Thursday, August 11, 2016


Late Night Post Away From Home

I took a little day trip today and decided to not come home.  So as I'm in my hotel room at this late hour watching shows I normally don't get to (I love Antenna TV, too bad I don't get it), I thought I'd post a couple pics real quick and call it a night.  If I can't sleep, I see Quantum Leap and Simon and Simon come on later.

Last weekend I went to a flea market which used to be a really good outdoor event, but it was a dud.  In fact others I've talked to have said the same.  That said I did find two football helmets, this is one of them.  Its a cheap plastic kids helmet of the Packers.  It is too thin to wear, but that wasn't my intention.  It's peeling off real good, but I figured I would clean it up and re apply decals and my mom can display it. She's a big Packers fan, and that's why I got it.

This one has me at a loss because I don't know what the logo is.  I assume its a high school or lower, but couldn't find anything.  I noticed a day or two ago that the reason the cage isn't on it right is because it is dented in. I don't know if it took a big impact of what, but I still plan to clean it up and put something on it.

Two helmets for 2 bucks is pretty good, but I hoped to find more there.  I found quite a few helmets this year, and *spoiler alert* another one will be shown soon.

So with not a lot to show and a bit tired, I guess I better go.  I had fun today and got some good stuff related to the blog, and hope to again tomorrow too.  Before I go here's a random drawing I drew years ago.

So that's it for tonight.  Thanks for reading and if I'm not too tired, I should have a new post up tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, and have a great night.