Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I was never afraid of Cujo

My mom and my sisters used to love watching Stephen King movies and reading his books.  They read and watched every single one.  Then a few years ago, they just became uninterested in his product.  Though if you ever see The Night Flier for sale on DVD somewhere cheap, let me know, my mom has wanted that one for a long time.

I can't say I didn't watch any of them.  I still love watching Stand By Me, I remember some scenes from Pet Semetary.  I think I sat though most of It one time.  I even watched some of Sometimes They Come Back just to see if I knew any of the film locations (It was filmed in Missouri).  I'm not a thriller/horror/whatever you want to call his movies. I am basically a comedy guy, documentaries guy, and depending on my mood dramas.  I have gotten into crime series as of the last few years, but that's the most suspense I watch.  I'm not even a huge action fan, but will watch them on occasion.

Let me know if you see this for sale!

Having said all that, Cujo was one of Stephen King's movies.  This post isn't about his movie.

THIS is the Cujo I am talking about.  Recently I saw a couple Curtis Joseph rookie cards on Listia.  I'm not going to ever say I'm a big hockey fan, but I remember the first time I watched a hockey game on TV.  At the time I never seen it so it was pretty cool to see this new sport (new to me at least). It was the Buffalo Sabres and the Tampa Bay Lightning.  After that I became a fan and picked the Blues to root for because they were the closest team.  After a couple years, the luster wore off, but I still watch highlights.

At the time I watched, there were some players I really liked, among them was Curtis Joseph.  When I saw these cards I wanted to get them if they were cheap.  The card on the right ended first and I won for I think 25 points. After that I figured I could spend a bit more on the one on the left.  I won that one for about 270 points.  Personally I like the Topps card better.  Both are nice cards and I'm reminded of how much I liked the jerseys the Blues wore in the 90s.

Today I don't have a favorite team, but my mom is a fan of the Penguins and sometimes I'll watch hockey especially in the playoffs just to tell her who won.  She's a big hockey fan.  I am still puzzled by it because nobody else in the family really likes hockey and she doesn't like cold weather so ice hockey wouldn't seem to be something she likes.

I have some more hockey cards that I may show off one day, but I wanted a short post (which isn't so short anymore) and already had these scanned.

Thank you for reading today, and have a great night.  Before I go, I want to give a heads up.  If I don't post for the next few days don't be alarmed.  I may lose access to the internet for a few weeks, and if I do, I won't have a way to post.  I'll still likely write stuff, and then post stuff at a later date.

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