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Another Box of Topps

Great news!  I finally have a clear desk!  That means I got scans off my desktop and now I can post again.  I also got more stuff to keep me more tidy, but I'll discuss that later when it all arrives.  In the meantime, lets look at another box of 2016 Topps I bought mainly due to the coupon from the Marketside Pizza cards.

A lot of sliding and diving in this bunch.  First I'm happy I got some more Royals cards, I'm not sure if I'm working on a full base set or what at this point, so I can't really set them aside for now.  I have a couple doubles so they are, but otherwise I'm working on still needing them.

I might or might not have said how much I don't care for Matt Holliday, but I have to admit I like this card.  It's a pretty good one where he isn't hitting the ball or standing around.  It seems like a lot of cards are like that.

I also got a bat flip card.  Only thing missing in this scan of cards is one of Odor.  If I had waited a week to scan these I'm sure I could have done that.  Other nice cards in this scan include the Josh Harrison card with the Pittsburgh faithful behind him cheering and the Cameron Maybin with the outfield catch at Wrigley Field.  Thanks to the Blues Brothers, Wrigley Field is the only sports stadium I know the address of without looking up- 1060 West Addison.  Of course I've never verified that, so I could have been living a lie all these years, but I don't think so.  I thought the Atlanta Braves card was interesting because its not a huge celebration depicted on the card.  Then again, these aren't the same Braves I remember dominating in the 90's so I'm not sure how much they can celebrate these days.

Last time I mentioned how much I'd like to have a Zack Greinke card, and this time I got one.  Hopefully at some point this season I'll see a Diamondbacks game on TV and see him pitching.  I'm surprised Topps didn't hold off on cards of big time free agents until series two so they could show the players on the new teams.

A couple more Royals cards, and I'm glad I got the Edison Volquez card.  Both are nice looking and to be honest, if not for all the gloss, these would be good cards to get autographed.  I also talk about some TTM attempts but never go through with it, maybe I will one day.

I liked the look on Hanley's face so I scanned it.  I liked the photo of Jason Grilli too, so that's why I chose that one.  The Shelby Miller I chose because, well, I liked him since he was in St. Louis.  I even heard a bit about him in the minors, so as I've stated many times, I may not like the Cardinals as a team, but there are many players (current and former) that I root for.  Maybe that could be a future blog post.... Maybe I should just focus on ones I have planned first, then go from there.

Many people may lust over the Bautista card, but I have to admit, I like the Huston Street card more.  That is a really nice card.  Hopefully they can make a similar one with a Royals player one day (Salvador Perez gives them many chances to, just need to time it perfect).  Speaking of Royals, this I believe is a double of Yordano Ventura, so I can go ahead and add it to my Royals collection.

The other cards in here is nice too, but I just wanted to scan a couple but figured might as well show some more.  These stood out and I tried to get a variety.

Time for the inserts.  After pulling so many, the MLB Debut cards are growing on me a bit.  Still wish they had more of a variety and included more older players, but oh well.  Glad I got the Ripken and the one of Andrew, and I'm doing pretty well on working on the complete set.

The streak cards I've also done good on getting most of the set, and even some doubles.  The Griffey is a double, but it fits in my PC so no complaints there.  I think the Ripken isn't a double but even if it is, again he fits into my PC, so no worries.  Unlike Griffey though, I don't plan on getting a ton of Cal cards, just a few random ones.  I have his rookie, and then some cards scattered throughout his career and recent ones too.

As I might have said before, I like the Walk off Wonder design, but still don't like the concept.  Same goes for Pressed Into Service and the Wrigley Field sets.  That said, it was nice to get the Fisk, Boggs, and Ruth cards.  If I still collected a bunch of Red Sox guys, I'd be really happy.  However, Fisk and Boggs do fit into my PC (I keep a few of both), and even have some of The Babe, so I can't go wrong with them.  None of those insert sets are near completion, so I'm not worried about building them.

The Back To Back I'm not a fan of either, but it features Pujols so its a keeper, and I have a healthy start on that set.  I doubt I finish it, or even sure I want to, but this was a nice addition.  The Berger's Best of Yadi will find a new home I'm sure at some point, and have a couple ideas of where they could go.  I've just never liked Yadi, so no need to pretend I was happy to pull it.

Only one First Pitch card in this box, and it had to be Bud Selig.  Sure I can't stand him, but I also needed it for the set, so I had mixed emotions on pulling it.  Sooner or later I'd have to get it, and at least this way I won't have to spend extra money to get it so I guess its a win.  I'm almost halfway done with the First Pitch set, so I'm already better then the 2015 set.  Finally is a CJ Wilson gold card.  Eh... at least it was a good player, but nothing that I really needed, so I guess I'm split on it.  I do like the gold  variation this year.

Another Berger's Best this of Randy Johnson (it was a Big Unit hot box).  I liked the design of 1993 Topps, so I do like this card I must admit.  Next is a rainbow parallel (I guess, I can never tell) of Luke Hochevar.  At least its a Royal, and since I have no plans of completing that set, I can add it to my Royals box.  I don't plan on getting them all anytime soon, but if I find them cheap, who knows.

I got another Wacky Pack sticker card.  So 2 of the 5 I pulled but not a Royals one...YET!  I kind of wanted the Red Sox one, so I was happy to pull it.  Maybe I can finish that set too.

Lastly are the Perspective cards.  Still not a fan of them, but the McCutchen is kind of nice.  I was happy to pull that one.

So each box as you remember has an extra card that has a coin, so what did I get this time?

Matt Harvey?  I can live with that.  At least the coin is centered this time.  I haven't studied the checklist, so I'm not sure which ones I would want, so as long as they aren't doubles I am pretty happy.  I would assume Pujols has one, and I'd like that, but otherwise aside from like Roberto Clemente, I can't think of any I'd really want that isn't a Royal.

So that wraps up tonight's post.  If I didn't take a nap it would have been up sooner, but oh well.  The last couple days I've worked on sorting my Mizzou collection, and hope to be done with that by the weekend.  If so, I will be very happy.  I think that was a goal for this year.  I should check back and see how I'm doing on that.  Maybe I'll get to that in a couple weeks.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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