Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Forgotten But Not Gone

I haven't been as active lately as I suspected, but I'm not gone.  The good news is I should be back soon.  I am have dental work done at the end of the month, and before then I will be finishing all the moving I've been needing to do.  After moving stuff out of our old house, I will be spending time rearranging the storage unit and preparing for a garage sale (which we might hold off on until next year or in August of this year).

In the meantime, I have still been getting some cards, just not as many.  I haven't been on Listia as much, but thanks to the Walmart pizzas, I've been getting some cards.  More on that later.  I've also got a few really cool things I'll show off once I can get to my scanner again.  The apartment I'm at right now is small and a bunch of stuff is stacked so its tough to get around.  Which is also why I need to clean the storage unit some.  As for the house, all that's left is some clothes, a few boxes, 3 lawn mowers (2 were my dad's garden tractors for pulling), and a couple tables.  That should be all as everything else is moved or is staying.  Besides a washer and dryer for a friend.

Nothing much to add but wanted to give an update.  I'm hoping in June everything should be back to normal and might even be able to go to a card shop or show.  Until then things will be hectic, and as things settle down, things will return to normal.  Until then, thanks for reading, have a great week, and read some other blogs for me.  I haven't had time to do that much.