Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cards from a rainy day

So my last blog described a Royals game I missed and what I got at Cargo Largo.  I mentioned I bought some cards there too.  Today I figured I would show the cards off.  Their selection wasn't the greatest and had a lot of dented blaster boxes just short of retail (I barely even touched those).  They had a variety and mostly newer stuff but we did spot a couple packs of I think 1988 Donruss.  In total I bought 3 things totaling $6.

Two packs of soccer cards for fifty cents a piece.

I've wanted a pack of these for a while, but after I opened them I realized something- I don't know any of these people.  I like soccer on occasion, and watched some of the World Cup but it probably wasn't worth getting these.  Though for $1 for two packs, I'm not complaining.

So after I had these in hand I was ready to leave the area, but something caught my eye.  I found a 2014 Topps blaster box for $5.  It wasn't something I needed, but I figured I would get my money's worth and maybe get a few cards I liked.  Here's some of the better cards.

Glad I got the Eric Berry, I might even have it already but good to have an extra.  The rest aren't too shabby either, but I don't really collect them.  I can put the Tavon Austin in the Rams binder I have for now but doubt I'll keep it too long.

Ok time for some inserts.

Yeah got no use for these.  The mini is the only thing I like, but still not a fan. While I still think the Play 60 and the PP&K were terrible inserts, it reminds me I need to look for one of the PP&K cards.  One of the contestants was from Columbia, MO and I thought it would be cool to have.  I'm not going to rush out and search for it, but I might look for it cheap.

Moving on, what else was in the box.

The last card I pulled out of the box was the Michael Sam card.  It is a nice addition, and possibly the only card I keep (besides the Berry card).  I like like the Brady in a throwback jersey, but its a little def... (I'm not even sure how I could have finished that).  The Power Players card is as useful to me as the advertisement for the fantasy football.

Overall I think I at least got my money back, but not too sure I got much more back.  Though after all those DVD's I still came out ahead so its all good.

Thank you for reading and have a great night.


  1. My problem with those World Cup cards is the usual -- way too many parallels for the sake of having parallels.

    To be fair, I like the English Premier League much more than the World Cup.

    1. Yeah I should have known better, as I've seen the cards all over the internet, but just having them in hand felt like a good idea.

      I'll watch almost any soccer, but mainly I watch MLS. I'm not big on EPL but do like watching the Manchester Derby and some Man City when I can. Not sure why I root for them, but I guess so I can have one team to root for.

    2. City? Maybe it's the sky-blue jerseys?

      I'm a Manchester United fan -- tried not to be, but when I started really paying attention back in 2003, they were so awesome to watch. Still had Beckham at the time too.