Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hall of Fame announcement. The Real Thing.

Bye Bye

Alan Trammell
Jim Edmonds
Nomar Garciaparra
Mike Sweeney
David Eckstein
Jason Kendall
Garret Anderson
Luis Castillo
Mike Lowell
Troy Glaus
Randy Winn
Mark Grudzielanek
Brad Ausmus
Mike Hampton

None will be on the ballot next year. Its a shame Trammell didn't get the votes, but I figured he wouldn't get the votes on the final ballot.  He got about 41% which I think it would have been nice to get 50, but oh well. Among the other names, I'm not surprised at any, though I would have liked to seen Sweeney make it another year.

So by now you likely know who went in.  Congrats to Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza for getting in.  3 people didn't vote for Griffey, and I'm fine with that to be honest. His later years did kind of drag.  Piazza got in on his 4th try with 83%, which is a little higher than I figured, but not by much.

As for the others, I was surprised Jeff Bagwell missed the 75% mark, this time by about 4%. I would say he has great shot next year though with Piazza knocked out.  He missed it by 15 votes.  Tim Raines missed it by 27 votes.  He'll need help next year since they lowered the elgible years to 10, next year is his last.  I think he has a shot though.

Trevor Hoffman's first year got him solid votes, and actually a little higher than I thought at 67%.  If Bagwell and Raines goes next year, I don't see Hoffman going in next year.  Same with Schilling, but at over 50% he'll need a push like Rock Raines has had to get in.  Clemens and Bonds will need people to reconsider PED's in order to get in.  This time both fell about 130-135 votes short.  I think they can get it but it might take a few more years.

Edgar Martinez in his 7th year is looking less likely to make it in, same with Lee Smith in his final year next year.  Mike Mussina got 43% and that number could climb as he enters his 4th year.  Beyond that, it would take a miracle for others to make it it.  Jeff Kent, Larry Walker and Mark McGwire hover around 15%, Gary Sheffield not far behind, and Billy Wagner with 10% his first year.  Somehow, Sammy Sosa clings as he got 7% this year, which I thought he would drop off this year.

Looking at it now, this may have been McGwire's last shot, I'll have to check that out later.  That will leave about 15 people that will try again next year, with 20 new names.  None of those new names beyond Ivan Rodriguez and Manny Ramierez should make much impact, so some of those just short of votes better start a campaign now.

Overall, I'm fine with only two going in.  I picked ten even though I knew not all 10 deserved it, but most considered consideration.  If my ballot had counted, nothing would have changed, nobody would have been saved, and no new names would have made the 75%.

With nothing much to say, I guess I'll leave it at that.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.