Saturday, February 7, 2015


My first Jeter of 2015 and whatnot

The blogosphere has been abuzz about 2015 Topps and the new design.  I've wanted to get some since they came out.  Actually since I first saw the design last fall.  So after I read a blog about someone selling a Derek Jeter card on ebay for $100, I did what a smart collector might do.  I went to Just Commons and added all the cards I wanted from the base set to my cart.  By the way, a Jeter on their site was listed at .75  and there were 18 left.

My goal is to just get the Royals for now, and search for others throughout the year.  I might get a pack if I see an opportunity, but I don't need a fix.

I went on a trip today and hit a couple stores.  I actually went to two different Walmart stores and both times passed on 2015 Topps.  The reason is because I just wanted a regular pack, and didn't want to spend $6 on a jumbo pack.  The second Walmart almost got me as I had them in hand until I reached the checkout, but I put them back.

The reason I put them back besides the price was because in between trips, I went to a Dollar Tree.  I was hoping to score a good deal like others on older cards, but still in the end paid $1 a pack.  Anyways, I will show off what I got.  I will start with some Topps.  Also sorry about the photos, My scanner isn't hooked up and wanted to get this done quick.

A trio of Angels are first.  Can't complain about getting a Hamilton or a Wilson card, though 2 years ago it would have been more of a big deal.  Callaspo, eh, yeah I got him too.

Next is some solid AL Central rivals.  I will admit I never gave Adam Dunn much credit.  Same goes for Justin Morneau.  Drew Smyly I just never cared for.  Nice pickups though.

Clay Buchholz would have been a nice addition to my Red Sox collection, but I already have it and with me thinning out some cards, its not needed.   I think I also had the Victorino, but I never liked him either.  I always hated hearing his name when the Phillies were in the playoffs.

I know Houston isn't in the NL Central anymore, but it fit in better here.  Marmol and Keuchel are cards I don't think I had, but I never planned on finishing the set.  Khristopher Davis I think I had before, and the Joe Kelly will go into my Cardinals Collection until at least the next time I decide to purge a few.

We finish out the Topps cards with these 3.  Nothing I got excited to see, but not bad cards overall.

Next we move to Panini Triple Play.  Still not a fan of these cards, but I was hoping they were cheaper than $1, but I'm okay with what I got for $2 (I bought two packs).

A nice way to start the packs.  Not upset with any of these cards, and for now, Allen Craig can go into my Cardinals Collection.

Dexter Fowler is the last real card of this pack.  Next is a Dustin Pedroia sticker, who doesn't need one of those?  AND A BUSTER POSEY TATTOO!  Sadly in the 5 or so packs I've gotten ever of this set, this is my second Posey tattoo.

The next pack starts with a bang!  Both the Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder cards will stay in my collection as long as I don't have doubles.  Think this could be my best pack of the day.

The Soriano is one I didn't care about getting, but the Stanton is a nice pickup.

I think I already have this card.  The reason is because I've stated before this looks like a bad caricature of President Obama.  While that may seem like a nice comparison to Manny Machado, it isn't a great card.

A Gio Gonzalez sticker wasn't on my wishlist, but I can't complain.  The last card of the pack is one that maybe the best of the day.

I collect Derek Jeter cards, and eventually I would like his 2015 Topps card, but I'm not in a rush to get it.  I am just as happy to get this card.

In addition to these 5 packs, I also got a 30 card repack.  Again, sorry about the picture, but I didn't want to spend all night on the scanner.

Javy Lopez, Lance Berkman, Willie McGee, David Wells, Dale Murphy, and Kirk Gibson.  Not bad, at least I've heard of them.  Gibby will stay in my collection, the rest aren't ones I'm clinging to, though the Murphy card might be one I hold on to.

A couple Mike Mussina's, Jay Bell, Robby Thompson, Paul O'Neill, Mitch Williams, and George Bell are all players that will be a dream come true to pull in years past.  The Bell card is a Sportflics card, which could be the highlight of all the cards in the pack.  Also pictured is Kenny Loftin (I thought I had a better picture, but didn't).

Lastly is this Scott Rolen Ovation card that was on the top of the pack.  I picked this pack because of this card, and I'm not disappointed.  One of the best repacks I've gotten, so I will be on the lookout for more the next time I go.

Before I go today, I wanted to mention something.  I went to a couple towns today and my mom was driving and I was the one that knew the directions (as usual).  She was in the wrong lane so we missed a turnoff, but I knew a shortcut.  In the end, the shortcut sent us 10 miles outside of the town we was in.  The funny part of this story is one of the roads we was on was Quisenberry Road.  I have heard of the road many times, but never been on it (and never needed to be).  Today would have been Dan Quisenberry's 62nd birthday, so in a way I guess I paid tribute to him.

That will wrap it up today, thank you for reading and have a great night.  I might not be on here for a couple days, I have plans of telling war stories with Brian Williams :)


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2/8/15, 3:00 AM delete

Wow, those Triple Play cards...they are horrible. I think that may be the worst set I've ever seen. I've got about 2000 sets in my collection, and I've seen many more online and at shows back in the day.

Really glad they didn't bring that concept to the NBA!