Saturday, April 30, 2016

unNATURAL Feeling

A few weeks ago I stopped by Savvy Seconds.  I had a big blog post planned for it, and will still show the rest of the stuff off, but one item in particular I want to dedicate an entire post to.  I was so happy I got it that I took a ton of pictures.  I should have tried to scan them, but maybe I will in the future.  Since I'm still resting a bit (I feel okay, but a bit tired still), I thought I'd have a mostly picture post.

I found this book and it didn't have a price on it.  When I grabbed it I just figured it was a team yearbook.  I didn't say anything at checkout about no price (books are normally a quarter or 5 for a quarter or something), but this one wasn't with the regular books.  I've noticed that they have started to put higher prices on certain books, and I figured this would be the same.   The checkout woman looked all over for a price and didn't see one so she said "Ok, I guess its a quarter."  To be honest I would have paid a buck for it, but I wasn't going to say anything.

I got some other items there that day that made me really excited, so it wasn't until I settled down later that night to look at the book did I realize what this was.

It's a documentation of a minor league team starting from scratch.  Notes from the city council, the ground breaking of the stadium, promotions to create buzz, and the recap of the entire first year of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals baseball team.  What caught my eye was the Naturals logo.  I like checking out minor league baseball on the internet at times (I try to listen to a game or two online a week), but I was very familiar with the Naturals.

The NWA Naturals as some call them, are the AA team of the Kansas City Royals!  It doesn't get better than this!  I even recognize the names in the book.  This book is really fascinating and I almost missed it because I was excited about other purchases I made that day and the fact it was in such a random place.

I will try to scan it in the future, and later this week, maybe tomorrow I will post the other items I bought.  As for now, I think this is enough excitement for one day.  I'm going to get some more rest and might actually get out of the house tomorrow and take stuff to storage.  I haven't wanted to do much since getting my tooth and all my wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday.  My drowsiness and sleep patterns are why I've been posting so late.  I hope to be back to earlier posting times soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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