Sunday, April 3, 2016



Today is a big day.  I've been busy all day and now about to wind down.  Tonight is Wrestlemania.  The title I bet brought back some memories to some.

So what does everybody want?

Found this poster today while finishing up cleaning the house.  I liked Al Snow.  This actually fell behind my desk right after I got it and forgot I had it for about a decade.  Still looks great for its age.

What Does Everybody Need?

The ultimate goal of a wrestler is to be the Champ!  This I've also had for a long time, and its isn't in great shape, but also found it today.  Not bad.

That's its of wrestling, but I still have a question...


YES! BASEBALL IS BACK!  I mentioned I had these mini bobbleheads a few weeks back and surprised I found them.  I knew I had Ichiro and a Yankee and a D-Back, so it was cool to find them.

Here's the other bobblehead I have, non-baseball related.

Got this from Coke Rewards.

But back to baseball.

Wasn't sure if I posted this, but a Roberto Clemente SLU still in the box, I have that on my desk now.

Tonight is opening day for the Royals, and I'll be watching.  So how about some Royals goodies?

I found the bear a couple days ago.  Same with the mug.  I actually tried to sell the mug once, luckily nobody bought it.  I won't make that mistake again.

Its from 1977 and presented by A&P.  Its really a nice mug, but dirty.  I need to clean it up.

So tonight is Wrestlemania, AND Royals on Sunday Night Baseball taking on the team they beat in the World Series- the New York Mets.


HOLY CRAP THAT'S A CAR PHONE!  I found a few of these Dad had in a box the other day.  I figured it was time to let them go, and Mom agreed.  Man, I miss the bag phone days.  I showed my nephews the other day and they didn't know what to say.

So I'll let everyone go so they can enjoy tonight.  I'm taking it easy and then planning another week of going through stuff and cleaning out a garage.  Hope everyone has a great night, and thanks for reading.

P.S. I love how Big Bossman's daughter mentioned the Pepper incident during the Hall of Fame last night.  She said she had to tell all her classmates Bossman didn't really cook Pepper and serve him to Al Snow.  For those unaware, Bossman and Snow feuded and in the storyline, Bossman killed Al Snow's dog Pepper then served it up to him.  It lead to a terrible PPV match called a Kennel From Hell match.  If you have WWE Network its fun to go back and relive those moments.


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Enjoy the show. ECW! ECW! ECW! ECW!

That A&P mug is fantastic. We haven't had an A&P around these parts in over 30 years but, I do remember them well. Sad they finally closed up shop for good last year after being in business for 156 years.