Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dollar Tree packs a punch

On Saturday after I hit some garage sales, I hit up the Dollar Tree.  I've been hearing rumors for years that one is being built the next town over, but finally its coming true.  I have seriously thought of getting a job there, and I think I might apply.  Anyways, for today's blog I will show some cards I got from repacks.

Instead of buying current cards, I just got 5 repacks because you get more cards.  I also have doubts I'd pull a good card from 2015 Donruss or Topps at Dollar Tree and so 4 cards for a buck isn't worth it.  30 cards for a buck seems like a better deal.

So lets take a look.  Unlike most times, I didn't really look at the top card of the packs, I just kinda grabbed them.  There wasn't a lot to choose from anyways, and figured I had good luck already, maybe it will work out better this way.

Okay, one pack I did grab because I saw the top card.  It was this one of Orel Hershiser.  I still have the image of Larry and Balki on Perfect Strangers in the dentist office with laughing gas saying "It's an Orel Hershiser".  Anyways, not bad cards.  The Joe Roa card kinda freaked me out his face is huge.

I forgot Kent Mercher was on the Cardinals, so that was a nice pull.  The Pettitte card is the first red back I have gotten.  I have a few of the Pepsi cards which use red backs, but this is the first official red back I've gotten.  Jamie Moyer is sitting there pondering "I wonder if I'll still be pitching in 20 years".  Also nice to see a Griffey Sr. card.  I don't have many, but this might be one of the newest ones of him.

When I scanned these, I did about 2 scans a pack, but I forgot the order so forget what pack they came in, I guess we'll see if all the cards were worth 5 bucks instead of each pack worth $1.

A couple signature rookies which isn't too impressive now that I scanned them.  Same goes for the 1996 Fleer.  I'll be honest though, I loved this set.  The card stock seemed so different that it appealed to me.  Having said that, Diaz and Buhner aren't ones to get overly excited about.

I kinda liked Sandy Alomar Jr. growing up, so that was a nice pull.  He was a coach for the Indians last year (I think first base), and if he still is, I'll likely see him tomorrow on the field (forgot to mention, I'm going to the Royals game tomorrow).  Next is J.T. Snow.  I kinda liked him too and like this card, one I've never seen.

Next is a couple Cardinals cards.  I'm sure I have plenty of the Ozzie Smith card, but it is a nice photo and a good pull.  Since I have it already, I was slightly more excited for the Ray Lankford.  Happiest because Bowman finally made a set with regular sized cards, but also because I didn't have this card.  I need to purge some Cardinals cards again from the binder, but this will likely slip in.

I never cared for Roberto Alomar, even before the spitting incident.  After that I really didn't like him.  So getting a pack with 4 different cards of him isn't considered a win.  However, all 4 cards look nice, and 3 of them I've never seen.  The exception is the Tradition, which is a set I liked.  So I guess they are good pulls.  Another Tommy Greene card.  I guess I liked him because I kinda rooted for the Phillies for a short time.  To be honest, I rooted for most NL league teams for a while.  That is until interleague play.  These days I wish players luck and only root for the Royals.  If the Royals aren't playing I'll decide then, or just watch for the love of the game.

Crime dog in all blue, not a bad card.  I never was his biggest fan, but can't say I didn't like him.  He was a solid player. Curt Schilling was a guy I liked.  I usually followed him on each team he was on.  Except for Arizona, I just didn't care at the time.  Finally is the Quiz!  It seems so wrong seeing him in a Cardinals uniform, but I'll take it.  I just voted for him in the Franchise Four that MLB has been doing.  He went with Brett, Saberhagen, and Frank White.  It was a bit tough not picking a more modern player, and Alex Gordon almost beat out White.  I also almost wrote in Mike Sweeney who carried us through some bad years.

I forgot if these are Sportflix or not, but when I pulled them at first I thought they were Denny's cards.  It would be cool to get some of those.  Oh well, these aren't too shabby.  Next to them is Eric Karros.  I can't remember much about him playing, except for hype. I also don't remember much of him doing playoff announcing/whatever but didn't care for him talking pregame.

The bottom row starts with a guy I never heard of but kind of a cool card. Next is another guy I never heard of, but had to show it.  The last card is one I HAVE heard of.  This will fit in nice with so other non-Royal Bo Jackson cards I have.  As I said I forgot the order of the scans, but remember the Jackson card made the entire pack for me.

