Saturday, August 6, 2016

Listia Wins and Opening Day

I was a bit busy today and didn't get time to scan what I had hoped.  However I still have a couple things I scanned the other day to show and I might as well get them out of the way.  I'm not out of ideas, I just need to scan stuff, maybe I will once I finish this post.  At any rate let's dig in to today's haul.

I haven't spent a lot of energy on my Mizzou collection as of late, not because of anything going on at the University but just because I've been busy with other things.  My friend usually gives me his bonus Mizzou cards but I can't remember if he gave me one of these or not.  I found it on Listia pretty cheap so I bid, and I won it.  He was pretty nice at Mizzou, and I hope he does well in the NFL.  I was happy with this purchase.  One of the reasons I bid on it was to soften the blow on another card I won that I really overspent on.

When I say overspent, I don't mean I spent like 10 bucks for it.  My credits are getting worth less and less each day.  At the time I bid on this card, I had roughly 85 cents left.  I don't bid much on the cards so with not much time left, nobody bid at 499 credits.  So I bid I think about 625 or so and was winning.  Within two minutes I was outbid.  I was pretty mad to be honest.  Nobody bid for a week suddenly when I did, I get outbid so quick.  I should have just dropped it, but I decided I'd go to 1000 credits.  That's still about 10 cents for the card and while that's cheap, it cut into my credits more than I wanted.  I was leading, but again, within a couple minutes, I was outbid again.  GRRR!!!!!  So I went to about 1500 and it wasn't enough.  So I was really mad and was going to win this one way or another!  So I went to about 2500 credits and in the end I won it.  I think I won it for about 2250, and again that is about 20 cents or so and its well worth it, but it cut my credits down a lot.  The card I'm referencing is the Mike Alstott on the left.  I was a big fan of his and of the Buccaneers, and had a good collection a few years back before selling.  Now if I find them cheap I'll bid.  I don't think I'll make it a big deal, but for a short moment, I got it really cheap.  In reality, I was still seething when I got this card in the mail.

Let me be honest, I'm not mad at the seller.  They did nothing wrong, I'm just mad at myself for using so many credits and the fact someone else just wanted it the moment I did.  So that's on me.  Anyways when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did the card look better than I had hoped, but the seller even included bonus cards.  In reality, neither were a card I needed, but they are ones I don't remember seeing before, so they were cool to see and nice to see a seller including bonus cards.  It lessened the blow of spending more credits than I hoped, but now I need to be more careful.  As credits become worth less and less, I have about 35 cents in credit left, and now I need to really keep an eye out.  I may even do something I never wanted to and buy some credits.  At least they should last a while if I keep being thrifty.

Since then I won another auction on Listia and watching some more, so for now I'm doing ok. Since this is all I have I decided to show a couple packs of Opening Day I bought recently.

The appeal of the 2016 design is starting to fade away a bit, but at least I got some good cards.  I pulled another Mascot card, this one of the Braves.  I'm not sure the name, but I hope its something in the future Topps can get right.  I think all mascots in future sets should have names on them.  It's odd that some years the name some and others they don't.  I don't think it would cost much to get it worked out.

Other solid cards in the pack included Prince, Andrew, and DeGrom.  Those three are keepers to me.  The rest I'm not sure.

Another pack with solid names like Adam Jones, Christian Yelich, and Yadi.  I like the Carlos Correa card so that was a huge plus.  Overall I think both packs were decent for a buck each. Not much I really can put into my collection, but it was fan to rip open.

So that wraps things up for tonight.  I'm tired from being out running all day and might get a good nights sleep tonight before possibly being out all day again tomorrow.  I think my week will be pretty busy and in between all that I'm still working things out on my blog so I'll be happy just to get some sleep.  Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend.

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  1. Love the Braves Mascot and Yadier Molina cards. But Yady always seems to have nice crds. Solid packs. Good post.