Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Quarter Packs

Last month on my vacation I showed some quarter packs of cards I got.  Today I'll finally show them off.  Since its been a few days since my last post, let's dig in.

Cy Young and Greg Maddux were the cards showing, and I figured I had the Maddux, but wasn't sure on the Young.  Turns out I did, but its a set I've wanted to work on so glad I didn't pass it up and I needed it.  Still its a quarter pack, so it was worth it.  The other cards were good too including a pair of Trammell's which I didn't have, so this was a good pack.

The first Larry Gura was the top card, and I forgot what the bottom one was, but I knew I didn't have the Gura, so I got it.  Inside was a boatload of Royals, and this pack was well worth the price.  It gets me excited to go back and maybe get more. 

The Clint Hurdle was the top card and I think the Gubicza was the bottom.  Pretty sure I needed the Hurdle and I did.  It was another solid pack, including Cecil, Bip, and Bo.  I can't complain about any of that.

A Royals in every pack and plenty worth a buck total.  This pack might be the weakest, but again, I'd pay a quarter and I did.  David Wells and Craig Biggio aren't bad surprises.  Each pack had I think 25 cards, so I paid a penny a card, and obviously all were worth it, but even if I don't collect them, the ones I do make up for it.

So I know its late, but I have finally decided to to list them.  I haven't been in the mood to do much lately, thinking about a lot of things, and then I get caught up with stuff I need to do and forget.  This week I've been checking out the new shows this fall and haven't been too impressed yet, but there is still hope.

I was preparing a blog the other night talking about writer's block, and all of a sudden much like Jerry Maguire, I just kept writing and writing, so I decided it was too long for a post or two, so I might continue it and see where it goes.  I need to keep working on the Olympic cards I promised as well, but it might be pushed back a bit as I haven't worked on them.  I hope to have a new post tomorrow though.

Thanks everyone for reading, and have a great night.

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  1. Love the Clint Hurdle card with his cheek puffed out. The Biggio card is a nice one as well. Nice haul and good post.