Friday, March 25, 2016

Kicking The Fleas Off: What I Got

So the last two days I've spent showing many items I've passed over at the Midway Antique Mall.  Now it's time to show what I decided to get.  Don't expect nothing earth shattering, but I think I came out pretty good.  After I show it all off, I will give the grand total of the trip.

Let's see the building one last time, then jump into the good stuff.

So I'll start with the last two items I put in the basket.  I got these as we were in the checkout lane.  If I spotted them sooner, I might have bought more, but am glad I didn't.

A 1995 Mizzou Football Media guide.  I got this for a friend, but as it turns out he already has it.  I'm fine with that because I didn't so now it stays in my collection.  1995 was the year they went back to natural grass (as referenced on day one of these posts).  I haven't spent time really looking through it, but I might scan it and post some stuff one day.  It could be fun to look back.

Alongside the media guide was this program also from 1995.  My friend didn't have this, so I was more than happy to give it to him.  He will probably scan it and post it on his Facebook group page Talkin' Truman.

Yes, there was a player at Mizzou named Steve Martin.  I don't know much about him, but he did play in the NFL a bit, I think with a couple teams, one being the Kansas City Chiefs.

As I said, there were quite a few more football and basketball guides and programs, but we were about to check out, and someone else was a bit interested in looking at the programs, so I let them.  Maybe next time, I might look first and might grab a few, especially the basketball.  They were a little higher I think, but they also were from the good years of the 90's, including their undefeated run in the Big 8.

I'm a sucker for movies.  I have a collection that is ever growing, and chances are I doubt I watch too many of them enough to warrant me buying them.  However, most I spend 5 bucks or less, so just one view usually pays for them.  When it comes to used DVD's though I am hesitant.  This seller has a booth full of movies, and always has.  I've never bought any before and didn't intend to this time however I noticed a sign as I approached.  ALL MOVIES 99 CENTS!

Well, a buck for a movie draws me in.  So I bought 3 movies.  Some I never seen in the 5 buck bin, some I didn't want to pay 5 bucks for.  This one is called Blood And Bone, and I watched it once, and kind of liked it.  I wouldn't have paid 5 bucks for it new, but for a buck, sure.  I checked to see how clean the disc was, and it was spotless, so I grabbed it.  I'll watch it again soon I'm sure, but to be honest, if I never saw it again, I wouldn't be too disappointed.  Too bad I didn't see any Stone Cold Steve Austin films there, I might have got a couple of those, those are worth a buck too.

Second movie I grabbed was Strange Wilderness.  I've seen this a few times, and again, not sure I wanted to spend 5 bucks on it, but for a buck it was an easy decision.  The best way to describe it is its a stupid-funny movie.  I wouldn't directly call it a stoner flick, but it would probably help most people sitting through it (I'm not advocating one way or another, I don't partake).  The premise is Steve Zahn is a TV host of a wilderness show he took over from his dad when he died.  The ratings are horrible and threatened to be cancelled, he gathers a crew to find and film Bigfoot.

There are scenes I bust up laughing about when they probably aren't all that funny, but I still enjoyed this movie a lot.  I'm sure I'll watch it once or twice a year, so it will pay for itself pretty quickly.

The final movie I bought was Find Me Guilty.  It is a true story of a crime family put on trial, and the main guy, played by Vin Diesel (yes that's him with hair) refuses to rat them out.  The guy that Diesel played was actually locked up in Springfield, Missouri for a while before he passed away a couple years after this movie I think.  It's been a while since I've seen the movie, and never seen it in the 5 dollar bin.  I am going to likely watch it again this weekend, but I forgot that it runs kind of long, so I might need to clear some time to do it.  I thought it was like two and a half hours.

There were a couple other movies I saw, but I didn't want to get a bunch of them.  I also figured I could go back again soon if I wanted to, and I bet they will still be 99 cents.  The booth is always packed with movies, and I never see any sold, so I'm not sure if he restocks really quick or if he never sells any, but if he would clear a few out it would be good.

Sure this football is weathered, but its an XFL FOOTBALL!  I don't think I ever saw one for sale so when I got this I knew I was taking a photo of it.  Then I looked at the price tag and it said a buck.  For a buck I'm going to buy it, and I did.  I don't really need another football, but its not often I see XFL items.  I had to find my air pump when I got home to air it up some, but it was still plenty full of air when I bought it.  I might need to call a few friends a toss the ball with some of them.  I haven't done that in years.  I might skip an actual game, I don't think I could play too long and even if I did, a game of tackle football could be dangerous among us.  Then again, you can't play touch football with an XFL football,  HE HATE ME might find out and, well, he's probably out of shape too, so he might try to join in, and I'm not sure we could handle that.

That wasn't the only football I bought.

