Friday, April 1, 2016


Time for a random post

I've been keeping busy lately, but had to scan a few pictures today, so I scanned some cards.  Nothing real impressive, but I'm doing it to clean up some space.  Hopefully in a week, I can return to normal, but until then it will be here and there posts of randomness.

So I had to make a trip to Walmart, so I got a pizza with cards in it everyone has been talking about.  No Royals, but I still like the design better than the flagship set, so its okay.  At least I got a Verlander to add to my collection, and a good chance I use a coupon on the back.

An airport trading card?  Hey its Missouri related so I bid on Listia.  I'll try to get others.  The Michael Egnew card I also won, but I already have it so I didn't need it.  The wrestling card I just had nearby after moving stuff so it got scanned.  I never cared for Homicide much, so nothing else to add.

I had to scan this for the Trading Card Database so why not post it here.  I mentioned and showed these last week, so not much more to add.

Also needed the pack scanned too, so I forgot it was upside down, but I need to crop it anyways.  I bought these on the hope of Presidential hopefuls.  I never really collected these, so I don't care for them, but this is the second pack I bought, so maybe I'll try to get a few more.

The Lincoln log one made me chuckle, but it is nasty.  I was watching the In-Jory one on Listia since it was semi patriotic.  The Bunyan one is ok too, but otherwise, nothing special.

I know I didn't write much on this post, but I'm a bit tired and still waiting to get a checkup on my teeth which have been bothering me again.  Also have been busy cleaning a house and garage out as we have just about sold it so in a bit of a rush to move all the stuff out.  Once things get back to normal, I shall resume with regular posting I hope.  I have been finding random things lately, so some posts might be dedicated to that.  I imagine that in a few months I will start focusing more on the Royals again showing off my collection, and also do the same for Mizzou stuff.  As for now, I just want things to get back to normal.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, mine will be busy getting a workout climbing up and down stairs.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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Tony Burbs
4/2/16, 12:57 AM delete

That helicopter parent GPK made me chuckle - my fiancée has getting into those lately. She too is after the politicals. Me, I'm good with my sports cards lol