Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kick The Fleas Off Part 1

The past few weeks I've been more or less a homebody.  In fact, besides going and cleaning our house out, I haven't been elsewhere but maybe Walmart a couple times (outside of going to the doctor and dentist).  My mom has been working a lot lately and on days off usually keeps busy as well.  I mentioned to her we should go to the Midway Antique Mall and check it out since we haven't been in a few months.  I also told her we should clean out the house more which is kinda a big priority right now.  She agreed, we needed to just relax and go to Midway.

So I took a bunch of pictures and have enough ammo for three days of posts.  The first two days are items I passed up, and day three is what I ended up buying.  There is usually a lot of interesting items I want, but either know I don't need, or just out of my price range (some by a couple bucks, some by lots of bucks).  Either way, I thought it would be fun to show some of it.

Part of the reasons I wanted to go was because I heard they was remodeling and expanding, and even got a paint job.  In truth, nothing really showed different aside from the building being painted and sounds of tools being used behind closed doors (the same doors we had to enter from last time while they redid their driveway, which still needs work done).  If I was by myself and didn't stop to take pictures, I could have been in and out within a couple hours I bet, but we usually take our time, and since I take pictures now, it took us a little over 4 hours.  It seems like a long time, but it flies by.  The building is the size of a Walmart, so its not exactly small, and unlike Walmart, things aren't all nice and sold in sections.  I can only imagine how long we'll be once the expansion opens.

Anyways, on with stuff I passed over.  Unlike last time, I don't remember a lot of the prices on items, so some I won't mention price because I either didn't see it, didn't look, or don't remember.

TAKE THAT GAWKER!  HULKAMANIA IS RUNNING WILD AGAIN!  Well, this along with all the other signs this seller has have been for sale since the first time I visited, so no real shock, but this time its on clearance, and since Hulk has been in the news, its a timely picture.  I wouldn't mind a couple of the signs the seller has but, I didn't really need any, and I'm cheap at times (and still pondering getting an item I later did), so I passed them up.  Maybe next time they will be cheaper, and I might get one.

Speaking of the Hulkster, a few booths away I found this... BROTHER!

It was nice seeing some WCW action figures, but these were way overpriced for as much use as they have seen.  I think they were 5 bucks.  If they were 50 cents or a buck, maybe I'd consider it.

He wasn't alone though, he has a couple nWo members with him (one as his WWE version).

Its tough to pass up anything with Macho Man Randy Savage, but again, a bit pricey and looking at it today, his face looks more like Kanyon or one of the guys from Kronik, not so much Mr. Madness.  I'm actually glad I passed it up.  I do feel bad though since later in the day at Walmart I also passed over a Slim Jim.  These are dark days.

I also think they had a John Cena and Batista figures too, but despite most people not liking Big Show, I've always liked him.  This was into his WWE run since he had long hair in WCW.  However as you can tell, I needed to hold him up, so maybe the chants of "Please Retire" should be listened to.  At least when it comes to this action figure.  I have always heard he played basketball for the Wichita State Shockers, but have never looked for video of his playing days (same for Matt Morgan at Monmouth and Kevin Nash who I head played at Tennessee).  Maybe thats a Youtube day waiting to happen.

Don't worry not everything I took photos of involved wrestling.

Next to the tub of wrestlers, was this truck and trailer.  The only reason I took a photo (and I might have even done it last time too) was because I had one just like this as a child.  I love finding old toys from when I was a kid.  The only difference between this and mine, was the truck I had was painted purely red.  I liked had a lot of the paint off of it too though.  I'm certain it did.  I really don't need it, but depending on what I get next time, if I don't get anything else, maybe I'll buy this if its still there.  I kind of doubt it though, since I'm supposed to be downsizing, not adding more junk to my collection.

I actually forgot they made ALF puzzles.  This seller had a few, all of them different (I think, I only looked at a couple), but only took a photo of the top one.  As a kid I loved ALF, but its probably been a decade or so since I've seen an episode (I think it was on Nick at Nite or something), and to be honest, I'm okay with that.  This is something I don't need to add to my collection.

A football player in a St. Louis Rams uniform?  Talk about collectible, THEY DON'T EXIST ANYMORE!  Also Hank Williams Jr. on the box, I know this is a few years old.  I think it was $35 bucks.  Even if it was 5 bucks I would have passed, not because of Hank Jr. he was actually the reason I noticed it, but because I just don't need it.

Why was Bocephus on the box to begin with?  Well it was a Monday Night Football tie in, called Are You Ready For Some Football.  Now I have flashbacks of Chris Farley ("Call me Bocephus").

It even played the Monday Night Football theme song.  Oh, and it was still on Network TV, those were the days.  I think I'll just Youtube the theme song and think of the good old days, and you can Keep The Change.  FYI, that was a song he wrote after they kicked him off MNF, yes I still listen to him.  I prefer the older stuff though.

COOL! The Mask of Zorro VHS tape!  Wait, what is that hideous bobblehead next to it?  Well that my friends is a Chris Kirkpatrick bobblehead.  I felt sorry for it so I had to take a picture.  Granted if I had to rank the members of NSYNC it would go like this-

1. Justin Timberlake
2. Who else was in NSYNC?
3.  I know their were 5 of them.
4. Oh Lance Bass was a member, he had a nice cameo in Tropic Thunder.
5. I think I saw Joey Fatone in a commercial the other day, I believe he was a member.

So, even though I forgot his name, he would rank second or third.  I listen to all music, so I do listen to them sometimes, I even know the words (most of them to Tearing Up My Heart and God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You).

