Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Dusty Magazines

Warning:  The following video contains some language not suitable for all ages.

OKAY, back to the family friendly blog I normally write.

So I was thinking of a title which usually takes longer than writing the blog itself, and I had my topic planned but no title.  Suddenly this song popped into my head and since I've met Josh Berwanger once or twice and used to talk to him on twitter often, I thought I'd link this song since I enjoy it.  It really has nothing to do with today's topic, but sometimes I like spreading some love of songs I enjoy especially if I'm seen them live or have met them.

So now you may wonder, how was you reminded of this song if it has nothing to do with the today's blog?  Well, today is a return of a feature I started a few months back showing off magazines I get in the mail.  The song doesn't really have much to do with magazines, but again, I like it, so I chose it.

There is no real theme with these magazines but a lot do deal with the Olympics.  So let's dig in.

Fast Company and E&P is about to run out.  I'll miss E&P it is kind of insider news on newspapers and such.  I'll possibly renew it if I find it for free.  Not sure how or when I got House Beautiful or Family Circle, but I get stuff for the family too, so I believe it.  I get Self for my Mom, but come on, who wouldn't want a magazine with Miranda Lambert on the cover?

I think my subscription to Us Weekly just ran out so I'll miss some of the stuff.  Especially the bikini pics of Britney Spears and whenever they had pics of Miranda.  And man, no more photos of Chrissy Teigen... I guess I'll have to watch the MILF $ video from Fergie when I need a fix.

The Olympic stuff was cool, I like the candid photos.  I like the stories that wasn't made up or rumors and such, so I will miss it.

I only got Los Angeles magazine because it was free, but I think I read more articles in it than any other magazine.  In recent months they've had good interviews with the mayor and police chief, and they don't throw softies.  This issue had stories on the history of the L.A. (not St. Louis) Rams, and a piece on Vin Scully.  I think my subscription is about to run out on it too, so I'll have to look about finding it again.

People is one I don't care about lapsing, but I do check it out.  Nothing much in this issue, but did like this ad inside for Aeropostale with Aly Raisman which is similar to the display I saw at their store last month.  I'm surprised they are still advertising since they are going out of business and even more they have a coupon.

I'll be honest, I get SI for Kids just for the cards inside and the poster, but sometimes they have good stuff too.  This caught my eye because I heard about this a while back and was surprised to hear the first female millionaire athlete is from softball.  Especially from a new league.  I hope the WNBA players can start paying their players better soon, I don't keep up as much as I did, but I do remember one of the players sat out the WNBA season because she got paid more to play overseas.

Some recent Sports Illustrated issues, not too much in them though, but one had a sports card reference.  I presume the Wayne Gretzky rookie was sold at the National.  I'm surprised it sold for that much, but that is cool.  Also cool little insert on Ichiro too.

One more Sports Illustrated this one featuring an advertisement of Peyton Manning.  I thought I wouldn't see him as much once he retired, but I was wrong.  Lastly is a photo of Usain Bolt, who I've always liked.

So that wraps it up for today, I scanned more stuff and should be posting soon.  I can't believe I'm so far backed up, but glad as it gives me topics so I have plenty of ideas.

One idea that I mentioned and have been working on is some Olympics Custom Cards.  I have worked on it some and may have a batch posted later this week.  I never finished and complete design so each card is pretty much slightly different from each other.  If I focused more on it I would make them all the same, but I'm not planning on actually printing them, so oh well.

Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for reading and have a great night.