Tuesday, November 4, 2014


No Hot Dogs, but plenty of baseball cards!

Early last week I got a package from Julie.  We have wrote emails back and forth so it wasn't too unexpected.  However, what I didn't expect was the amount of cards she was sending.  As a result, I will break it up into two posts.

I will start with these 1994 Pinnacle.  I have stated many times already about my love for the 1994 cards, and Pinnacle was no exception.   Julie sent me almost the complete set.  As a matter of fact, I only need the Brian McRae card to complete the team set which I can likely find on COMC or Just Commons.  I didn't scan all the cards but picked out a few I liked the most.

There's Chico in shades, Chris Gwynn doing a Willie Mays Hayes (I've been cut already), Tom Gordon is the third card.  Nothing too special about the card, I guess none of the others stood out much.  I liked Tom a lot though.  Finally is Bob Hamelin.  I may post a lot of his cards but he only played a couple years, so I liked him so much I will probably post 95% of his cards I have.

Let's stay with 1994 and Bowman.  It wasn't until the last 2-3 years that I started to get Bowman cards so these were all new to my collection.  Julie gave me about half the set.  I like the Felix Jose card even though I was told  in high school that you should never take posed shots.  Always go for the action shots.  This has a Senior Picture vide to it, but I still like it.  The Jose Lind card is nice too as its an action shot.  Maybe what I like most is the clear view of the patch on his sleeve honoring Ewing and Murial Kauffman.  By 1994, the Royals were already bad, but after the Kauffman's deaths, a lot of the Royals spirit died too. 

Finally is David Cone who I can't say I remember him as a Royals player, but I do remember when he came back to Kansas City, some of that spirit seemed to come back, though it was short lived.

Next is 1996 E-Motion XL.  I never heard of these and probably wouldn't have gotten these otherwise.  I don't get the idea for the set but the design is almost like picture frames.  I'm five cards short of the team set, but not going to aggressively finish it right now.  I do like the Bip Roberts though.

Next is another 1994 set- Flair.  I'm not sure what to think of these cards.  They are different, but not a great design.  Though I will never complain getting two of my favorite pitchers.

Here is a few more cards I got.  I liked Michael Tucker when he first started playing, but as he seemed to fizzle, so did my fandom towards him.  Nice looking card though.

I have this George Brett card, but it is a nice card and from the year he won his last batting title.  That is a feat I don't think will ever be broken.  George won a batting title in 3 different decades, thats just unbelieveable to imagine.

I have this Chris Gwynn card.  I am still looking for one card to complete the set, I think its the Gary Gaetti.  The '94 Collector's Choice is one of my top 5 sets of all time.  One day, I may even try to build the whole set myself.

Finally is 1991 Donruss of Mel Stottlemyre.  I have acquired quite a few 1991 Donruss cards lately, so I should be getting close to completing the team set.  I should also be close to completing the entire set as well.

1990 Fleer is another set I'm close to completing if not there already.  In the past I never went after the cards with Royals and other teams on them, but as I tighten up my collection and focus on the Royals more, I will start collecting them more.

I always liked the 1992 Upper Deck set, but dont have a lot of cards from it.  So I will take two George Bretts.  The bat looks curved so I like the front shot.  The back shot is good too.  I didn't realize George was a full time DH by 1992 though.

We will close out today's post with some Kirkie!  I have always been a fan of Kirk Gibson, though I was on the fence about collecting his stuff besides Royals.  Now I have decided to keep on collecting.  It is nice to have PC cards of players that isn't known as a Royal.  I needed two of these cards (including the KC one), so these are nice additions.

But wait, there's more!  I know I had the Fleer card, as I have most of the Fleer cards that year.  I don't think I had the other two though. 

We will close up today with the Greg Maddux.  This is a card that fits nicely into my collection.  It's amazing to me how easy it has been to get his older cards and pretty cheap too.  It is a bit of a shame though in the same sense that his cards don't fetch higher prices.

That's going to be all today, but tomorrow I will show some of the newer cards I got in the package.  After I got this in the mail, before I even opened it, Julie sent me an email stating she forgot a card I asked for on one of her posts.  She mentioned another package was on the way.  Sure enough a couple days later, I got another package.  So I will post that package after I finish this one.

Then I got another package yesterday. It was from Tony.  I knew it was coming too, and I will show it off later this week.  All in all, you don't want to miss the next few posts, it is going to be a great week.

Thank you for reading and have a great night.


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Matthew Scott
11/5/14, 8:48 AM delete

Great cards from Julie! Looking forward to seeing what else you got.

I'm working on another package for you as well. Just waiting on a few more cards.

Julie Owens
11/10/14, 3:36 PM delete

Sorry the hot dogs didn't make it to ya! A hungry postal worker must've been involved...