Friday, April 29, 2016

Watching and Reading

I lost track of time, and now I'm really tired (I slept a lot yesterday, but not at all today), so as I still recover, I still wanted to write a blog, but this will be short.

I'm going to post a couple links for you to check out that I recently found on the interwebs.  One is a video about card collecting from 1989, the other is an article I read when someone retweeted it about maybe Ty Cobb wasn't as bad as we thought.  If I remember how to post it on here, you can enjoy it, if not, I'll post the link, and you can check it out.

Mel Allen narrates this program which I found a bit informative and also a bit laughable.  Then again, in the late 80's it really was thought that collecting tons of McGwire cards would make you rich.  Though it seemed odd if you think about it.  If everybody you knew was buying and trading cards, how did you plan to make money?  It should have seemed obvious from the get go that the supply was much higher than the demand, but oh well.  It's still a fun half hour of time wasting if you have the time.

Another interesting thing I saw recently was how this writer digs deep into the history of Ty Cobb, and how he might have got a bad rap just because nobody fact checked and tall tales became truths.  I can't post it here, but I will post the link.

Who Was Ty Cobb? The History We Know That’s Wrong

I apologize to the person who retweeted this originally that made it catch my eye, but I forgot who you was.  I've looked at a lot of random stuff in the last week to take my mind off things, and I can't always remember how I found it.

Anyways, as I probably fall asleep before round two of the NFL Draft starts, I thought I'd post something to keep up with blogging.  As odd as it seems, I really did forget about it for a couple weeks.  Now I need to get it back in my routine so the more posts the better.

Thanks for reading, and if you read the article, or watched the video, let me know what you thought.  Like I said, the video is kinda long (close to 40 minutes), and the article is well written so both take a little time, but I think they are well worth it.  Have a great weekend.

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