Friday, January 8, 2016


My friend give the best gifts

Last year my best friend gave me a ton or Royals cards.  At this point, I am almost finished sorting them (well, kinda, 39 cards left than another resort, which should go much faster).  As I stated on my goals for 2016 post, the fun starts after I sort the Royals cards, which has really motivated me this week.  I also have wiped most of my collection off of Trading Card Database, so I can start fresh.  That will also allow me to make cards I'm up for trading on there.  After I work on that a bit, I will update my trade lists.

That's besides the point, today's post is showing off what he gave me for Christmas a couple weeks ago.  I'm not sure why I held off so long, but here it is.

 SURGE!  I know its been back on the market for a while, but I had not seen it yet.  I haven't drank it yet, but might save it for a special occasion.  Maybe the Chiefs playoff game tomorrow, or maybe a while longer.  The only kicker is that I decided to cut back on soda this year.  In fact, I haven't had a soda since around the 28th or so of December.  I know I will still drink some from time to time, so I will drink this. I also have some 7-Up nearby if I get a sudden urge.  Also if rumors are true, I might try to get my hands on some Crystal Pepsi this year.  I should point out that this isn't a 12 ounce can, its a 16 or 20 ounce, on of those tall ones.  That might hold me over for a few days or weeks, lol.

 Next was a small package (actually I opened this first), but it was two cards I've had my eye on.  James Franklin and Kendial Lawrence both went to Mizzou and now play for the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL.  It's been fun reading blogs lately opening boxes of the CFL cards, I only wish I could have bought some in stores, but I never seen them around.  Franklin was just on a CFL list of most surprising players for last year, he came in at #2, so maybe his stock is rising.  Frank The Tank has always been one of my favorites, so I was really excited to get these, which I think were the only two Mizzou guys in the CFL base set.

 My friend knows I'm a huge wrestling fan, so it was cool to see WWE wrapping paper.  I admittedly haven't watched as much wrestling in the last year because it hasn't interested me, but still check the news updates several times a day.  If rumors are true about a group of 4 guys coming to WWE, then I might have to start watching again.  I asked my friend if he knew any of the people on the wrapping paper and he knew a few.  He hasn't really watched wrestling since it was on CW I think, so its been a while.

So what was under the paper???

 I can dig that.... SUCKAAAAAAAA!   I wasn't aware Booker wrote a book, but I look forward to reading it soon.  What appeals to me is what he has to say about WCW, which I still miss.  I was a WCW guy, and still am.  Very few WCW guys remain, and while Booker does get on my nerves at times, I still like hearing what he has to say.  It will also be interesting to see what he mentions about TNA Wrestling.  To be honest I don't remember much of his run there, but I still like to know.

If you haven't figured it out, I will try to watch any wrestling at least once.  At present though WWE is all I get.  Luckily I can find stuff online.

After I opened the book though, it felt like something was inside the book.  This book was brand new, so I was curious what I felt, so I opened it up.

 Holy cow, its autographed!!!!  That is awesome.  He told me he found a website that sells books, most autographed at a good price, and bought some for other people too.  I might have to check out that site and see what else they have.

This was the last gift I opened, but there was something I opened before that which still had my interest.  Even now I'm shocked.

 An autographed George Brett card!!!!!!!  Holy cow!  At some point in the future I was planning on trying to get one, but now I don't have to.  After getting the piece of bat, I'm only a rookie card away from the trifecta, which comes a lot sooner than I anticipated.  I figured 5 years down the road I would be securing the rookie, and maybe an auto, so getting an auto and a bat so quickly gives me hope.

So there you go, some signed stuff, something to drink, and some wish list Mizzou cards.  I told you he gives the best gifts.  Thank you all for reading, and hope everyone has a great weekend.  Mine looks a little busy as I have a few things to do, so if I don't post, I should be back Monday.


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Tony Burbs
1/8/16, 6:04 PM delete

I've been on the look out for some Surge myself - unfortunately, it seems to be a very limited, regional release so far. Looks like you've got one generous friend there!

1/8/16, 6:33 PM delete

My wife has picked up some Surge a couple of times over the last year or so. Once or twice from a local gas station that stocks a variety of novelty and hard-to-find sodas and once she ordered some through Amazon.

1/8/16, 8:02 PM delete

I have 20 cards from your various want lists, send me an email and I'll get you the list. My email is trevorejordan at gmail

1/9/16, 1:07 AM delete

Ah, Surge. Instant diabeetus in a can. Love the Booker T AUTObiography (heh) too. He is my favorite wrestler of all-time.