Saturday, September 3, 2016

Odds and Ends

So today was a big day in sports and I was trying to keep up with it all.  Cut day in the NFL and a big trade that possibly allowed Chase Daniel a chance to start in Philly is what started the day.  Most of my thoughts were on the first Mizzou game under the Barry Odom era and well, let's say they fought at the end.  I'm sure Matt at Bob Walk The Plank is happy his Mountaineers beat my Tigers, so there is something to be happy about.

My day actually started before all that though as I was awake early this morning but wasn't on social media.  When the Mizzou pregame started they mentioned to their colleagues who were in Morgantown, WV that there was an earthquake in Oklahoma that was felt in Columbia, MO.  My first thought was BULLS*&T!  My second thought was, there was an earthquake?  So I checked out Facebook and Twitter and sure enough everyone was talking about how they felt it.  I was awake at the time it happened but I didn't feel anything or notice anything odd.  I'm a bit surprised though because it was a 5.6 and I remember when that one a few years back happened and Kirk Herbstreit was live and his eyes bulged on air as it happened.  I remember my front door creaking at the moment that happened and I realized it was from that earthquake.  At any rate, tons of people felt it today one way or another and while it was mostly in the Midwest, some claimed to have felt it as far away as Erie, PA.  A lot of people claim things though so I'm not sure how accurate that is.  One thing I will say though that may not be a popular opinion is that I believe this insane uptick of earthquakes in Oklahoma has to do with fracking.  I didn't buy into it at first but I started reading up on it, and it totally makes sense now.  I think Oklahoma has been very lucky none of these earthquakes have caused damage or deaths.  It does concern me a bit with it being relatively close to the New Madrid Fault that it could cause a massive earthquake in the Midwest sooner or later.  I hope everyone is prepared.

So none of that is what I was going to talk about today but once I start typing I can't stop.  Let's look at some pictures before I start doing it again.

Recently the Missouri Lottery introduced a new scratcher for the Missouri Tigers.  Let's just say I've done better on a couple of them than the football team did today.  I don't get tickets too often, but I might get a couple more of these.  As seen on the card non-winning tickets get entered for a chance for season tickets next year or a gift card to the Tiger Team Store which wouldn't be bad either.  While I got this ticket, I also tried another new game they had and I had luck on them too.

These are the most common type of games and I usually fare well on them.  I don't buy them all the time so I think that's why I do pretty good on them.  I haven't bought too many though in the last couple years but all it takes is one!

I found this at Savvy Seconds a couple days ago.  I haven't looked through it yet, but it could be fun to browse through.  I was born in 1982 so its a good reminder of what cards were worth the year I was born.  I did notice a Brett rookie was worth 14 bucks in mint condition.

I paid 50 cents for it, and on the back the two things that caught my eye was the inclusion of the Burger King cards, and I forgot it was the first year since Donruss and Fleer sets came out.  Maybe I'll do a then and now post at some point using this as a reference.

So what would a post be without some cards?

I bought a pack of cards at Dollar Tree a day or two after Prince Fielder retired.  I bought the pack only because the Fielder card was the top card of the pack so I figured why not.  It wasn't a bad pack really, but I haven't bought many from Dollar Tree as of late.

I did pull a Clemente so there's that.  Maybe not as cool of one as I could have wanted, but its a start.  I also got a Tom Gordon as a Royal which regardless if I have it or not, a Royal card in a dollar pack is a win. 

So wraps up and odds and ends post.  I managed to sort some cards today between all the sports action and now I'm tired so I'll stop for the night.  Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a good and safe Labor Day weekend.


  1. Missouri's defense was very good, offense looked like a work in progress. It was nice for WVU to get off on the right foot. Always fun to start out the season with a bigger school. WVU has been doing a really good job of getting the scrub teams off the schedule.

  2. Yeah I didn't know what to expect from Mizzou. They actually showed more signs of life than I expected. I hope our kicker shakes the cobwebs off too, I think we might need him a lot this year. I'm glad this was a tough road game because if it was a D-2 team and we lost I think I wouldn't be as forgiving.

    Aside from Iowa State, WVU is the team I root for most in the Big 12, so I wish them luck the rest of the year.