Saturday, February 28, 2015

Don't change that channel, I have another Maddux

So I'm not sure what is going on but the last few packages I've gotten from Listia has had postage due of 21 cents on them.  I guess the USPS have changed the ounces on packages or something.  Anyways, I have a couple more cards to show off today.

 Another 2015 Greg Maddux card.  This time from the insert set Free Agent 40.  I really don't get the concept of this set, but its a Maddux card and now I have it.  I really need to update my Maddux collection, but this was one I knew I needed.

Moving on, I also got this beauty of a card the same day.

 This Carl Edwards will be heading into my Mizzou collection.  I don't seek out all his cards, but this one was up right after the Daytona 500 and I bid on it.  I'm a bit surprised the Coors Light logo made it onto the card, but I recently noticed a Dale Earnhardt Jr. card with the Budweiser logo on his car.  What made it even more strange is that it was a Sports Illustrated for Kids card.

Just when you thought that's all I have.  WAIT!!!!! DON'T CHANGE THAT CHANNEL!

 I was digging around my junk drawer the other day and spotted this.  I forgot I bought this a few years back, but remember it was cheap.  I might try it out in a couple days.

I do have another card to show off to finish the night, it is the first GEM MINT 10 CARD I ever got.

 A year or two ago I bought a box of random packs at Wal-mart and it had this included as a bonus.  Not a bad card, and for a short time I collected Strasburg cards.  I'm not sure what I plan to do with it.  I bought another box later and pulled a Nolan Ryan Upper Deck card which I gave to my friend who likes him a lot.

Well, that's enough for one night, so as the snow falls in my neck of the woods and I prepare for a night of 90's music on the radio or computer, thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a safe and great night.

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