Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cooly Noted: A surprise from Bob Walk The Plank

I got home last week from the Royals game and got the mail.  To my surprise I had a package.  I was thinking if I had won something that wouldn't fit in an envelope or if something else I might have bartered for.  Then I saw the address said WV.  "Oh, man.  He got me something good and I have nothing for him."  That was my exact thought without opening the package.

After getting organized I finally opened the package and saw a note.

I knew I was about to get excited when I saw that.  I still felt bad because nothing I could give him could compare to what he gives to other bloggers.  So here is what he sent.

Many people may not get excited over a pink mini of Bruce Chen but I do.  Chen as I talked about last week spent a long time in KC, and made a lot of people smile.  I would love to see a tv cop show with Chen and Salvador Perez cracking jokes and catching bad guys.  It would be a bonafide hit in the Kansas City market.

Man, a low #'d insert of Alex Gordon.  This card is amazing.  Gordon has a real shot at being a lifer with the Royals, but could easily test the FA market in 2017 I think.  I hope he is successful wherever he ends up, but I hope it is still in KC.

I still like David DeJesus even though I'm not sure if he's still in the majors.  Nice to see the 40 years patch on his jersey too.  #'d 22/99, that is even sweeter.  22 is my favorite number (not really lucky, but I like it).  This is a great card to add to my collection.

He could have stopped there, but he didn't he had two more cards that left me speechless.

A Danny Duffy autograph!  This one really made me forget I was still soaked from walking in the rain for two hours.  I had never heard of the Tier One set before, but looked it up earlier this week, and I like the cards.  This one is so cool as Duffy is another cool cat that try's to have fun and doesn't take stuff too serious, unless he's on the mound.

Finally this last card I didn't know what to do.

I've never had a sealed card before.  I have some graded cards, but no cards with a factory seal.  I don't know the value of this card, but its worth a ton to me.  Mike Sweeney cards seem to be attracted to me this year, and the affection is returned to all those who have sent them to me or I've been able to get myself.

I wanted to post this since I received this package, but got a little busy, then started doing other things, then busy again, and I finally got around to scanning them a couple days ago.  I still plan to post pics from the game, and still have other posts to catch up on, so I plan to stay busy for a while.

Thank you for the cards Matthew they really mean a lot to me, and one day I will find a way to return the favor, I just hope I can deliver with an equal amount of quality.

Thanks everyone for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. Don't stress about the return package. Just clearing some space on my desk.