Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Walmart Walking

I've mentioned do to moving stuff around at my local Walmart that it took a while to see where the card aisle ended up, but once I figured it out I found they had some clearance items they didn't have room for before.  Today as I clean up folders, I'll show off some recent buys.

I never had a desire for these and really didn't know what they looked like or even who was in the set, but for 98 cents, I took a chance.  No Royals though and nobody I care so much about I have to get so doubt I'll get any more if I see them.

Who did I get?

I guess that's Buster Posey.  Yeah, not really digging it, but again it was less than a buck and curiosity got me.

LOOK AT THAT BUTT!  I have no reason to show this but why not?  At least they could have put a name on the back of the jersey, but oh well.

WRESTLING TINS!  I love finding these.  These were 5 bucks each and I got really excited.  To be honest I like Jack Swagger and was once a fan of Jericho, so as long as it wasn't Triple H again or Hogan, I would be happy.

Then I opened it up...

CRAP!  These aren't cards.  This is those Chipz.  It also has a magnet ball I never saw before.  I should have read the tin better but oh well.  At least I have some more wrestling tins.  Let's look at the Chipz.

Each tin had a Gold chip, one had Cena, and the other Undertaker, so not too bad.  They also each had tag team chipz.  Oddly enough none of the four wrestlers on the tag team ones are in WWE anymore.  The Hardyz are in TNA (and Matt is killing it as "Broken" Matt Hardy, and BROTHER NERO! isn't doing too bad either).  Ted DiBiase Jr. is wrestling still, but he's been out a few years, and Cody Rhodes just left this year.  Rumor is he might go to TNA yet still be able to work ROH, which he is booked for their December PPV.

Here were the green ones I got.  I really don't know if there is rules for this game or whatever so I'm not sure the color difference and what they mean.  I was happy to get a Layla chip though, I always liked her.  The rest are meh.  For non-wrestling fans, the Chipz are of Tazz, Layla, Lilian Garcia, and Vickie Guerrero.  None are in WWE anymore either, with Lilian being the most recent to leave to take care of her father.  So also is a singer and often does the National Anthem at events usually Jets games.  Vickie was married to Eddie Guerrero and got a job in WWE after he passed away.  Layla was a former cheerleader I think for the Miami Heat (unless I'm confusing her with someone else), and Tazz does a podcast now after a decent stint in TNA as an announcer.

Hmm, now it gets interesting.  Curt Hawkins is coming back next week to Smackdown.  Sgt. Slaughter works backstage now.  Maria spent time in Ring of Honor and is now in TNA with her husband Mike Bennett.  Festus was forgotten by Vince McMahon (rumor has it) and after he was released a few years back went to TNA then formed a great tag team with Karl Anderson in New Japan under the name Luke Gallows where they were part of The Bullet Club.  They made such a name that WWE signed them.  And now they on Raw each week... until Vince finds out Luke used to be Festus then who knows what he'll do.

Here's some blurry purple and yellow ones.  Either you know who they are or don't really care, so let's move on.  Nothing against them, but I'm about to have dinner and need to wrap it up.

Each tin had a Chip of Big Show... how lucky.  Luckily I got a Roddy Piper one too so that makes up for it.  Also got an Umaga one, who I also liked, so that was good.  Sadly he has passed on.

So I guess I'm okay with what I got, but I wanted cards.  Oh well.

I got something else on the trip, non card related.

I kept seeing these on TV so I tried them (and eventually the Orange ones too).  I like them, but not sure if they have a root beer taste.

So now I'm catching up on cleaning up folders and my desk.  I'm happy about that.

Cleanest its been in months.  I just moved it too, and now its even cleaner.  So much so I got to do this a couple days ago.

I really don't know when I was last able to close it up.

Speaking of closing it up, dinner is waiting, and I'm ready to go, so thanks for reading and have a great night.

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