Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Quick, Savvy, and FREE?

Had to make a trip the other day and figured I'd stop at Savvy Seconds.  Sure, I had a little hope I'd find another football helmet, but realistically I knew better.  I did find a Florida Marlins 1997 World Series cap for a buck, but I didn't care for the design so I passed.

I looked at the books, just out of habit and found one I had a sliver of hope of reading.

Sure Ludlum didn't write it, but it was a pretty new book so I took a shot.  I had to find 4 others and it would only be a quarter total.  Otherwise it was a quarter a piece.  Not bad either way, but I'm sure I could find 4 others.

Sure, if its sports related, I'm likely to bite.  I didn't need it but who knows I might find something interesting in it.

I recently (literally like 2 days before I bought these books) was watching The 80's series on CNN (which despite me not liking CNN, they've done good with the Decades series and the Race to the White House series from past Presidential election), and they kept showing news clips featuring Jessica Savitch.  I like reading about news reporters, I think mainly because KOMU, the local NBC affiliate is a teaching station (as part of the University of Missouri) so a lot of reporters come and go.  After I watched the documentary, I looked up Savitch, and read she died in a car crash.  I think I knew that already, but when I saw this book, I remember it being referenced in one of the articles I read so it was an easy book to pick.

The next book was about cats, and I got that for my mom.  I don't have a photo of it though.

If you've never read a Uncle John's Bathroom Reader book, you are missing out.  It has a little bit of everything in it.  It has mainly short stories and history, but also lists and funny crime reports.  Really everything is in it.  This is the third or fourth one I've gotten, and past books have included the history of basketball, celebrities real names, movies roles turned down by actors, musicians sued for plagiarism, and a ton more.  I'm not sure if they still number the series, but this is book #16.  In addition they have books dedicated to lists, and other things.  If I find them cheap I get them.  I try not to think if the books have been really read in the bathroom though.

So after I got the 5 books, I looked around some more, and didn't find anything of interest, aside from a Flintstones drinking glass, so I checked out.  After I paid, I looked in their free box.  I usually never find anything real cool, but I gave it a shot.  Normally the limit is one per person, but I was greedy this time.  I've passed it dozens of times, so I felt I had the right to.  I originally had 4 items, but put back the Missouri beanie bear.  If its there next time, who knows.

So I got three items.  The first I was happy with and am glad I kept digging.

This is a plastic promotional football from the Missouri Tigers 2006 Homecoming game.  I didn't start going to their games until 2008 so I have no clue who they played or if they won.  Pride on the Prowl seems a bit simple, but a lot better than some of the more recent ones (can't think of any and trying to type this quick).

I kept digging because while I liked the football, I thought maybe I'd find something better.  My dream is to find a battery powered stomper in there, but I don't have high hopes for that.  I found a Ninja Turtle action figure in there once, and it usually has random toys, so who knows.

Maybe I could find a baseball player.

Better yet, how about a couple football players?  Once I saw these, I knew I was taking more than one item.  Sure I don't collect action figures per se, but why not?  On the left is John Elway.  That really surprised me that I would find one of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time (saying that as a Chiefs fan made me throw up a bit just now).  On the right, um, I really don't know who that is to be honest.


Ok, I still don't really know who that is.  I should have researched it, but if I took a guess, it seems like its a former player and wasn't a current one in 1998.  I did notice these were Kenner's and had a 1998 stamp on them as I took pictures.  That's all the research I did.

I feel so bad I didn't know a football player.  I think my sports memory is fading.  I really should know him.

Why not post a booty shot of Elway.  If we're being honest here, Elway is an ugly man, so I think I'm doing the world a favor.  I don't know how my sister thought he was so cute.

So that was my trip to Savvy Seconds. This post was rushed tonight because I am cluttered again as I sort through pictures, then I lost my camera.  I found it late, so I decided to post this later instead of skipping a night.  Since its shorter than normal, I have one more photo to show.

A couple weeks ago, I bought this film at Walmart.  It was in the 5 buck bin, and I wanted to give it a shot.  It's a religious movie, and I didn't hear about it until a week or so after it came out.  I haven't watched it just yet, and the reviews are not that great, but Amy Grant does a voice in it, and thats good enough for me.  I first became an Amy Grant fan as a joke really, but in reality I like a lot of her music, even the stuff she puts out today.  I thought about doing a weekly movie review on here sometime and still might (it won't be new movies, but ones I own or see on TV), and if I do, I might review it one day.  In fact before I did this blog, many ages ago this blog itself was a movie review blog.  I remember a couple movies I reviewed.  One was Waitress starring Keri Russell, I hated that movie.  Another was Alpha Dog, one of Justin Timberlake's first roles.  I thought it dragged, but I did like it.  I also remember reviewing a movie with Ed Burns I think called Looking For Kitty.  I kind of liked that movie, but don't plan on buying it if I ever saw it for sale.  If I do start reviewing movies, the first ones I do will be sports ones, then I'll review other ones.

So that wraps it up for now, I have a lot of pictures to scan this week, and while I do that, I have more scans for this blog to do.  I might miss a day or two, so don't be too alarmed.  I hope to have a couple more this week though.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.