Sunday, May 24, 2015


Road Trip Relics

On Friday I had to run some errands and in the end went on a little road trip.  It was a little fun but didn't get much in terms of stuff to show.  I started the day off going to Savvy Seconds and came up almost empty handed- I did find a Lewis Black book which could be fun to read. From there we (my mom was with me) stopped by Pilot so I could get a drink.  One of the clerks I used to work with mentioned the new Dollar Tree in town just opened.  So we took a detour and went there.  I bought a couple repacks (which I'll show later) and thats about it.  We made our way down to the town of Versailles (its pronounced Ver-SAILS) and stopped at the Walmart (the whole reason for the trip to pick something up, it was the closest one with the item in stock).  Since it was early and it was Friday we decided to stop at the Open Air Flea Market.

I forgot, I got this at Savvy Seconds for 50 cents.

I used to love going to this as a kid.  I would always find something I wanted and half the time I would get it, the other half I was just happy to look at all kinds of various junk.  As an adult, it isn't as good as it once was.  I'm sure its a combination of childhood memories being not as good as remembered and the quality of the Flea Market itself has gotten worse.  Not a lot of vendors, but I was close to buying some CD's.  I thought better of it even though $1 a piece wasn't too bad, though I decided I didn't need a Jock Jams CD.  If its still there when I go in the future (which I bet it will) I might change my mind.

From there we decided to take a trip to Eldon mainly because we wanted to get out of the house, and it didn't seem like we did much, so it was early and Eldon wasn't too far away.  We got there and browsed the Dollar General and Walmart (the first non-Super Center we've seen in YEARS), but had little luck.  Next to the Walmart was a junk store.  We never have been there (its only our second trip inside Eldon I can remember) so we checked it out.  From the time we opened the door and the Green Acres theme greeted us, we knew it could be interesting.  The store had a mix of everything from a slot machine to Coke stuff, to a a little bit in-between. The prices were varied but most were priced just right or way too much.

In the end I bought one item, one that was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but still worth it.


Same one, just two shots because of the glare.  This is my second Macho Man figure, and I'm glad I have one from the long defunct WCW.  For $10 it is still in almost mint condition.  There were also ones of Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Scott Hall, but I passed on them.  If they were $5 a piece I would have probably bought one of each, but this is the one I wanted the most.  Now if I could find one from when he first debuted in WCW (as a WCW release not a WWE one) that would be great.  I've never been one to really collect action figures, but I do have a few now.  That reminds me I never showed off the Eddie Guerrero figure I have, I guess I have a future post.

After Eldon, we headed back towards home and made one more stop in California, but walked away empty handed (It was the place my mom once got the Royals shirt I wore in the pics I took at the Stadium).  We made it home and relaxed some before the storms started coming this weekend.  Overall it was a fun day, though we didn't spend much, so that's always good.

Since I'm short on pictures I have some cards to show.  Originally I was hoping to find a box of WWE 15 cards and use my coupon on them, but realized the coupon expired already, and to boot never saw any boxes.  Instead I have two packs I never showed before so here they are.

Not a great pack to me.  Never been a Batista fan, and RVD is ok, but none of these cards were "I needed these" cards.  Still not a fan of the subsets either.  So this was a bust.

Ok, this is much better.  I like Bray Wyatt though not as much lately.  Also like Xavier Woods, I also have a TNA card of him when he was known as Consequences Creed.  Stephanie McMahon looks good on this card, this could be my favorite.

Scott Stanford was an ok card, not one to get excited about.  More crappy inserts, thought I do like the WOOOO! one a bit, but not much.  Finally is a black border variation of Titus O'Neil, which is a really cool card to have.  I am a big fan of Titus O'Neil, so this was exciting to pull.  Though he isn't the best or most famous WWE wrestler, he did recently win a "Celebrity Father of The Year" award, in which he beat out some pretty famous people, so that is cool.

At this point, I think I am done with this set, unless I find a few cards on Listia cheap I have an interest in.

So that will wrap it up for today, thank you for reading, I hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend, and hope you continue to have a great week ahead.