Saturday, November 8, 2014


I fell behind, so time to catch up a bit

I promised a different blog tonight, but I got sidetracked and lost track of time so I don't plan having time tonight to write it.  Though I hope to have it tomorrow.

That doesn't mean I won't have time for a short blog.

Last weekend I couldn't sleep overnight, which isn't uncommon, but I tried everything to get to sleep so I can be well rested before I spent the day at the Mizzou game.  One way of wasting time trying to get to sleep was to go on Listia and bid on some auctions.  I bid on I think 7-8 auctions, and when I got home found out I won 3-4 of them.  I didn't spend much on them, but I got a couple in the mail yesterday and figured I'd show them off.

 I won these in two separate auctions, but from the same seller.  I wanted both to add to my PC of these players and got them pretty cheap considering both are 2014.  These Allen & Ginter's are becoming more available now, and since they both were cheap, I jumped on them.

It still looks odd to me to see Beltran in a Yankees uniform, but looking back, I am glad he didn't take the Royals offer.  He didn't have a great 2014 and I'm not sure he would have helped KC in the playoffs. I hold no ill will towards him though, and hope he makes it into the Hall of Fame after he retires.

Speaking of Hall of Fame, Greg Maddux was never in doubt to make it in this year.  I think you could have put him on the ballot against the 1999 class and he would have made it easily.  I like how they chose to use him in a Braves uniform, as while I still enjoyed watching him play, it was odd to see him in any other uniform than Atlanta or the Cubs.

For a total of 369 points, I think I came out pretty good.

Again sorry for not having my expected post, but I promise to have it up soon.  Thank you for reading tonight, and have a great weekend.


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Julie Owens
11/10/14, 3:44 PM delete

great Maddux! One I don't have yet!