Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Going Junkin' Part Two

Okay, time for more stuff I passed up at Midway Antique Mall last week.  Here we go.

Well it's not a bowling alley, but this would be cool to have.  This isn't the full size version, but it was still plenty big.  It was $40 which I think was a fair price, but I have enough lamps and while I would love to have one of these I decided to pass on it.  The question becomes, would I only display it at Christmas or all year?  If I owned it I would likely display all year.

I've never been a smoker but this ad caught my eye.  It's from a time where athletes could pitch anything and smoking was more accepted.  It's also from a time when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn.  I didn't look at the price because as much as I liked it, I knew I didn't need it.  I also couldn't tell if this was original or  a reproduction.  If I had to make a guess I'd say a reproduction.  It looks too nice to be original.

Everytime I go, I try to walk past this section quick.  There are tons of these posters whatever you call them.  What I noticed though this time was a George Brett front and center.  This is more or less Cardinals country and every other time I've gone I had to dig to find the Royals.  Now since they are hot, they've moved to the front....hmm....

I like how they look, but I just think they are overpriced.  One day I might look at more of them and get a couple, but not until I have more wall space and a bit more money.

RING RING RING RING RING.... BANANA PHONE!  Stupid Raffi.  I saw this and immediately thought of that song.  Luckily I don't know any of his other songs.  I didn't check the price on this because I had no real plan to buy it, it just caught my eye.

I don't need more glassware, but I always have to stop and look at Speedy Gonzalez.  I am freaked out when it comes to mice but I like Speedy.... go figure. To this sellers credit, these aren't the same 5 glasses found elsewhere throughout the store so it was nice to see some of them.  These were a bit out of my price range, but hey, they are fun to look at.  Maybe next time Speedy, until then, I still have the Speedy Pez dispenser.

Groovy Baby!  Before I begin, yes that is a real football phone in the background and has been there every time I've gone.  Okay, the bobbleheads!

These were cool enough to take a photo, but I wish the Yosemite Sam was a bit taller.  I think I like that one the best.  I've seen the Bone Daddy and Austin Powers ones here before.  I think the only movie I ever saw opening night was the second Austin Powers movie- The Spy Who Shagged Me.  The movie I didn't care for too much, but I loved the experience because it was only one of a few times as adults both my sisters and I planned something together.  That was the best part about it.

I don't really collect bobbleheads mainly because I don't have the money or the room.  I have a couple mini ones found in cereal boxes from a decade ago and a Kirk Herbstreit one I got from Coca-Cola a couple years ago.  I'm not real attached to either, but they aren't in the way.  I might take pictures of them one day.

Here is the final photo for today.  I really liked this one.  I saw it and mom was like "no, we aren't going to turn it into an aquarium".  My thought was much simpler and one we've done many times in the past as I'm sure many others have done (at least I hope)- use it as a TV stand for our current TV!  When these giant bulky tv's would break down, we would just get a newer one and place it on top and use that. Since TV's today are much smaller (in depth, not screen size) I think a 32" TV would look nice on top of it.  I think the price tag said $50 and while I did really like it, I wasn't really serious about getting it.  I will admit though if it was a bit cheaper I would be tempted to get it.

That's enough for one day, next time I'll show the last of what I didn't get.  This place is massive and so far all these items were in the back room, tomorrow I think most of the pictures are items in the front part.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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9/1/15, 5:28 PM delete

I have a bunch of glassware like that but it's all Peanuts related.

Matthew Scott
9/2/15, 7:00 AM delete

That sign is definitely a reproduction in that condition. Still cool though, because smoking is cool.

9/2/15, 10:57 AM delete

I heart that banana phone.