Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Cleaning House

I've mentioned that for the better part of a couple months I've been trying to move stuff out of our old house.  Now that I am done, I am going to show off a few random cards I found throughout the house.  I did have to toss some because they were too damaged to keep, but most were in ok condition.  So lets begin.

I found quite a few wrestling cards, but they were in the garage (I think they were my nephews, but they didn't want them anymore), and while moving stuff one day I knocked a lot of them on the floor and damaged them.  I think they were doubles I already had anyways, but it was still sad to have to toss them.  I managed to keep these two of Rey Mysterio Jr, and really only because one is a gold variation, and one is chrome.  I never cared for the chrome cards, but its still in decent shape so I kept it.  The gold one I did like a lot, in fact I like that set as a whole.  If I ever decide to collect complete sets of wrestling cards (I doubt I do) this would be in the top ten I think.  Only ones above it would be the WCW sets of the late 90's and a few of the late 90's WWF sets.

A couple other pretty bad shape cards were the bottom two baseball cards.  I had to toss about 5-6 others, but kept these two despite being really bowed and bent.  I kept the Cardinals one only because of Jose Oquendo.  For some reason I really like him.  I also didn't realize they made coaches cards, so that is a bonus.  I really wish a card company would bring this idea back.  I think its cool for the other coaches to get recognition and quite a few are former players.  So for that reason I kept this card.

The Jeremy Guthrie I didn't realize I had to be honest.  I needed to keep it to add to my Once Royals collection.  I have no criteria for this collection, but the basis is having one card of every Royals player ever and if it wasn't in a Royals uniform, then this collection could help with that.  It spawned from there and now I collect random cards of random players that were once in KC.  I only want one or two at most of these guys (some get exceptions and get full blown collections of their own, but most won't.  This Guthrie card is good because it was from a set I liked, and it was from his time before he was a Royal.  I really need to sort this collection some and see what I have, and what I should seek out.

The Scott Erickson card I found was in almost mint condition, it was in perfect shape for just finding it randomly.  I really don't know if I want to keep it, but for now I will.  Its another set I could toy with building one day but likely won't.  The Emmitt Smith isn't a card but a magnet.  I had some random magnets, but most were of basketball.  This was a nice find, but these football cards weren't exactly found randomly.  I found them near where I sorted some cards a couple years ago, so these were semi-lost.  Same goes for the Marc Bulger.  I just happened to like this card so I kept it out.  I found other Bulger cards, and a few Rams cards I'll show off in a few days.

The bottom two cards I like just for the throwback aspect.  Some days I miss those old ugly Broncos uniforms, but I don't really miss John Elway.  I never really was a fan, but I do respect his talent so I kept this card.  As for Frank Reich, I miss those red helmets the Bills wore.  However, I was also a big Frank Reich fan, thanks in large part to the greatest football game I ever watched, January 3rd, 1993.  The comeback game was great and gave Reich a chance to shine with Jim Kelly injured.

More cards, stashed away, but cool to find again.  Why, that's former XFL star Tommy Maddox!  Well, maybe he'd rather not mention his XFL stint, but it is fun to have this card.  A couple more Warren Moon cards to add to the collection is always nice too.  I might have copies of these already, but I still like these cards.

I also found a few legends in Earl Campbell, Bronko Nagurski, and George Blanda.  I kind of forgot about these.  I remember a few years ago I bought a box of Houston Oilers cards off ebay and these were included (not the Bronko).  I mainly bought the box for Steve McNair (it also included after the team moved to Tennessee), but had some other nice cards in it.  I also bought a box of Rams cards too which included some legends as well.  Maybe I should look on ebay for more boxes like that, but doubt I'd find any too cheap.

I also found these two Cam Newton cards.  I really like the Upper Deck card.  The Press Pass card, not so much.  It was really this set that made me turn a bit on Press Pass.  This was a horrible design, but it again is of Cam Newton, so its worth keeping.  I think there is a couple other cards from the set I might seek but not in a rush right now.

The final card I randomly found was this Ken Griffey Jr. Tradition card.  It was also in almost perfect shape.  I didn't have this card before, so this was a nice find.  I like the Fleer Tradition cards, so getting a guy I collect is like icing on the cake.

However, something is off on this.  I didn't notice until moments before I scanned it.  The front is just fine, but the off part is on the back.  So I had to scan the back too.

I should have noticed it because it felt glossier than the regular Fleer Tradition cards.  However, this is a food issue card!  I have no idea how I got this card, but I guess it came from Twizzlers.  Back in 2000, I didn't really eat Twizzlers, and even now I don't, so however way I got this card, I'm not complaining one bit.  What makes it better is that I can get the regular Tradition card most likely anywhere, but finding this food issue variation card could have been a bit trickier.  Knowing I have one in my possession is great.  Now I need to check out the rest of this set and see who else is in it.

I guess that means its time to head off to the Trading Card Database.  I guess that wraps it up for today, thanks for reading and have a great night.


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Cool Twizzlers card! I probably wouldn't have even noticed...