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A Whole Lotta Talk

My favorite band last week posted a teaser on their Facebook page.  It was a picture that simply said "2017".  The speculation ran wild, and late the band told us all to sign up for their email to be the first to know their big announcement.

Today was the day the Christian Rock/Rap/whatever you call them band dc Talk made their announcement.  It was simple.  In a posted video they announced that after 16 years, they are back from Intermission (an FYI- Intermission was their last album before they went their separate ways).  Coming next year...

You can go on a cruise with the band!


Don't get me wrong, this was a big announcement.  Since 2000, they have only shared the stage together a handful of times, and never officially as dc Talk.  They've recorded I think 3 songs together in that time as well.  So for the band to be together and putting on a few shows is a very big deal.  However most fans like myself, it was a huge letdown.

At the least, we expected a new album, at the most, a multi city tour.  In a post on their page later in the day, Tobymac stated he was sorry if the announcement wasn't what everybody expected, but they have families and are busy with their current projects and this felt like a great chance to get back together even if it is for a few days.

I wrote a response on their facebook page in response.  I wasn't made, I wasn't hostile, but I was really let down because of the hype it received in the past week, and I just had to let off steam.  Here is what I wrote.

As you can see, a lot of people agreed with me.  After that I felt a lot better.  I also felt good knowing something I wrote on facebook got over 500 likes.  It wasn't something I expected, but still pretty cool.  I hope the band gets good sales on the cruise, and see the fans really want more from the guys.  I would love a new album of stuff from Toby, Kevin and Michael.

Anyways, its time to TALK about today's post.  I wasn't sure what to discuss, so I think I will show off some Topps Opening Day packs I bought recently.  I always say I'm not going to buy these, but the last couple years, the cards have looked a lot better, and you get 7 cards for a buck, you can't beat that.

So here we go.

Nothing really different from the regular set, but I do like the Heavy Hitters insert.  I'm possibly even have put that into the base set.  Nobody I really care for in this pack, but pulling Mauer and Chapman makes it a good pack.

I just realized something, why doesn't Topps make an insert set for League Leaders?  I mean they make 50,000 insert sets, whats one more?

The Superstar Celebrations is always a fun insert in the Opening Day set, I'm glad its back.  A couple Yankees (which I'm currently watching as they take on the Royals), as well as a Met, this pack is New York heavy.  Add in Hamilton and Bogaerts and I'm happy with this pack as well, though again, nobody I really collect.  The closet would be the Sundergaard but I soured on him during the World Series.

Ooh, a mascot card!  I really wish Topps would find a way to name all the mascots on the cards, but I guess as long as Sluggerrr gets a card, it doesn't matter he's named "Kansas City Mascot".  I asked why that was last year, and its basically money reasons.  That's a shame, but oh well.

The Carlos Santana rainbow (or whatever its called, blue or something) was a nice pull as well.  I was also happy to get the Kolten Wong.  Through in the Rizzo and you have a great pack.  I am very happy with this pack.  Slightly disappointed no Royals pulled, but oh well.

Why not show more cards?  I scanned 43 things today, might as well show more off.

Yes, more Marketside cards.  This was from a breadstick box.  Oddly enough I haven't ate them yet.  At least it shows I'm growing tired of it so likely my last pack of cards.  If it is, I'm happy to say I finally got a Royals card.  The Perez card looks beautiful.  Now to find the Gordon and I'm set.  Maybe once cards show up on COMC, I can maybe finish the set.  Nola and Schwarber are ones I didn't have either.  In fact I think in all the packs I've pulled, I haven't had one double.  That's pretty impressive I think.  I better stop while I'm hot.

I found a box of cards while cleaning the other day, and it was a box I was going to do something with, but I did pull these out.  I'm not sure why the Sisler was in the box, as he is from Missouri, so he will go in that collection.  I kept the Steve Wallace card out because I have an autograph card of him, but there might not be a picture of him on the card, so I thought this would look good next to it.  The Hornets card I kept because I really did like them when I first got into sports, and I liked the logo.  I have a little room in my "other sports" binder so for now it can stay in there.  I have soccer, NBA, WNBA, and NASCAR in that binder since I don't have a lot of them to put in there.  If I didn't have a Hockey binder they would be included too. 

A while back I showed off a box of cards I bought of Dick Tracy.  I don't know if I told you I got I think 3 full sets (I know I got 2) out of the box and a full sticker set with some bonus.

I'm not going to show all the cards, but here are a few.

I like that the title card is first.  It sets the tone.  I also like how the characters are introduced first as well.

Here is the end of the set.  I hope I didn't spoil the movie for you.  Also included is the first two stickers.  I like these stickers.  In fact I like them so much, I figured I'd scan them all.

That is what a sticker set should look like.  Too bad the backs didn't match up on the back, but maybe they did since I put the other two in the other sheet.

That will wrap it up for tonight as the Royals take a 6-3 lead over the Yanks, I have a reason to finish watching the game.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.

UPDATE:  My post now has over 600 likes.  In the words of Steve Martin "I'M A SOMEBODY!"


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Josh D.
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That Salvador Perez card looks like a nice "Nu Thang," and I'm glad to see your Dick Tracy cards are "Free At Last."

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I see what you did there. "Time Is" ticking away before I open another non-sport box.