This sad looking pigskin was almost fully deflated and hiding in a corner.  I picked it up, and I actually liked it.  I saw it before the XFL football, or else I might have passed on it.  The tag said 4 bucks, and I almost passed it up.  But I thought, I don't see these too often, and all it needs is some air, I bet it would display nice, so I got it.

The other side had a name one it too, but I didn't really get it for the name, I just liked this side.  Here's the name though.

Next to what looks like a bunch of scuffing, as a name that looked like Tony Plufer or something.  The name didn't ring a bell, and I knew it wasn't a Tony Gonzalez, so I knew if I was buying it, it wasn't for the name, it was strictly for the other side of the ball.

When I got home, I decided to do an internet search for the name out of curiosity.  All I knew was Tony, and the number 49.  I started to type that in with Chiefs, but as I did I thought "Didn't Tony Richardson wear number 49?"  So I searched Tony Richardson and sure enough he did.  So I got an autographed Tony Richardson Chiefs football for 4 bucks.  Not bad for not really trying.  I finally aired it up last nice, and it displays really nice.  Now I just need to find a way to display it.  I have a couple more I need to display as well (one is signed by Chase Daniel, and another is signed by a bunch of guys from Mizzou one year I went to fan day).  I have a display shelf, but don't have room for it. Maybe I can move some things around and figure it out.

So I got one more item at Midway.  This one I actually had to think about for a while, but I decided that I wanted to get it.

A full box of Dick Tracy trading cards.  24 packs of 16 cards per pack.  I knew that unless Topps was really trying to screw people over, I could easily get a set or two out of this box.  In 1990 Topps wasn't screwing people over that bad yet (not that they do now, but I bet its tougher to pull a complete set from a box now than it was in 1990).

The reasons I had reservations were many, first the box is not sealed (which I guess is fine), but its beat to hell.  It didn't look like the cards would be damaged, but the box is not in great shape.  It still felt full (for some reason I didn't check, but when I got home, I checked, it was), and so I felt better.

The other reason I had reservations was because I've never really saw the movie.  It just didn't appeal to me.  I was 8 when it came out and I didn't go to movie theaters as a kid, and by the time it came out on VHS, I never really saw it available, and even so, I never read the comic, so it just didn't interest me.  I never really saw the cards either.  In fact the only connection I have to Dick Tracy is I had the Nintendo game which I enjoyed playing a lot.

It cost I think 6 bucks, which was another reason I almost passed it up.  Why did I need cards from a movie I never watched?  Well, we was almost done for the day, and I figured at the least I would hold on to it and if I didn't want it or found something I wanted instead, I could put these back.  I ended up getting them though because I'm a sucker.

I was going to write a post on it, but there isn't much to say.  I opened the first six packs on one side and completed the set (no doubles until the 6th pack and after the set was completed).  It took a few more packs to finish the sticker set, and by then I completed a second set I am giving to a friend.  One pack on the bottom looks like it suffered water damage, but otherwise none of the others were harmed.  After two complete sets and a few sticker doubles, I didn't opened the rest of the packs.  I still have 8 packs left, I think I might sell on Listia just so I can try it out. Packs sell pretty decently and if I sell them together, there's a good chance I the buyer could get a complete set. I do need to scan a pack and I guess the box since they are different than what is shown on the Trading Card Database.

So in total, all the items I bought came in just under 20 bucks.  After taxes it was 21 bucks, so I think I did good.  On the way home I took a picture of a tree I love seeing each time I pass it and figured I'd share it here.

It looks much nicer in full bloom.  Last year it was struck by lightning and part of the tree had to be cut, but to me its the most beautiful tree I've ever seen, and it just sits out in the middle of cropland on a flood plain.

We got to Boonville, and had to go a couple places, but we also stopped at Savvy Seconds as well.  They did a redesign recently and I'm not a fan of it.  In fact I've been a couple times, and only got a couple items.  I don't have a desire to go much these days.  On this trip I ended up with one item.

I bought some gold fabric for a buck.  I bought it for a future project and had looked a few times, but finally saw some this time.  My local Walmart doesn't sell fabric anymore, so in the unlikely event I need some, this is my closest option.  I also needed some black fabric, but just bought a cheap curtain at Walmart to use for that.

So that wraps up my adventures to the Midway Antique Mall.  If you enjoyed reading them let me know your favorite item you saw me post these last few days, or which one I bought you like best.  Thanks for all the recent comments as well.  As I've been writing them, I've been trying to get back in the habit of replying to comments when I see them if I have something to add.  These posts have also helped me get back in a groove of writing again.  I might skip the weekend, but I do have a couple posts planned in the next week as I try to start writing more regularly and get my average post count up.  I'm a bit behind my goal of more posts than last year, but I can still catch up.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.  If it stays warm, I think I have more stuff to go through at the house and have to move some things.  I also have some basketball to watch and need to start getting into baseball mode, About a week away from Opening Day.

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