Friday, August 14, 2015


Book To School

School is starting back up for most kids, a sure sign that summer is winding down.  Another sign is that preseason football is upon us.  I haven't even looked at any games already played and not even sure when the Chiefs play their first game that doesn't count.

Having said that, I have fallen behind yet again but this time its over worries of my laptop again.  At least this time I have a flash drive close by for all my scans and can switch computers quickly if I need to.  I finally did some scanning and today have a plethora of items to show, but mostly books, because books are cheap and could be interesting.

These are all books I got from Savvy Seconds who decide 20 for $1 won't draw as many sales as 5 for a quarter, and it works out well for both parties.  I can manage to find 5 books, but not 20.  So let's take a look.

This will be my second Garrison Keillor book, and maybe this one will motivate me to read the first one.  If you are unfamiliar with Keillor, he hosts the long running radio show "A Prairie Home Companion".  They made a movie based on it and it largely got mixed reviews, but I liked it.  Keillor was in it along with Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly, Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, and Lindsay Lohan (really a good job in it), among others.  I might have to watch it again sometime soon though it isn't really one I need to watch a lot, but one scene with Woody and John cracks me up where they sing "Bad Jokes" including such gems as:

John: Did you know diarrhea is hereditary?
Woody: No, I didn't.
John: Yeah it runs in your jeans.

Always good for a laugh.  Anyways, I got that along with this Alan Alda book, which I really got to get to 5.  Alda is a good actor, but I can't say I'm a big fan.  I'm not a big fan of MASH, but to be fair, I was born right after the series ended.  I will watch episodes here and there, but nothing I care about too much (though I did my mom the entire series a few years ago, and she's finally watching them again).

Most of the books I get are kids books.  There are a few reasons for this.  Mainly because I don't really read much I did read as a kid.  So the topics and title spark more of an interest to me, plus there are a lot more sports books for kids.  Another reason is because I have two nieces and nephews who I could give them too or have something to read when they visit.

Neither of these books spark a childhood memory, but I gathered The Leftovers to be a book series and a knockoff of the Bad News Bears.  It seems like a good clean concept for a book, so I took a risk (I mean really it cost me a nickel).  I didn't see others in the series, but I might check it out later.  I guess having these books will come in handy if my laptop does conk out since I don't watch much TV these days.

The other book had an interesting cover but a terrible tagline (Perfect Game? Or perfectly lame?  Really, that sounds like a degree of sarcasm I wouldn't even consider).  Why are they playing baseball on a person's hand?  For a nickel, let's find out!  I must say I've already investigated some of the history of this book.  I looked up where Hennepin County is, and while assuming they allowed the sale of this book, I see that it most likely is a county in Minnesota, either including or next to Minneapolis.

Much like a baseball cards journey, books have incredible journeys as well.  Why and how did this book cross 2 states and settle in a resale shop in a town of under 20,000?  That may never be answered but could make an interesting story.  I will say as someone who worked in the school library one year I scanning the books was much easier, but I hated all the labelling on the covers.  I don't get why they couldn't put it on the inside of the front cover, it shouldn't take that much longer to open the cover to scan the book.  Oh well, I don't have to worry about that, but once considered applying at a library for work.  I walked into the place and it smelled and the place just sucked, so I realized it wasn't for me.  I just heard on the news last night a local library (in Columbia, MO) had to be closed yesterday because of a flea infestation.  Only in Missouri.

Now Amelia Bedelia was some books I do remember reading, but I can't remember if I read this one.  This one I got excited to see because I think my nieces might like it, that is once I finish reading it.  Who knows, maybe this will get them hooked on baseball.  Anything to plant the seeds.

Not bad for a quarter.  I also got another book as well.  Mom only had 4 books, so I threw one in with hers, and here it is with another item I got.

This book is from 1994, so it only deals with The Big Hurt's early years, which is pretty cool.  I didn't get it for me though, I got it for a friend.  He is interested in my Frank Thomas cards, and I'm slow at gathering them, but when I get them gathered we'll work something out.  He might buy more too.  I figured I'd get him a book to show that I still plan on working something out with him, plus it gives me something to read first.

CD's I think are now 50 cents each.  They have tons, and honestly if I had room and a bit more money, I would buy a lot more.  This one though is the Greatest Hits of the Violent Femmes, and one I've kind of wanted for quite a long time.  I will usually get a CD for a buck or less if it has at least 2 good songs on it, and this being a Greatest Hits CD has plenty more than two.  It reminds me of once when I got a Greatest Hits CD of The Cars through a music club and only really remembered a couple songs at the time, but when I got the CD, I knew every song.  Next time I might get a few more CD's but I'll see what the selection is.  I enjoy looking at them since people are starting to dump CD's a bit more now, which gives more for me since I don't have an iPod.

Here's one final book I got but it wasn't from Savvy Seconds.  I got it this past weekend in Columbia.

I don't think I got a Mizzou media guide last year, so it was good to get the newest one.  This wasn't used and the price was a lot more than a quarter, but it was still worth it.  The reason I got it was because I was at the Stadium for Mizzou Fan Day, which I'll discuss in a future post, with a small amount of pictures.  If I had this book sooner, I would have gotten a lot of the players to sign it, but I got it about half way through the event, so I just got all the names on a poster.  The only name that signed this book is one I already had, but its been a few years since I last met him.

I mean, its Gary Pinkel on the back cover, why wouldn't I have him sign it there?  I've met him twice now, and has always been nice I will say that.  I hope one day to get autographs of the other coaches (I got a couple a few years ago after a game).

I'll wait to talk about the fan day though, maybe tomorrow.  The problem is that I didn't take pictures, so it will be really word heavy, but I might find pictures from the event to throw in, plus photos of all the signatures too.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.