Friday, May 27, 2016


One more box of 2016 Topps

I've somewhat teased this for a while so might as well show off the third box of 2016 Topps cards I got.  So lets dive in.

Adam LaRoche card on Mother's Day?  It sure looks like it with all the pink.  That's a nice touch.  I also like the Curtis Granderson card too.  Otherwise, I'm not sure on the rest, some young guys I don't know and some I'm indifferent on.  I see Matt Carpenter play sometimes, but I don't know if he'll be a major star.

More Cardinals, and more guys I don't know much about or indifferent about on the right side.  The left side has some interest to me.  I get a Max Scherzer card (who shortly before I wrote this gave up a Grand Slam to Stephen Piscotty) that I think is a double and can go into my Mizzou collection.  Also if they are doubles, I can add Odorizzi and Francoeur cards to Once Royals collection.

Looks like a Cardinals Hot Box.  At least Alcides Escobar tries to balance it out.  Also nice to get Dee Gordon, Anibal Sanchez, and Jacoby Ellsbury.  None of guys I collect, but should make it easier to work on the set and no have to worry about them.  I do like the Kyle Schwarber card and the Kendall Graveman is nice too.  I'm officially building a Graveman collection, so I hope he becomes a breakout star.  I also like his face in the photo.

Nice team cards, especially the Pirates, and another Alcides Escobar card, this being a World Series card.  I don't know Bracho but its always good to get rookie cards just to see if they pan out.  Same goes with not knowing Carson Smith, but hope he has upside and becomes a star.

Okay, lets look at the inserts.  The MLB Debut cards are filling out quite nicely, and glad I got the Pujols and Aaron.  I may aggressively try to finish this insert set.

Berger's Best.... yeah you know my thoughts, but I did get a Frank Thomas card so that's nice.  The Livian card is nice too because I liked that set, and I liked their old uniforms and logo.  I wish they were still called Florida, but oh well.

Oh by the way, there's a free bunt code.  I have no need for it, and so there it is.  Not sure if its unique or not, so if it is and you use it leave a comment, or if its been used if someone could leave a comment saying so, that would be great.

A couple more First Pitch cards, I'm glad I got the Aoki.  The Jones one could be a double, so if it is, I'll set it aside for a friend so I can help him with the set.  I have been working on both the 2015 and 2016 sets lately finding some cheap ones on COMC, so I hope to finish them both soon.

A couple more Pressed into Service cards, which still look nice, but not ones I care to finish unless I find it cheap.  Next is a couple variation cards, I think the Hammel is a rainbow and the Giants player (I think its Vogelsong, tough to read) is a gold one.  I have not desire for either, so they will go into the team piles to give out.

The Streaks cards are a couple heavy hitters, or pitchers in Seaver's case, and both are ones I needed, so that's a plus.  I think I'll work on finishing the set.

I still hate the Perspectives cards, but that Nolan Ryan card is bad ass!  I must give props on that one.  The other two are, eh... But the Howard card will go into my collection pertaining to Missouri.

Back to Back, Wrigley, and Abreu cards do nothing for me, but it is nice to get a Williams and Abreu insert cards.

Finally I got another sticker, and its the one I've been looking for.  I was kinda happy I pulled it in a box as I figured I'd have to buy it on COMC.  I was close to securing one on Listia, but lost it at the last minute.  I already had this one so I was okay with it though.

So overall it was a pretty decent box just for the Royals sticker and other inserts.  Sure maybe not worth the 17 and change, but I'm happy with it.  10 packs so at least it averaged out nice.

Oh I almost forgot the special card inserted in each box.

HOLY CRAP!!! A SATCHEL PAIGE CARD!  Alright, that is worth the box alone.  I can't believe I pulled a good one like this.  Sure I knew I had a chance to pull one of these, but this was an amazing pull.

So with that being said, I think I'll say thanks for reading and have a great weekend.  I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend (U.S. that is, I'm not sure about other countries, yes I see you readers in Poland, Russia, and elsewhere).  As for me, I'll watch tons of racing (I love the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the same day), and going to enjoy the weekend if it doesn't keep raining.


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5/27/16, 10:04 PM delete

Any Paige is a good pull.

5/27/16, 10:38 PM delete

Carson Smith is no longer with the Mariners. He was traded for Wade Miley on the Red Sox. Smith could be a great closer/reliever but unfortunately he recently underwent Tommy John Surgery

5/29/16, 7:04 AM delete

Wow, shows how much I keep up with other teams. A few years ago I would be on top of everything, now I just focus on free agency and the happenings of Kansas City. I think its partly because I've been busy, once I get less busy I'll get back into it.

I hope he recovers nicely. It seems the success rate has gotten better of TJS pitchers.