Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Custom Olympic Trading Cards Part 2

The plan wasn't to do another custom post back to back, but I've gotten sidetracked and been a bit busy with other stuff lately so no time to write posts.  These are handy so here we go.  If you missed part one, it is the previous post which explains everything.  These are a little more uniform in design, but I still had some issues with the centering of the names but otherwise, most are good.  Let's dig in.

I really did a terrible job centering on these, but it was only because it was late and I was trying to churn them out quick.  Once I realized the mistake I tried to fix it on other cards, but didn't feel like going back.

I did a better job on these, but still it looks a bit off.  I should be working on a new batch soon, and one thing I might do is make the font slightly larger.  They are okay now, but I think it would look better slightly bigger.  I'm not sure if the logo's are too large or not, but for the most part I have their size down pretty good I think.  I could always modify them if need be though.

A couple more with centering issues.  In addition I had to stretch the Ramirez card more than I wanted and it didn't turn out as good as I hoped.  Oh well, I will work on that on future custom cards.

I liked this photo, but I had to crop it more than I wanted.  The original photo had her entire shadow shown and more sand as well.  Oh well, it's still a good card, one of the better ones in fact.

I don't know if I ever heard of Kiribati before and this wasn't even on my radar, however, I read about a weight lifter who was dancing all the time, so I checked it out.  I think that is a cool enough story to warrant his own card.  Plus Kiribati is another country you would likely never see actually having an Olympic card, so that was nice too.

Initially I didn't want to include Shaunae Miller in my custom cards.  I didn't care for how she leaned forward at the finish line to win (and beat the Americans) the Gold.  However I decided to include her for a few reasons, one being the exact reason I wanted to exclude her.  Watching the Olympics is more than rooting for your home country.  Its about desire, passion, elation, heartbreak, and so many more emotions.  While the United States were upset with her victory, I'm sure the Bahamas were jubilant.  That is the spirit of the Olympics, and since she didn't break any rules, I can't be upset too long.

Another reason is I wanted an athlete from the Bahamas, and I actually liked this photo.  Like I stated on the previous post, I included over 30 countries and I wanted to include the athletes people talked about most (besides a guy who may or may not have been robbed), and Shaunae Miller was definitely discussed on social media moments after her win.

Okay, so if you didn't follow the Olympics, you might not know any of these people so far.  Heck, I don't know some and I did watch it.  So let's show the last two cards of this batch that have a much wider appeal and should be more well known.

I really like this card aside from the centering issues.  Besides the basketball portion of the Olympics, the Tennis had a lot of star power however, most of the big stars really did much.  A lot of upsets and Novak Djokovic was no exception.  What I like about this card is you can see his frustration.  I think that with the exception of the next card, this is the best shot I used for a card.

So time for the last card.  It is the best shot of the set, and a bigger name than one of the biggest names in Tennis?  Hmm....

You knew I had to make a card of the fastest man alive, and I would have been a fool not to use this photo.  To me the amazing thing is not just the lead and that he was able to have that reaction, but he could have been even faster.  He is retiring in 2017, and he's had some injuries as of late so not only is it amazing that he could still outpace everyone, but it makes for an interesting dash for his replacement.  People have wondered if he is better than Jesse Owens, and while 4 years ago I would have still said that was absurd, I am a little more willing to listen to the argument now.  It's tough to compare athletes from different eras and decades, but I think these are two of the best ever to compete in track, and anytime Mr. Owens gets discussed I am okay with that.

So that is it for today, aside from a couple insert cards I designed, I am out of Olympic cards for now.  It means I'll have to work on more, and don't worry, I have plenty of American athletes, I have just been holding off on them for now.  I can't say when my next batch will be posted, but I hope to have it done by the end of next week.  I don't want to stretch it out too much, and now with football season here I find more distractions than ever.  Especially now that Fall TV programming is coming back too, and the temperatures are cooler allowing me time to go to storage and clean up too.  So I might be busy for a while, but still hope to get these done soon.

Overall, I'm at a healthy rate of surpassing last year's post count and I hope to beat it, so I don't plan on slowing down on here soon.  I might take a couple days off here and there while I catch up on stuff, but luckily, I'm almost caught up on other stuff, now I just need to scan and find what I did with those scans.  I have a couple posts I've been sitting on for a couple months just because I was so busy now I can use for rainy days.  At any rate, I know this is posted a lot earlier in the day than normal, but I wanted to post something and assure you all I haven't stopped writing.  Thank you for reading and have a great day.


  1. Even cropping out the shadow, that beach volleyball card is still beautifully framed.

  2. Those customs are awesome! I like the design better than the Topps Olympic cards. Tbh, I've never been a fan of horizontal photos - except in rare cases like these. Every photo (except maybe the Djokovic) pops horizontally when a vertical design would detract from the eye appeal. The borders are very clean (I agree the fonts should be a tad bigger) and I dig that you included over 30 different countries. That Bolt card would be very popular in mass distribution!

    Got a request for you...if you're still taking them a month after the games? If you could make a custom of US hurdler Sydney McLaughlin that would be dope. She didn't medal, but she was the youngest US Olympian in Rio--and she's from my area of NJ. I pass her HS on my way to work and there's a big sign for her outside the school that you might have seen on the telecast.

    The Collector

  3. Sorry, still can't figure out these comments and all, I'll have to work on it, but...

    Jeff, thanks so much, it really is one of my favorites I designed and I got over cropping it pretty quick once I saw the final product.

    Chris, thank you so much for the compliments. I'm in the same boat, I'm not much of a fan of horizontal cards, but after I selected the photos it made much more sense this way. As for the request, I will try to get one for you as it might get me back in the habit of finishing these. I don't think all the ones I selected so that doesn't matter. I mainly picked the ones most talked about and wanted a wide variety. In fact I might even add a couple more just because I want cards for them as well.

    The next batch I hope to have up by the end of the weekend or at least by the middle of next week.