially if I decide to build that set.  The Tartabull was new to me but I'm sure I have other cards from that set.  Same goes for Seitzer.  The Heritage cards on the bottom are really nice, I like the design on those, so I might look into that set as well.

More Heritage and A&G I likely didn't have, so that's a plus.

Aside from the Blue Rocks card I think I did have all these as I think I bought a team set a couple years ago, minus the high numbers.  I remember the Yost card.  I am also glad I can add a few Jorge Bonifacio cards to my collection as well.  Something about him I like.

Here we go!  This might be my favorites of the bunch.  I just really like minor league cards especially from the 80's and 90's.  The CMC ones were my favorite so naturally the Tony Ferreira is my favorite, but the David Howard is a close second.  I don't think I have too many Memphis Chicks cards so it was nice to see.  The amazing thing is I might have more Pete Filson cards then I do of some of the current Royals players.  I'm sure this is my third different one if not more.  It's fun looking at minor league cards.  On the rare chance I spot some I get a little excited.

MORE MINOR LEAGUE CARDS!  YIPPY SKIPPY!  Besides the Bonifacio which is a double I already shown on here, the rest were all new to me.  I don't think I ever saw purple Star cards before, and I don't know if I ever saw the Team Best cards either.  So I was pretty happy to get all these.

More minor league cards, and all except the Rod Myers are new to me.  Only the Team Best was a design I don't remember, but I do remember Kyle Snyder.  I somewhat forgot though that Reggie Sanders was on the Royals.  Those were some bad years I tend to block parts of it out.

JOHNNY DAMON!  HECK YEAH!  Though I have it already, I'm not complaining one bit.  I don't think I had the King or Belcher cards so that works.  I was pretty stoked to see the two Khalil Lee cards since I've heard a lot about him but didn't have any of his cards.  Same goes for Nick Pratto.  Also pretty happy to get one of the last Yordano Ventura cards.  I'm not sure if he's still be a Royal or not, but I still miss him and would be rooting for him no matter what.

Another Ventura card, this one a rookie, and one I didn't have so SUPER SCORE!  All these were new to me and the Hosmer card I've never seen before so that was pretty interesting.  Once things clear up here I'll look into that set a bit more.

The last scan might be a let down to some, but it has a Greinke, Gordon, and BO!  How can you be disappointed.  In addition the Renie Martin is one I didn't have from a set I might have completed if my package didn't get stolen from my mailbox (another reason I might be into cards much right now, that package had a lot of early 80's cards in it that while not valuable, still would have completed a few sets).

All and all I have to give a massive thanks to Cards on Cards for the great amount of cards he gave away, and how so many were new to me.  While I don't open cards as much these days, it was a freaking blast opening them up and seeing what I could add to my collection.

Thank you all for reading and as you might tell from above, I haven't been getting a lot of cards lately so the next few posts might be more random and thrifting type blogs, but they will still have sports stuff to show off.  In fact I can't wait to show quite a few things off, but I'm not going to hype it too much since it might be another month before I blog again.  I hope everyone has a great week.

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