So why do I feel bad for this guy I can't remember his name (and FYI I think the other guy is JC or something)?  Bobbleheads I never find cheap.  This one was 6 bucks.  Not a bad price at all for it.  However, the seller must really want get rid of it, it was marked down to 2 bucks.  No takers yet.  On top of that, I think the seller is closing out, so everything half off.  ONE DOLLAR!  NOBODY IS BUYING IT FOR ONE MEASLY BUCK!  Even I hesitated, but in the end, I didn't need it.  I don't really collect bobbleheads and I don't want to be the guy whose bobblehead collection consists of three plastic ones from Post Cereal (I think Ichiro, Mariano Rivera, and a Diamondback, I can't remember), a nice big bobblehead of Kirk Herbstreit (thanks to Coke Rewards), and then a guy I can't name from NSYNC.  It will be a long time if ever, I build up a bobblehead collection, and then I might consider buying it.

Wait, I think Chris Kirkpatrick is the one Eminem names in one of his songs.  Now I might regret buying this Best Buy exclusive.... I doubt it.

My mom's fingers make a cameo in this blog.  That is monumental since she doesn't like her picture taken, but I needed help as this was displayed a bit low to take a good picture.  Really I took it to show a friend.  This seemed like something he'd like, and it was like 5 bucks I think.  It's not bad, but its not something I need.  It does look a bit old though, and I do like the logo.

This is another item I don't remember if I showed last time, but if I did, its still there, and still overpriced. If it was cheaper, I would thought about it, but it was so higher that I forgot what it was.  It was actually one of the first items I took a picture of though I think.  I'm curious as to what is on it.  I'm sure somebody uploaded it to Youtube.  Maybe I should make a Youtube post of just random stuff one day.  I think I did that once before.  It would likely consist of Botchamania and WCW wrestling, the React channel, a couple crappy videos I made, and something to do with baseball.  Who knows, I might put that on my to do list.

I like signs, even ones that are new and made to look vintage.  Especially if it has items I like on it.  I like Coca-Cola and I like HOT DOGS (I yelled it in case my sister reads this just so she can imagine Will Ferrell as Harry Carey- ooh another Youtube video to seek).  10 bucks wasn't a bad price, but it was early in the day, I didn't need it really, and I had to pace myself.  I don't regret passing it up, and I bet it will be there next time  I go. 

I've seen this print before, and likely I've seen it here for sale before.  I always liked the picture, but to be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the football team back in 2003.  At the time, I only really rooted for Mizzou basketball and my favorite football team was the Miami Hurricanes.  It wasn't until around 2008 that I really got into the football team, a short time before I went to my first game.  Since then I read a lot about the football teams history, and this was one of the bigger moments in their history.  I also met one of the players from the game a few years ago and he even talked about this game.  Its always fun to go back and look at history of sports teams, and seeing prints like this is a good relic to assist in that history.

Speaking of Mizzou football history, I saw something I've never seen before, but really wanted due to reading about it.  It's the final photo of the day.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually started to like the Rolling Stones.  Nothing against them before, but I didn't listen to classic rock much.  Once I did, I noticed I liked a lot of their songs.  Anyways, the reason I love this piece is because they were instrumental in the history of Mizzou football.

After years of terrible play, and also complaints from other schools on the condition of the playing field of Faurot Field (Mizzou installed Omniturf in 1985), they decided to switch back to natural grass playing surface.  In order to raise money to replace it, they booked the Rolling Stones to perform a concert on the field.  It was part of the Stones VooDoo Lounge tour and it helped raise by estimates of $100,000 to replace the field.  Later that year (1994), they played their final game on Omniturf and lost to Kansas (BOO!).  In 1995 they replaced the surface with natural grass and Don Faurot (it is his name on the Field afterall) placed the final piece of sod on the field.  He also helped lay the grass when the field was originally done in 1926.  Faurot would pass away a few months later during Mizzou's homecoming week.

The field would remain natural grass until 2003 when it switched to FieldTurf.  Which was also the year that Mizzou beat Nebraska (that photo above).  The biggest game in the Omniturf history was the 5th down game again Colorado in 1990.  The biggest in the recent natural grass era was the "Flea Kicker Game" (I called it the Kicked Ball game), against Nebraska in 1997.  The new FieldTurf biggest games were likely the aforementioned 2003 Homecoming against Nebraska, and the 2011 Homecoming win against Oklahoma.  To be honest, I've been on the field, and I really prefer natural grass.  I feel that way about all fields though.

So that my friends is a little history lesson on how the Rolling Stones helped Mizzou.  This was a flyer placed on a piece of cardboard for sale for 5 bucks.  I kinda wanted it, but in reality, its a piece of paper they wanted 5 bucks for.  I've never seen it before, but maybe I could find one online, and just save the photo.  I have seen photos from the actual concert though, and that was pretty cool.

So there you have day one of Flea Marketing, and a little bit of sports history.  I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading.


  1. I like Big Show as well. I had a Hulk Hogan action figure when I was a kid. My dad always called him 'Hunk Hinkey.' He really wasn't into wrestling or sports at all.

    1. I have a couple action figures unboxed, but I can't remember who they are. I know I have an old Ric Flair one and a George The Animal Steele.

      My dad told me stories of seeing wrestling growing up, but he wasn't into it much by the time I started watching it.

  2. I'd never heard about the Rolling Stones playing at Mizzou. That was fascinating stuff.

    1. I was 12 at the time and don't really remember it when it happened. Even if I did I don't think I would have gone, but it was still fun to hear about years later. Columbia doesn't manage too many big name concerts, but every few years they do snag one. Lately its only been country music though.

  3. That Rams Bobble head with Hank Williams Jr. on the box. Very cool. and that 70s baseball album is so Seventies.