Monday, August 31, 2015


Going Junkin' Part One

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been a bit busy and haven't had much time to be on blogger.  Anyways, today is part one of a multi part post in which I post junk....

Perhaps I should explain.  Last week I went to Midway Antique Mall home of the long forgotten reality show called Truckstop U.S.A. or something like it (really it was renamed 2 or three times).  Anyways, I haven't gone in a while and this time I brought my camera.  I figured I could take pictures of random stuff and so I did.

When I got there it was a bit odd because they are redoing their parking lot and no signs were posted to actually how to get in.  We went in through a side door and began our journey.

I forgot the price on this, but it was likely out of my price range (I've been spoiled on books for a quarter or cheaper).  This is the first time I've actually seen the Moneyball book, and if I did find it cheaper I would likely get it.  What I like about this is it doesn't have "NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE" blasted on the cover.  The seller always has a ton of books and magazines so it's likely its been there for a while, but I just now spotted it.

Now this I was a little more willing to purchase.  I'm a sucker for programs and I've never owned a NASCAR program before.  Alas, I decided I didn't need it even though it was only half the original price and included a sheet that was also given out at the race.  Next time I might decide I want it and jump on it, but for today I didn't want to spend too much money.  I just wanted to get out and look at stuff.

Here's another book I was tempted to get but decided to pass on.  For whatever reason, I've never read this book but I know a lot of people like it.  One day I might find it for a quarter but for now at least I can say I held it.

Okay, no more books today.  Now its time for something unexpected!

Ok is this a Space Jam cookie jar?  I've seen many cookie jars in my life, but never one of Space Jam or Michael Jordan in general.  $25 bucks is a pretty good price I though, but I'm not in the market for a cookie jar.  I really like Space Jam, but I've even passed on the movie in the $5 bin a few times.  One day I'll get that and some cheap cookies and think of the fun times I had when I first saw this unique item.

Now this is something right up my alley- calendars of baseball cards.  Even calendars of the Ken Burns Baseball mini-series.  These I was really interested in.  However I saw the price and laughed.  I'm sorry but I'm not paying $10 for a calendar 10 plus years old.  I don't like paying for them in the first place, especially when banks and such give them away for free or I can find some at Dollar Tree.

Though if these were $2-3 bucks I might have gotten one.  Next to it was a Stan Musial card in a plastic case that also included all the puzzle pieces from the Donruss set.  Now I already have it but I looked at what they wanted.  12 DOLLARS!!!!????!!!!!  It's best just to move on and find something else.

I passed on this beauty as well, and it was $13.  I thought it was a fair price, but I didn't need it.  I have a bunch of stuff I have to move now and don't have room for new stuff, but if I did have more room I would have gotten this.

The reason I gasped when I saw it was because I had one of these when I was a kid.  A lot of people wish they had toys from when they were a kid, and this is one of those items I would like.  I have actually looked for this online before (when I had room for it), but this is one of the nicer ones I've seen.  So far this might have been the biggest item I would have gotten but passed on.

Sometimes you just need to have fun, which is the only reason I took this photo.  I had no intention of buying this, even though I really did like this movie and should seek it out on DVD.  Instead, besides $4 being way too high for a VHS tape, I just had to check to see if the movie was rewound.  For those that have never seen the movie Serial Mom, you may not get it.  For those of you who have and have a sense of humor like me, you likely would have done the same thing.

For those clueless, here's the story.  Kathleen Turner is Serial Mom, she is a serial killer who kills people for odd but somewhat justifiable reasons.  One of her victims always rented the movie Annie but never rewound the tape when returning it to the video store (this was early 90's fyi).  Turner's son Chip (I believe that's his name), worked at the store and reminded the woman who was a bi.... Anyways, Turner eventually kills her.  What is surprising is Sam Waterson of Law & Order is Turner's husband in the film and can't figure out she's the killer!  How did he become a D.A. a few years later, lol.

Ok, see, its good to have fun.  Now back to the final piece of the day.  I took enough pics to spread this out and this piece might be the only one I'm having second thoughts on passing up.  For $10 it could be considered a steal or a worthless relic, you decide.

This was a scratch and dent... and rust, and paint, and whatever special.  Obviously this is in far less than pristine condition, and I don't think the thermos was inside, but $10 seemed really tempting.  I won't say I'm the biggest fan of the show or that I remember watching it a lot as a kid, but I did watch it when it was on CMT the last few years.  My nephews like the show and one of my best friends has all the seasons on DVD (in addition to a game or two on the Playstation).  The handle was broken off as well, but I still think I could have made money on it.  Especially with the controversy recently of the rebel flag and the show getting yanked from TV Land (which not to get political, but what a stupid decision to pull the show). 

How about the other side?

I might need a tetanus shot just from holding it, but hey.  As the American Pickers say, "that's rusted gold!"  Sure it is rusted and dented and such but overall I think it has aged pretty well, especially since its 35 years old.  I do miss the tin lunch boxes and I will even admit they were on the way out when I was growing up (I remember mostly having plastic ones).

So should I have gotten it?  Next time if its still there I might get it.  What about the other items, should I have picked them up too?  I will say that I plan about 3 days of pictures of stuff I passed on, but I did buy a few things as well.  I will show them the last day.  All I will say is that all the stuff my mom and I got came in well under $30 and I had just as much fun as I usually do when buying things.

Stayed tuned for the rest of the posts hopefully this week.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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9/1/15, 5:51 AM delete

Next time you go if they still have the Brickyard 400 Program at that price please get it for me, and I'll reimburse you in either money or cards.

You can find that Dukes lunchbox for a better condition at about $20, so that was a good pass.

9/1/15, 5:14 PM delete

I can do that, I thought about getting it in case you wanted it but I didn't know if you collected them.

9/2/15, 5:51 AM delete

Yep...I Have a small collection, I don't like to spend a lot on them but when I see them for $5 or under they usually come home with me. The centerpiece of my collection is for a race in 1953 that my dad went to at 7 years old, and the program has survived all this time. He never mentioned it so I suspect he forgot about it, we found it in his things after he passed away.