Friday, January 1, 2016


Breaking the Habit

Last year I said I wouldn't make a post about making goals for the year.  Well, its the new year, so I didn't break it last year.  This year I figure, why not.

Before I begin I want to mention a couple milestones I reached in the last month.  I reached the 250 post plateau last month and I kept forgetting to bring it up.  I should have reached it sooner, but I lost some steam in the latter half of the year.  Hopefully that won't happen this year.

Another milestone I reached was I've had over 27,500 views of my blog.  I don't think all have been from when I blogged about cards (this blog was started years ago and once was a movie review blog), but it is very nice to been seen by so many.  Thank you all for reading.  Its not just a closing line when I say it each blog, I truly am thankful that you take your time to read it.

So now it's time to list some goals.   I don't expect all to be completed, some I doubt I get close to, but if nothing else it will be motivation.  Let's begin.

Make a Top 25 Most Wanted Cards list.

 Since my collection has been coming along quite nicely, I guess its about time I start a list.  I like lists anyways, so there's that.  Most of my cards would be either easily attainable ones to complete sets or ones out of reach and not likely to get real quick.  I hope to finish this fairly soon, maybe this week.  At least something to start my goals off with a realistic goal.

Write more blogs than 2015.

 If I keep my pace from the early part of 2015, this should be easy.  Last year I did 154 posts.  That is about 13 posts a month which I think I can do.  Honestly the first few months will be a little post heavy I imagine, and while I don't have an actual number in mind, I think 200 posts would be a nice number to reach for.  Even 175 would be nice.

Complete my want lists and organize all my Royals cards.

This one will take a bit of work, but again, this is fairly attainable.  I have almost all my Royals cards organized, once I finish that, the want lists should fall in place.  Once I do this, things will become less cluttered.  Not that I'm real cluttered now, but doing this will give me a weight off my shoulders.

Begin organizing my Mizzou cards

 Once I finish my Royals cards, this will be my next big task.  This one won't be as tedious, but it could take a bit of time.  I've wanted to do this for a few months, but not sure on how I want to accomplish this.  For now the cards are in a binder, but I think I'll put them in a box.  After that, I will make some want lists for them as well.  Unlike the Royals cards, I don't plan to get every card of every Mizzou player.  Maybe one of each former player and then some players will have more cards.

Attend a card show

 This one is a 50/50 shot.  There is a couple near me every few months but I always forget the date or busy.  I went to a card show about 7 years ago inside a mall, and it was fun.  The problem was it didn't feel like a card show.  I want a card show inside a reception hall or something that passerby's aren't just walking through.  Though I will admit, if I did go to one in a mall again, I wouldn't be too upset.  I have kept my eye out for a few card shows in the next year, but it also comes down to money and if I can actually make it.  I would like to just go to one this year.

Get rid of some of my cards and make some trades

 This one sounds easier than it sounds.  However in the next year I hope to get a few things done in my personal life and hopefully that allows for me to have all my cards in one place making it easier to gather them and send out some packages.  My first priorities will be to the ones who have sent me cards in the past. Then I will work on new ones.  Again easier said than done.

Complete 5 Royals team sets

 This one will become easier once I see what team sets I actually have.  Once I sort all them out, it will become clearer.  In order to qualify as a team set, I will say a set of 10 cards or more.  I think this one should be fairly attainable thanks to sites like COMC and Just Commons.  Again, once I finish the Royals sorting.  That hinges a lot on these goals.

Finish the Monsters of the Gridiron and Simpsons sets

I'm not making this a high priority to be honest.  I think I'm about half way through on both sets, but this will be very low on my list.  By the way, this list isn't in any order, just how I thought of them.  The Monsters set should be easier to finish, and would like to get 2-4 more cards at least this year for the set.  I think the toughest might be the checklist.  I've seen it but it is a bit pricy I think.  As for the Simpsons set, I've seen some of the cards, but unless I get it in bulk, I don't think I'll come close to finishing the set this year.  Unless I scour ebay and I don't do that much anymore.

Work on the Transformers and Daredevil sets

Another goal that I have as a very low priority, is working on these sets.  To be honest, I don't even have a number in mind, so getting a card from each would be a completed goal really.  As it stands now, I think I have about half of the Transformers set, so if I tried a little harder I could possibly get the set finished.  As for the Daredevil, I don't think I have any cards of the set.  I may be the only fan of the 2002 movie, but until the last few years, I didn't know they made a card set.  If they ever made a set based on the Netflix series, I would try to get them too.  Maybe I should make a few custom cards when the series comes back.  Hopefully I'll get a free trial  when the show does return.

Try to get 5 new teams from Missouri cards

Finally is one that will take some time.  Not because I think it will be tough, but because I need to see what I have first.  This goal will try to coincide with more posts on my Missouri Sports blog as well (not a goal, but I'd like to post more on there).  This goal however will be trying to get 5 more teams that have called Missouri home.  I think I am running out of teams for now, but it should become clearer once I declutter a bit.  Since I will move my Mizzou cards from the binder, that will give me space to put Missouri teams cards in their spot.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but college teams are included in this so, off the top of my head, I know Missouri Southern and SE Missouri State are a couple teams not represented yet.  As for pro teams, I'm not real sure.  I need to see if the Joplin Blasters made cards last year if so I would like to get one.

So that wraps up my goals for 2016.  Can I get a few done?  Sure, can I get them all done?  If I tried I think I could, but realistically, if I got 4 of them done I'd be happy.

Since I like to include photos, here is an update on my Royals collection.  I would say I have about 500 or less cards to add to it for now and it will be finished.  Then working on the haves and the have nots. The 90's are well represented in the collection, and I think working on the early 2000's and the early-mid 80's will be on my work list once things settle down.  As you can see, 1972 is my first Royals card, so this year I'd like to add something older, maybe a 1969 card.  Most of the cards would be fairly easy to get cheap, the only exception being the Brett rookie.

A slightly better shot of all the cards.  I never imagined that I'd fill the box up so quickly.  I guess I will have to get another box or two for future expansion.  I have an extra one for now, but it gives me an excuse to visit the local card shop as I still haven't.  Local as in 35 miles away, but the owner also does all the card shows too, so I could knock out both in one trip if I tried hard enough.

I think once I start the Mizzou cards, it should fit in a 800 count box or two, so that shouldn't be an issue for now.

So that will wrap it up for now.  Thanks for reading my first blog post of 2016, now to come up with 154 more to accomplish one of my goals.  Have a great day!


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John Miller
1/2/16, 2:28 PM delete

LOL, I'm pretty sure I still have more Royals laying around wrapped up for you here somewhere.