Friday, August 7, 2015


Favre and Away

I was at Savvy Seconds last month and didn't find much.  I'm okay with that, because it is normal.  At worst I can find a picture frame or something or maybe a book or two. I got to the last area of the store and they had a bunch of older looking dolls on display.  I have no interest in them, but I look at almost everything in the store because they randomly put stuff in odd places.

This was one of those times.  I found a sandwich baggie with some cards in it for $2.  It's a bit more than they normally charge, but what the hey.  The top card showed Brett Favre as did the back.  Maybe all of them were of him.  Not likely, probably him on both sides and random 1990 Score duplicates of Dino Hackett.  I took the risk and bought it.

Good thing I did.

The two in the hard sleeves bordered the rest of them.  I remember having the bottom card before, I liked that set.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE (I really should stop watching infomercials).

I had some of these before too, I remember having the Fleer Tradition.  I never had the Topps Heritage, but I like it.  These are some nice cards from right around 2000, just when I graduated.

IF YOU ACT NOW!!! (now I imagine Donny Osmond pitching hippie CD's at 1 A.M., no wonder I never sleep).

A couple of these are new to me, but I remember having most of these before.  I never had the Ultimate Victory, but always wanted one.  I don't remember the yellow border on the Impact, but its a good guess I had that too.

WE'RE STILL NOT DONE (really, that grass cutter EDGES too?).

These all felt new to me.  I might have had the Score card, but can't be too sure.  While mostly Upper Deck, this is a nice collection of brands, that's nice.

WE'LL ADD A BONUS (which usually means crap they can't sell).

There is some Topps, and a Stadium Club too.  The flipped card is the only double in the entire batch of cards, being the aforementioned Impact card.  I think I still prefer the white jerseys over the green ones, but I still like the color combination.

ORDER FAST, SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED (no, they really aren't).

The top Ultra card I used to have too.  The only reason I know these aren't exact cards I did own is because the guy I sold them to (a former boss) moved to Alabama I believe.  Otherwise these could be mine originally.

So in total I got 37 Brett Favre cards with only one being a double.  All in his Green Bay years, ranging from I think its 1994 until about 2004.  I think I did well.  My mom is a huge Packers fan, BUT, she's the only Packers fan I know who never liked Favre.  So I had no worries she'd want them

These cards were far from pristine, likely someone a little younger then me had them and they somehow made it out alive.  In all though these are still in decent condition and for $2 this is a great way to start a PC for a guy that I always liked buy never really collected.  I doubt I buy anymore of his cards any time soon, but its nice to know if I get serious, I have a lot from certain years to cross off.

This post was fun especially throwing in the infomercial lines.  I have watched them many nights for as long as I can remember.  When I was in high school, I had to do a history paper on an invention.  I chose to do one on the wheel, and did it in the form of an infomercial.  I got an A, but it had very little actual information included, much like an infomercial.  I loved writing zany things in high school.  I also once rewrote Beowulf as a rap version (the story was written with a ton of slang, making it hard to keep up with).  I guess I just like writing and is obvious since I probably have the most words per post average than any blog I read. I hope I keep everyone entertained.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine could be a little busy, so I can't guarantee posts, but I still have more to catch up on, so I'm not out of topics just yet.  If all goes well, I'll have more to write about after the next two days.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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Tony L.
8/9/15, 8:42 AM delete

Hey now, don't be claiming the title of "most words per blog post" quite yet. I think it's a three-horse race (at least) including me and Night Owl! :-)

8/9/15, 12:36 PM delete

That's very true, I think with those odds I come in as an underdog. At least we provide your money's worth with each blog.