Not the best pack.  Another Hershiser and a Mark Grace Topps card.  I liked that Topps set.  Sabo and those glasses, Derek Lee loving his bat a bit too much.  I don't remember that Fleer Platinum set, but like the Royce Clayton card.

KENNY GRIFF!!!!  I'M IN THE ZONE BABY! I'M IN THE ZONE!  Oh, wait, that was a song about Junior, still nice to pull two Senior cards within 5 packs.I scanned the Dale Mohorcic card just for his name.  My first thought was Bart prank calling Moe asking for Al... last name Coholic.

A pre? PED Rafael Palmerio?  Why not.  Brian McRae is next, I can't remember if its one I need or just seen a lot lately, either way its not a bad card. Next is an Otis Nixon card.  The border caught my eye, I don't remember this set having red borders.  Then I noticed it was a Traded card, which I never had any.

So Taguchi.  I remember him with the Cardinals.  I might have liked him just because of his name (much like Fernando Tatis, who I hear there is a Fernando Tatis Jr. playing now).

A DENNY'S CARD!  How odd is that?  I pulled this from a pack after those Sportflix I showed earlier.  Having it be Juan Gone is cool too.  I saw him play once.  It was my first MLB game I attended.  I want to do a blog on that one day.  Finally is possibly my favorite pull of all.  A mini of Saberhagen.  I remember having this card a long time ago, but never see them often anymore (at least not cheap).  I really kinda hated them when I was younger, but despite being a mini, I do want some of these now.

Lovely Tom Gordon card.  I really liked him, even after he wasn't with Kansas City anymore.  I've gotten a few Cardinals in these packs, hope it wasn't a regional thing (especially since the Dollar Tree is closer to KC than STL).  I liked these Select cards growing up, but not sure if I feel the same way now.

Ugh those Ultra cards were bad.  But a Mac and Edgar combo makes up for it.  For namesake alone I had to include Keefe Cato.  I had a few of those Leaf cards, not too bad, not a fan of it today though.  How about another Cardinals card?  At least the Luis Gonzalez card makes up for it some.  I like the photo they used.  Finally is a Kim Batiste Star card.  In a way I'm glad I didn't get into Star cards when I was young.  They don't appeal to me.  Sure at one point I'd like Royals ones, but for now I'm good.

Paul O'Neill with the Reds?  I remember that.  I also remember Jose Oquendo with the Cardinals.  I still feel he was underrated.  Joey Belle?  Hmm, that might be my only card of him by that name.  I have plenty of Albert Belle's but none of Joey, nice pickup.

R.J. Reynolds name everytime I see it reminds me of a tobacco company.  Poor guy. Nice card though.  Oh look two Marlins cards.  I loved the original colors of the Marlins.  I really like the uniform that Carpenter is wearing.  If they still had those colors I would possibly root for them some.

Last scan.  I wonder if Wiggam every released Steve Sax, there are still lots of unsolved murders in NYC.  I never heard of Cecillo Guante, but I like that photo.  I have some Steve Avery rookies but I still like this card.  The Rico Carty was a nice pull too.

Hey Hey, what do you say, its the one and only Rudy May!  Alex Rios card which I would have zero interest in if he wasn't with the Royals.  Kris Benson!  The best thing about Kris Benson is his wife... if it was 15 years ago.  MAN!  I remember her in FHM magazine and..... um... nevermind.

Finally is Denny Martinez.  I really wish I got to see him pitch more.  I liked what I saw of him, he was very solid.

So this is roughly half the cards I got in the packs, the rest weren't scanning.  So the question is, was it worth 5 bucks?  I think it is.  I say with the amount of Royals, the Bo Jackson, the Denny's card, and a few others it is better then more recent ones.

If I do get a job at Dollar Tree, I think its a safe bet what I would spend money on if I had some more of it.  Especially if I got an employee discount.  I mean what else would I get there.... except maybe some Cracker Jack which I did buy the other day too.  Now, I need to get prepared for a Royals game tomorrow.  I hope the rain holds off.

Thanks for reading and have a great day/night/afternoon/whatever.


  1. Dollar Tree has some solid repacks. I like that '91 Score Griffey quite a bit.