Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Big Bag O'Cards- Stu-Stu-Studio and More

I finally did it.  I finished scanning but now its late.  Don't fret though, I'll still have a post.  In fact despite my prediction of a couple more posts, I might have enough for another week.  I could come back to it later, but might as well do it all now.  Anyways, lets dig in because its late and I want to maybe sleep tonight.

How about some Studio?  I spy a Gregg Jefferies Royals card in the bottom left corner.  I bet I needed that.  I always thought this was an interesting set, but as I said its late and I don't have much to add.

More Studio, and more intrigue.  I recently looked at some stat (I think it was hits) and was surprised that Harold Reynolds thinks he knows so much about hitting when he didn't amass a lot of hits in the majors.  Oh well, A nice bunch of cards, and this could be a set I work on one day, but not now.

Let's see what else I scanned.

More Studio and as you can tell, I was fighting my scanner today.  Overall I think I got a nice bunch of 90's names in this batch of Studio cards, but aside from the Jefferies, none I got super excited for.  Now if I got a Maddux or something that would be different.

1990 Fleer, I can dig that.  Hey maybe no Maddux, but I did get some good Cubs cards.  A double dose of Sandberg is always good.  Also good is some Chili, Bobby Bo, Mookie, Krukie, and Rock.  Even a Padres pull of Roberto.  This is really a stellar batch here.

I loved the 90's Triple Play cards and nobody can change that.  While I didn't get any for PC's or Royals, or even a Bill Clinton, I think the trio I did good was good.  I forgot the year of the Dwight Evans card, but I was thinking it was like 2004 or so.  I might have a card or two from the set, and I do like it so it was nice to see.

The Bowman's I didn't have as a kid, but those are some good ones.  Even though he's not doing anything I like the Renteria card the best because of the color scheme the Marlins used in the early years.

I missed the George Bell earlier with the Fleer, but oh well, its too nice to pass up.  Along with it is some Topps from 1995 I think.  I didn't have many Topps from 1995 or even later as it seemed the store I went to started having other brands more often, plus I bet they were cheaper.  Not a bad bunch, especially the Larry Walker.  The odd thing is I do remember having some of the Topps Finest cards though they seemed out of my league.  I like keeping the ones I get of those so two more added is nice.

Besides the Topps Gold Futures card and the Big Cat card, I know nothing about the rest of these.  These seem a bit out there even by 90's standards.  It looks like the graphics department of Saved By The Bell designed these after the show was cancelled.  At any rate, it is some new cards I haven't seem (or blocked out for good reason), so I might search for a few guys in the set.

A whole lot of ugly here aside from the All-Star card, but the names are stellar.  Willie Randolph and John Olerud were staples in my collection in the 90's so seeing them again was nice.  Ken Phelps on the other hand.... well, he looks like he was the 10 time champ of the Rotisserie League and the A's let him take a few swings.  Without looking at his stats, he might have had a better stat line than A-Rod has this year.  Speaking on A-Rod, rumor is the Yankees might cut him before the end of the year.  If they did and he could sign anywhere with the Yanks footing his salary, I'd be OK with the Royals signing him. Sure he's declined a lot, but he could fill in at third the rest of the year, play some DH and try to add to his stats, and might even bring in a few more fans.  Shoot, if I had a chance to see him play, I'd consider going.  Especially if the Royals only have to pay him league minimum and the Yankees cover the rest.  Who knows, maybe a "small market team" is what he needs to improve his stats.

Last batch of the night isn't real appealing on the eyes, but they are still not bad for their time. I don't remember having a lot of 90 Score, but as I mentioned before, I didn't get into collecting until late 91, and 90 Score didn't seem as abundant as 88 Donruss was at the time.

I liked pulling the Dennis Martinez card, that was cool, also cool to see the Darryl Strawberry since I don't think I ever saw the All Star Team cards.  It isn't a bad bunch of cards overall.

So sorry this seemed a bit rushed but it is late and it took forever for the scans to finish as well as I was watching Smackdown and now catching up on election coverage, so I just want to wrap it up.  So thank you for reading, and since I have all the cards scanned, I should be earlier the rest of the week.  Have a great night.


  1. Srudio was such a nice and different set in the early 90s. I always liked the facts on the back. I honestly don't recall seeing many Triple Play cards back at the time, but they have grown on me now. Nice cards all in, and definitely some solid players too.

    1. Okay - bugging me enough that I made a typo because I tried to make the comment on my Blackberry - never heard of a set Srudio - I should have said Studio obviously.

    2. It's all good, I knew what you meant. Though it wouldn't surprise me to see some company to release a brand called Srudio as some parallel set sometime soon.

      As for the Triple Play cards, they were for kids and were my demographic growing up. I liked the 92 set better, but they kicked around for 2-3 years before leaving. I liked them a lot better than the recent ones that are cartoon-y.